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Found 4 results

  1. 언제나 최선을 다해서 게임을 다하는 편인데, 영어채팅보다는 한글채팅에 유난히 상처를 많이 받네요. 저 함장님도 답답해서 그랬겠지만, 왜 조금더 신경쓰지 못했을까 아쉽네요.
  2. HMS_Audacious

    Enterprise and GZ op?

    Hey, guys I had somebody trying to make me think that Enterprise and GZ with AP bombs are op cuz they wreck BBs so much. But I don't really get it cuz I usually roll close to the CAs. What do you guys think?
  3. Well there I was top tier in my Bismark, full HP and then a single attack from the SBD-5's rom the newly introduce CV Enterprise and wham x2 fires and get this 69,850 damage from 9 bomb strikes! Game over for me. P2W or what gg WG well played.
  4. I WILL BE HONEST, i hate all USN ship especially the cruiser. and the most worst is DD with AADF or Missouri with insane AA. so i think it again WHAT IF i have this OP USN CV Enterprise..... the USN AA surface ship will shatter and i will reign my terror :V Based on history, i think its normal for Enterprise to have Insane OP stat. talking about P2W, this game is already P2W with Buyfast and Saipan in there. so this is what Enterprise need as OP CV ship : 1. T9~T10 plane > to rekt those Des Moines and Minotaur 2. Immune to AADF panic shot > kill those Gearing and Fletcher..... or Lo Yang with AADF 3. for a bit balancing, just give 5 plane for each squadron 4. only 1 loadout..... 2/2/4, add more than 3 fighter will make Shokaku & Lexington strike doomed. also its not fun if Enterprise vs Enteprise only busy for dogfight only. 5. Lexington AA with Additional 1KM distance, also 100K HP like GK 6. for balancing, 15KM detectability by both SEA and AIR will be fine. (its the Boss, the boss always look big) 7. for Drop Pattern, just normal USN TB spread and DB should have IJN spread with same accuracy. 8. can switch between AP or HE bomb for DB, just like switching torpedo spread. just press the button again. 9. AP bomb deal 15K each and can Citadel, the drawback is it can overpen againts DD. 10. add 17KM 2x consumable radar with 2 min duration, also 2x repair party and 3x AADF with 3 min duration. 11. have IJN sevicing time :V 12. to make it more awesome, it have T10 servicing cost :V ENTERPRISE IS NOT KAGA! ENTERPRISE IS NOT KAGA! ENTERPRISE IS NOT KAGA! ENTERPRISE IS NOT KAGA! dont bring those silly lower tier plane to T10 match! T8 facing the Mighty Yamato and insane AA and HP ship. 100K damage is meaningless to carry the T10 match. well, i dont expect to get all those stuff. but at least it plane should be T8~T9 and REMOVE those silly TB and DB drop pattern. note : this is not trolling post. i am serious on this, i am very disappointed when kaga have those crap T6 plane only and obviously cannt out manuver the saipan. also i am very mad when i know hood have AADF plus rocket. WG not only hate USN CV, but the entire CV.