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Found 3 results

  1. Fluffykinss

    Add searchlight feature

    so can WG put this searchlight feature to the game? cause this is make this game is more interesting and more atractive, my idea is just put this searchlight active in some condition like cyclone, thunderstrom, and snowstrom because when i play map that get some cyclone or thunderstrom it was very dark for me even i can't see clearly my ships, and i remember why WG don't add this searchlight to the game but this searchlight active just only arround the warships not the actual is searchlight works for find enemy, it's just a some decoration not for a skill, and i imagine that can be beautiful when u can activate searchlight around your ships at the cyclone or thunderstrom this is interesting for me please add this feature to the game
  2. Yes, you read the title right. No, I didn't get the software developers meme wrong. Yes, doomsday is upon us. In the impending patch wargaming is going to fix a "current feature" as a "bug"; or rather, fixes a "bug" to a feature. I'm not sure "How?" you may ask. Well, here's what Saint Petersburg is gracing us with upon the update, closing into us in 16 hours or so Source: 0.8.0 Patch note: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/update-080-takeoff/ scroll down to second bullet point of section "Other Changes and Improvements In other words, breaking LoS in this patch after firing your guns WILLNOT reset your detection range from full debuff (as in your maximum firing range) to your base detection. No matter what happens, any ship will have the full 20 second concealment penalty for firing your guns, even if you break visual contact by, for example, sailing behind an island, popping a smoke or killing the enemyships with in your concealment range. As demonstrated in this video, the "bugged" mechanics (0:00) and "fixed" mechanics (starting 0:25) has dramatically different behavior to the player's detection area once visual contact is broken. This is going to massively, and negatively, impact every single ship that has a maingun, especially for lightcruisers and destroyers, whose survivability relies on expert mastery of landscape and LoS control, just as the community grow familiar to using fire-concealment with landscape as a combo since a few patches ago. Obviously, I'm not too impressed by this "news". What are your thoughts on the subject matter? please vote and share your opinion Update Sub_Octavian, our old freind & WG spokesperson, has just posted a official explanation to the current situation. Because it's quite a lengthy post I think it's better to simply link it here. Thread in question: tl:dr the "bug" was fixed out of necessity from the perspective of software engineering; WG staunchly believed that falt-out 20 second debuff is more intuitive for players WG is considering implementation of the "bugged" as an actual feature in 0.8.2 or 0.8.3 Edit: Poll added as EU & NA server counterparts Edit: WG offical statements on the subject matter Please read the patch notes and watch the video above for intuitive understanding of the current fiasco
  3. legionary2099

    Please add a locking feature

    I figure that with Missouri nearing retirement in 2 months time i would ask for this. WG should implement a simple lock feature that require selling ship to type a PIN code dictated by the player or type in the cost ( like WoT did) to prevent accidental selling of ships , esp those that cant be obtained again. This will also recude WG support work , so it isnt entirely without merits for WG. There can also be a lock on doubloon usage like that with Free EXP. My little cousin sometime want to play and i dont want him to do something stupid when im not around ( hes a 6 years old kid dud)