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Found 2 results

  1. Friesland is a funny kind of DD, maybe the best way to think of this ship is as a Gearing with the torps removed. Critically though, you don't have Gearing concealment. So you have the "smoke up your teammates" role, the "AA support" role, the "kill the DD" role, and the "burn down BB" role, but you kinda suck at the cap contesting role and the "dev strike BB" role. So far as your guns go, there are two very distinct use cases, the long range firestarter and the short range DD knifefight. (While the AP can maul a broadside cruiser, it's rare that you are in a situation to do this safely.) I'm finding choosing the optimal captain build to be challenging. Between module and skill selection, the gunpower can change a lot. Maxing our AR puts it at +42% over stock. Wiki recommends PT-LS-SE-CE, plus AFT, AR, and SI. This is far from stupid. Most forum posts though tend to pick a series of 3-point skills to fill out 19, PT-LS-SE-CE, plus DE, BFT, and SI. I have a 13 point captain, debating whether to go with DE or BFT now, or hold out for AFT in a bit. AFT need to be discussed: base range goes from 12 km to 14.4 km, but we are talking Atlanta level arcs at this point so I am really doubtful of the utility. There's also a 15% flak dmg bonus. DE gives the shells 20% more fire chance. BFT is a straight up 10% dmg bonus, and 10% greater firechance as a result of more shell volume. AR have the same benefit as BFT once you are at half health, so depends on how likely/willing you are to drop health early in the game. There's also the question of how much extra resources you want to divert to the AA suite, and how likely you are to benefit from a 4th smoke, DFAA, and 3rd hydro charge. I'm leaning towards the wiki build, but would be grateful for some input on how well AFT works on this ship.
  2. Hi guys! I love playing WOWs. One thing that bothers me is why cant I view myself on the deck of all these wonderful ships. The zoom in view is limited. As a warship fanatic I would love to be able to walk or run on the decks of these ships just as the sailors experienced it as these photos shows. Im not sure how difficult to implement this in the game. But it would be awesome to play with a click of a button to zoom into a sailors view perpective. Especially during battle or on spectator mode. What do you think guys is this possible?