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Found 8 results

  1. SgtSullyNZ

    Brisbane Campaign

    So the 12.1 says 3 weeks into patch the Web Campaign that works towards Matilda Kelly and HMAS Brisbane will be live, and a separate article to release that content will be posted. 3 days after due date, still no content. The weekend is here and we want to play our game, with the new events to maximise the return on our valuable time? so where is it? I can't be the only one that asks this question? Maybe I am.
  2. The Royal Navy event this month must be the most generous (easy?) one yet. A Tier 6 premium ship, a T5 DD (yes, of course I get Acasta and not Jervis... I am not lucky just persistent), and a truckload of flags'n'stuff in return for playing what, maybe 30 random battles over three weekends? This is my Warspite. Currently one of the few in the game equipped with last stand and survivability expert, but Jack Dunkirk is just popping in for tea before going back to Acasta. Acasta ... people seem to slag this ship off, but I like this DD a lot. It's similar to a Nicholas I guess, but sneakier, and with several patented RN tricks: SmokeOnDemand(tm), TorpsInALine(tm), and Stop'n'Start(tm) which, combined, offer near non stop hilarity. Plus once the line opens up there's Jervis and Lightning to look forward to.
  3. PanzerRunner

    Submarines Are Coming

    Yes they are coming for real and fresh. I dont know if this is a good news or bad news for you, share it down below! Remember that guy who wants submarines to be added into the game? His/her wish is about to came true. I will clarify some things or two : First off, they are adding Submarines for the halloween special event, i still dont know if Submarines will stay as a permanent line or not. Second of all, they are still WORK IN PROGRESS so expect some changes, nerfs and buffs. I said theres a chance subs will stay as a permanent line because they always used the Halloween and April fools event to test new mechanics / gameplays. Last but not least, to balance things out, Subs will have a different spotting mechanics underwater compared to spotting mechanics at the surfaces (obviously) Lets hope when it arrive it will be "balanced" as much as possible, im worried And yes, DD will play a role encountering these Submarines. So we can basically sums up that in 2019 there will be two new lines, the Submarines line and the reworked CV line. The reworked CV line is basically just a new class. For more informations, gameplays and opinion you can click the video down below :
  4. ArtickWarspite

    Things you'd like to see

    Having played this game for a couple of years, the amount of content in the game has increased exponentially with events, daily challenges, ports, new ship lines, premiums, arsenal, game modes etc. But with all these additions, what are the things you would like to see the most that haven't appeared in game yet? (aside from the obvious CV change, RN ship lines & Italians) - I'd love to see a big Jutland event on the anniversary of the battle. Lots of col stuff they could do for that (not to mention premiums they could add). - HMNZS Achilles (Come on WG! You already made Clan Wars extremely difficult for us to take part in so you should at least be trying to appease us with our famous ship!) - Ports of Scapa Flow, San Francisco, Brest, Rosyth & Wilhelmshaven to name a few - HMS Dreadnought. Who cares that it'll be T3? You have a game which is full of Battleships that directly descended from Dreadnought yet it's still missing from the game! - Tokyo Express Scenario & Operation Cerberus - More historical commanders. Whilst we appreciate the hoops that have to be jumped through in order to obtain these, more would be nice :) - More ships from smaller nations - I'm probably a minority on this one, but I'd love to see each nation have a pre dreadnought in at T2. Like the Mikasa, but for every nation as they all had them. Anyway, what else do you want to see appear in game? It would be interesting to see..
  5. Just completed Viva la France collection Mission - collected all 25 containers but was not able to complete 18 items or collectibles Got 13/18 with 12 duplicates (3 duplicates = 1 item) that still would leave me 1 short if i exchange my duplicates which i obviously wont do at the moment i wanted to know if there is any update regarding future "Return of Collection France" in same way as "Hunt of Bismarck Collection" ? i know there is an option to buy containers or buy aigle and get containers daily - but i wont be doing it - simply because of prize is not tempting enough (captain + flag) i will get the Aigle if i deserve it (via marathon) But then the collection will remain incomplete - should i keep the duplicates, wait patiently or just exchange it for camouflages, they are offering for sub collection ?
  6. Scenario mode (NEW!)-> are possibly the event modes that's coming on Halloween and 2017 events (expect christmas ships, like Emdem) This special coop mode gathers like from BattleStations Pacific (Objectives), they have special prizes to earn and achieve as well everyday once an event has been released! That means: 1. We will get a possible Historical Event (Ex. Midway, Battle of Solomon Islands, Battle of the Philippine Sea, etc.) 2. Objectives (like the one in BS Pacific) 3.Rewards (they're huge) I guess we will have an Xmas event soon
  7. Hey guys, I saw this line on NA, EU and RU event posts: "For completing every quest, you will receive the Halloween 2016 camouflage. It gives you an additional 100% XP per battle."However, I DIDN'T SEE THIS in our event post.Is this just a miscommunication, or do we really don't have halloween camouflages? Red text. Post edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking
  8. Unfortunately for me and a few others, we started off in this SEA server. This server is unfortunately, the WORST server to play on and I will tell you why. 1. Every single person runs AS loadout I played 31 games today to complete my ARP missions and I witnessed only 2 strike loadouts out of about 25 games with a CV. I have no clue why everyone on this server wants to play such a redundant role of being useless. This promotes a defensive play which absolutely accomplishes nothing. Playing reactionary in CV does not win games nor does it help your team. 2. Events We have gotten to the point where they are outright recycling the ARP boats and captains. Not only this but the rewards for completing these missions are absolutely horrendous. It has been what, 6 months? And the best captain they've given us is a 12 point captain. EU got a 16 (Sixteen) point captain for their 2nd mission. Not only this but I've played around 2200 games including ranked. I only have 1 17point captain and 2 15 point captains. The grind is outright ridiculous with repeatable events giving 1.2x exp/captain exp. Sure we are not NA but look at this. NA gets 2x exp first wins or a 1.5x exp/ 2x captain. NA gets events which are not just ARP missions. I started an account on NA called Unryuu_Kai and in 200 games, I already got a Taiho and a 10 point captain and a 16 point one. I only have 2 T9s and a T10 on SEA. This is just how horrible SEA is compared to other servers. EU right now got an event to gain 50k exp and they receive 1M. Our event's max rewards are 400k. 3. High Tier gameplay + Nationality gameplay If you have been living under a rock, IJN DDs are now absolute trash. Go look at the statistics, I'm not bothered explaining. SEA is filled with IJN DDs and more often than not, they are dead weight. Not only this, SEA's players simply do nothing in high tier but loiter around and snipe. I do not blame them but again, SEA was the ONLY server to not receive the high tier reduction in repairs. And please don't give me an excuse like "oh we're the control group". We haven't even received 5.10.1 yet while NA has already received it a week ago. Don't get me started on contests too. NA gets contests where they give away premium ships and 2k+ doubloons. SEA? A measly 1000 doubloons for first place! It would make sense if NA had more players but as far as I'm concerned; both servers have the same amount of players at peak time. TLDR: SEA server sucks and nothing is being done to fix it.