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Found 6 results

  1. Wargaming need to do something about these bad players at high tier, (T8-10) how do people get to T10 then make constant stupid mistakes. For example a cruiser goes broadside to a battleship like why?? You asking to die?? I have spent 6 hours today of solid losses at T10, trying to use my good camo's and signals for free XP farm to get the Missouri. But I might aswell throw that all away, when in every single match I get paired up with so many idiots, it is outright not funny. I always put my full 100% effort into each match and I get punished because of team mates that can't get their crap together. I cannot carry a whole team through a match and that is what it feels like, every match is not fun now its a struggle to try win by the most slim chance in any way. But that is not even the most annoying part, no no.. The most annoying part is what experience you get for your loss; Well I just did a match with full camo's and signals and I recieved less exp than I would if I did 50k damage on a victory. The scales are unbalanced in my opinion. I will point out there are some differences but look, these are the 2 closest stat wise comparisons I have. (Left pic has more damage and more kills + High Caliber and Arsonist) (Right one has 1 less kill and less damage + Dreadnought and Fireproof). Both ships have the same camo's and signals, well the ones that award exp etc.. I know there are a lot of factors but over 6k exp for less kills and less damage? come on... Last note I know there is always going to be bad players but I have noticed in the last few months it has dramatically increased, from what? who knows.. Please I would love to hear feedback from yall, peace!
  2. Hi, With nothing better to do, I decided to compare our events with NA's events. Below shows the table of events from January to Febuary (SEA has a lot of combat missions so for the ease, I put them side be side). So what are the totals? NA SEA 3 days x3 First win13 days x2 First win 35x Dam con II 2 Day premium 25x Type 1 camo 25x Type 6 Camo 10x Restless fire camo 10x oceal Soul camo 5x valentine camo + flag35x Sierra Mike flags 20x Juliet Charlie flags 20x India Yankee flags 20x Juliet Yankee Bissotwo flags 50x Indian Yankee 50x Juliet Yankee 25x Juliet Charlie 25x India X-Ray 25x Juliet Whiskey 10x Dragon flags 1x Dragon flag Repeatable 3 days 25% XP repeatable 16 days25k credits REPEATABLE12 Days 500 XP REPEATABLE 12 Days 100% Commander XP REPEATABLE 3 Days 50% Commander XP REPEATABLE 26 Days 25% Commander XP REPEATABLE16 Days 1.5 XP REPEATABLE 1 day 15x India X-Ray flags REPEATABLE 4 days 15x India Delta Flags REPEATABLE 3 Days 15 November Echo flags REPEATABLE 4 Days Total: 75 camos, 2 days premium, 35 consumables, 280 flags, a whole month of repeatable exps x3 First win bonus 6 days1 Day premium 9300k Credits 40x Type 6 Camos 40x Restless fire Camo 35x Ocean Spirit Camo 5x Valentine camo + Flag 100x Damage Control II 15x Smoke Gen II 10x Engine Boost II 10x Hydro II 10x AA II 10x Spotting Plane II 10x Repair II 20x Dragon flags 45x Papa Papa 25x India Bravo Terrathree 20x Sierra Mike 50x India Yankee 30x November Foxtrot 10x November Echo 10x Victor Lima 10x Mike Yankee 10x India Delta 20x Juliet Yankee 10x November Foxtrot 60x Equal Speed Charlie 20x Zulu 1x Dragon flag REPEATABLE 8 days 1.5x EXP ONCE x4 Total: 120 camos, 165 consumables, 340 flags, 1 day prem, 9.3m credits etc What does this tell us? That we get a few extra flags and camos in exchange for A LOT of repeatable events which give ridiculous amounts of commander and normal exp which has a basic up-time of 50% of the time. And to top it off, NA gets a free Katori for getting 38k base exp in a month in March. Thank you so much ASIA's manager for spoiling us <3
  3. I feel that the exp nerf on capping on patch 0.5.12 was unnecessary and needs to be reverted for several reasons. 1. The time it takes to cap was extended in 0.5.10 from 45 seconds to 60 seconds. 2. Combined with above, radar cooldown was halved in patch 0.5.11 and has made capping significantly more risky than before. 3. Exp is too dependent on damage output in 0.5.12. 4. Capping directly contributes to winning and rewarding capping promotes the 'aggressive play' that WG is trying to get people into. And one other things, I would like Bastion mode to give out more exp to everyone. I've seen so many battles with the top player on the winning team earn less than 1000 raw exp. Bastion is a high tier exclusive game mode and average exp gain should not be this low. Extra exp for the player who capped the forts would be a good start.
  4. kantai_aoki

    free exp

    I've bought a ship using my doubloons and it seems like I can change the exp from the ship into free exp . But how do I do that?
  5. Retia

    Undeserved Rewards

    Earlier today I had a fairly meh battle on Fault Line in my Mutsuki. The battle started fairly well, with me getting some good shots off on a Kuma without taking damage despite him and a Cleveland shooting at me over on the eastern side. Since both the Kuma and Cleveland had more support coming up I decided to sail through the passage between the two islands and into to middle. (There was an out of position BB in torpedo range near the middle) Well, as luck is a cake, and I'm the eternal slave to "Oh, I should've expected that." situations, I ran into the enemy's Mutsuki inside the passage and without any other option than to launch torpedoes, turn and pray, we both sunk each other. So there I was, ~3k damage on the Kuma and a full hp Mutsuki kill. Pretty bad... is what you'd think, but then the reward screen popped up.
  6. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Increase exp for those helped capturing base?

    I think one of the most common problems on most of us is We lost the match cuz some of the BB camp in the blue line, some cruisers goes any places on the world of their own without protecting the cap dd because sinking ships gives high exp making, so if the exp was high on capturing bases, then Most of the ships will cap or help the capturing ship? XD