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Found 3 results

  1. ArseKrakenUnleashed

    Refunds for Santa crates

    So WG. You have announced on the forums of a refund for Santa crates. The forums are only a small portion of the gaming customers on WOW's. The advertisement in the armory/prem shop are unchanged with no new information regarding the true way Christmas loot boxes function. You know, the information that was left out because it was "too lengthy for the advertisement". On the one hand the crates are still being sold to the uninformed customer base. While on the other hand the informed customer base are having their money refunded. Anyone spot what's wrong with this picture??? Anyone at all???
  2. Farlesquew

    Farewell, I'm out.

    I'm out. I played WoTB for ~two years and left when WG exponentially ramped up the level of their thieving, gambling ways. I've now played WoWS for over two years and largely enjoyed it, but watching the blackness of the plummet of WG's corporate 'ethics' as it slithers wallows into the depths of a dark pit of its own making has leeched any possibility for me to find any joy whatsoever in playing WoWS. I played 1-3 games on the launch day of WG's Publicity Rupturing 'Christmas present' but felt dirtied by the experience. I refuse to fund an oligarchic kleptocracy. I feel better, freer and far, far cleaner with each non-WG day that passes. Thank you to everyone I've met in game; the battles, the conversations, the friendships. I wish you as much fun as you personally may still be able to find. Cheers.
  3. Niterate

    Questionable at Best ...

    My Perth, was nice for the brief amount of time i had to play in it, as was my Belfast. After a 6 month absence for {Reasons not of my doing}, I came back to find .. A) WoW$ has had [content removed] with two of my purchases, the Perth and Belfast, all in the name of Bank Game Balance issues .. to do with [content removed] and ; B) Dropping [content removed], time limited, emailed reward attempts in my email box, to get me to "Rejoin" the community. Well blow me down with a feather .... if WoW$ were truly serious, they know and have email addresses for accounts that "own" purchased and affected ships, they probably should have emailed directly regards that, and should not have hidden it away in a patch note, and then promptly gone and taken a money bath in the forecast earnings of the next new "Drawing Board" thing... Stuck with it now, I can only hope the Perth is compensated in some way, I'll likely have to eat what comes with owning the Belfast. It was an ethical fail to time limit the return of these craft for doubloons to one solitary patch cycle, typical Thursday to second Thursday if participating on the Asian server is anything to go by ... if you're lucky. One notes however, the "Rejoin" time periods offered in the "come back" email were probably longer in duration ... but only just by the tiniest of margins. You do have to question the ethics at play when organisation does not want you to leave, and watches your currency (pun intended) to lure you back, but can not be arsed to provide a paying customer up front communications regards changes that affect purchased products. I seem to recall there is a name for that shallow sort of behaviour .. fishy smelling.. um.. "bait", and something I cant quite remember .. something electrical it was... If you're serious, do not time limit compensatory actions, it's shill like and impacts your credibility, one notes I didn't time limit my payment for these craft .... care to offer a refund? Respect paying customers by engaging in direct, open honest communication. Certainly if you wish to build rapport that grows confidence, and long term patronage. Seriously I'm now quite disgruntled and will likely on BALANCE not be Buying anything more, be it credits or boats or account time, or anything else from WoW$, whilst the practices outlined above are to be an ongoing example how WoW$ means to offer effective, honest "customer communication" and supposed purchase satisfaction. On reflection, kinda glad I didn't earn a Moskva.. dare say their would be ample room for expletives given the time factor it represents, if I had. Inappropriate content. Post edited, user warned. ~amade