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Found 1 result

  1. Man_Over_bored

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    Ok I will call it like i see it and i ill do that all day every day! So i have been running through a lot of Bot games recently, mostly due to time available to play and it being quiet time and not wanting to wait for 5 mins for pvp. However i started to note a pattern. Im good at noticing patterns =.= Most recent game 2 humans rest my team +6 :Bots. One Friendly bot comes into my smoke shoots out my main gun and then almost manages to push me into oncoming enemy torps, if it wasnt for some artful dodging i'd having been in port 100% Then later on in same match, on my way to teh last bot and , approximately in the middle of the map, suddenly a friendly bot seemingly launches off random torps my side of the map... WHERE THERE IS NO ENEMY AT ALL or EVEN CLOSE OR WITHIN RANGE THE LAST ENEMY BEING BOW ON TO THAT so called Friendly bot, WHICH TRIED TO TORP ME! DELIBERATELY JUST BEFORE GAME ENDS! WHAT was that for WG HUH! some scam to incur extra service Fee>?> it all adds up right % So about now some might be thinking, Its bots, its a one of thing who cares.. BUT NOPE Theres more. But lets counter the first part. "Its only bots" "Who cares". You should care because a scam there can just as easily work its way into pvp. It also exposes the greed and mindset behind the company and lack of respect for its player base. Oh heres free stuff now shut up about the morally and business corrupt type practices, tactics and changes we make under ToS Its bots "who cares" Its not the fact that it is bots, its the fact that This company is trying to screw players over to every last tiny % and this type of thing only reinforces that thinking. Further more given that business mindset (never forget premium ammo in WoT) this friendly bots torping, could easily evolve into a seemingly real player name who is even in a clan in real game play .. and more accidental torps etc.. and You will never know! It has happened before where a developer has made a scam clan(s), to take on the leading clans (the higher % of money spenders) to encourage the upper Tier of spenders to spend even more. Now the second part Its a one off NO IT IS NOT I would not go on such a rant if it hadnt happened multiple times Including get this Playing on "Two Brothers" map A :Friendly Bot cruiser is at the entrance to the enemies cap but as it turns it fires torps, all the way back down that channel between the 2 brothers to try and torp me sitting a few Km out the other side in our cap starting position.. There was 0 ships of any sort between those two islands in that channel, only a clear line of sight between me and the :Friendly bot. Nothing on the opposite side of that Friendly Bot so WG dont try to say the bot F bugged and it fired torps on right angle but wrong side... =.= other than that it appeared to have been your typical well timed bot torp spread but with no enemy or friendly bot target in line of sight or range.. only human player. This in turn meant, the friendly :Bot deliberately sent torps down towards a Human player all the way down the channel between 2 brothers with no enemy on my side of the map or passing between us (was enemy close? not even 15km away!) and with me being the only ship in range and in line of sight at all. It successfully managed to torp me with one of a double spread =.=. THERE ARE NUMEROUS OTHER INSTANCES OF THIS ALL Occurring recently. At first it was bots torping bots, and occasional hitting humans. But now its seems there has been an deliberate assassination issued by these so called Friendly bots and as of this recent patch. Deliberately targeting friendlies humans, typically at the mid to late game status (not time actual time the games progression). Perhaps the scam of bots mostly hitting bots for sometime was to get humans acclimatized to that happening. "Moreover" in PVP, bearing in mind that i rarely get incoming torpedo alerts anymore... =.= I am very vigilant of torps as a side affect of that which continues into bots game play... So I noticed this trend and now this patch certainly the deliberate targeting of other Human players by Friendly bots in mid to late game play. At first thinking weird WTF did that bot send torps to the side of the map that only has friendlies on it.. That only has a 100% chance of hitting friendlies.. Why cos every last bit of damage done cost you more and increase grind that tiny % more... The thing about % and many many games, it all stacks... This is a clear and present SCAM Disgusting WG!