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Found 5 results

  1. I have to run game integrity check before entering the game. theres a small file gets downloaded every time, then I can enter. but when i quit the game I have to do this process again other wise the shown massage pops up. Also In game arsenal, clan base, premium shop, news section etc is not running, but I can play battles. Does anyone else having this error since update? Any solutions please.
  2. So I was playing WoWs and then the game suddenly crashed. The game then kept on crashing every time I restarted it after just 5 seconds. I attempted to uninstall and reinstall the game multiple times, but then the launcher would not open at all. No idea what's happening. My computer is a macbook 15 inch running version 10.11.6 with an AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphics card.
  3. I thought I had solved the problem with reinstalling the program, however the problem keeps coming back since whenever I had run the game more than once after each fresh install of WoWs. - the same application hangs that happens I tried to login in and loading a port since 0.5.9 update What is happening now is - whenever I tried to login it hanged at the port screen - with none of the keys are working except the battle! button, and at least I can choose my ship to go to battle. When I start a battle (I cannot change to co-op so that I have to go with Random battle - surprisingly only the battle button worked) I have to make sure I am in a battle, and then I have to task kill the program, run it again and log myself into battle, and when the battle finish I have to task kill the program again because everything related to result did not appear and I cannot just return to port. Things I had tried: Removing mods - not working, even with safe mode. File check given by the program - did not work Install WoWs onto same program again - did not work either Fresh installation on different path - that worked for the first time and then application hangs after I restart my PC. Kill my Windows 10 and back to Windows 8.1 - it worked for 1 day (even with restart) and now the application hang is coming back. Now I am trying: Exclusion of every single thing that is related to WoWs from my Antivirus and firewalls. Keep a copy of game folder (especially with ports***.pkg files) right after fresh install - if anything happened just copy the whole thing back to the game folder Try to install it in a different machine Don't run that 'port' - keep at normal ports fiddle with my graphic setting - doubt it is the problem
  4. Communist_Potato

    Crashing while loading game

    Sorry if this already exists as a topic, I recently had to reinstall WoWS as it stopped working on my computer (something about the graphics card not working) and after reinstalling it the game refuses to load, (I hit play in the launcher, the load screen comes up and the game crashes). I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if they knew how to solve it, failing that if there was a client repair type thing for WOWS as I'm not in the mood to reinstall the game for a third time as my max download speed is around 200 kb per second and its a really big game.
  5. Okay, I've got some weird issues with the water mesh having weird "water spouts", like the deformation properties are getting messed up. Apparently Aslain's WOWS modpack isn't compatible with so I disabled it. However, as you can see in the pictures below when I was sailing on my Furious Taco (Furutaka), I've got very strange things that seem to be water effects "stuck" on the 2D interface. I hope it's just patch issue and it's not my graphics card failing. I haven't had any problems with, but maybe the .1 patch was a bad bake? I don't know. The fact these objects will eventually go away once I've passed them on the map and then reappear is giving me the feeling that something's broken in the engine. EDIT: And no, these objects are not left overs from shells that missed. I didn't even get fired upon for 5 minutes, and yet these randomly appeared. Moved to bug reports. ~dead_man_walking