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Found 2 results

  1. I'm incredibly rusty and i just can't to get things right. I know each ship has their own type of playstyle but i just can't do things right. I've got tier 6 previously but i stopped for 2 years not playing the game due to my studies. Now that ive returned, i seem to can't contribute as much as i did to the team like last time. As a Gnevny Player, i suck but i figured out that it is a gunboating ship since it's torp r damn shit. But my gunboating damage goes up to 10000 only. that's just bad.... Nicholas player, i can still get things right up to 30000 dmg with torps and gunboating. i use ninja torp strats and flanking. it sure works perfectly fine. but still 30000 in tier 5. I should be getting 40000 at least... As a cruiser, i can get damage up to 30000. and no more further. i decided to play as a team. it works but 30000 is nothing... As a battleship, i figured out that bbs are more to keep distance and play far shooting cuz of dds. so i decided to stay back as a team and support from far. it seems to work. im hitting my shots but damage is no more than 30000.... but i still have no idea how to counter cvs then torp bomb two different sides forcing me to take either torps side. I can't seem to think of a way to avoid this torp bomb strat... As a Aircraft Carrier, i'm best at it last time. i multitask like a boss. but yet if it's my best i should be getting 50000 dmg. manual or auto. 50000 is the minimum dmg as a cv... but for some reason, i dont know how to get guaranteed hits on enemy. most of the time only like 1-3 torp hits.... i should be gettin 4-5... sigh.... I dont know why i enjoyed this game so much 2 years ago. now it just seems like it's no more fun. I need help please.
  2. DeltaMikeBravo

    World of Battleships - Random

    After 1,500+ plus games win WOWS played in 'Co-op' as a new player (started 3/2018) I moved into 'Random' and 'Space' games. I found acclimatizing to 'Space' games difficult at first, especially in changing your perspective, but am slowly getting it. My problems are with the 'Random' battles which really should be renamed "World of Battleships" as there is never less than five (5) Battleships per game and every one of the enemy ships has 110% gunnery accuracy from any and every distance. It doesn't matter what ship you play, the enemy immediately 'smokes-up' and becomes invisible (as well as having invulnerable force-fields), but smoking up works for all enemy ships regardless of type or tier! I've had some good 'Random' games (when there were only three (3) enemy battleships), but lately, over the last week or so, every game has a minimum five battleships per side rendering all other ships as total 'bit-players'. In one game I played yesterday, the Enemies' entire force retreated to the NW corner, whilst our entire forces retreated to the SE corner. Since we'd capped one more cap, things stayed that way until the game ended and we won a very unexciting game. I appreciate that WOWS has to use 'Bots' to fill in Random games, but to return some semblance of enjoyment, let's restrict the absolute number of battleships to three (3) or less. In another recent game, both sides had two (2) Aircraft Carriers for a combines aircraft count of over one hundred (100+) planes per side. Needless to say, trying to avoid four (4) enemy Torpedo Bombers in my little Leander proved impossible and the game quickly degenerated to two (2) CV's -v- two (2) CV's. I don't know who won as I'd walked away from this lop-sided farce earlier. In the interests of fairness and player enjoyability, could we implement some minor changes such as: 1) Absolute maximum of three (3) Battleships per game; 2) Tier matching - one (1) level only +/-; I've found that in the majority of Random games I've played, my ship's Tier is always 'bottom' tier. Having a Tier 6 Cruiser against Tier 8 CV's with 60 aircraft (often, each when two (2) CV's are included) and Tier 8 Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers makes the games unfairly difficult. I appreciate Player/Ship 'match-making' is difficult for the programmers, but something has to be done and soon, else I'll regretfully walk away and play Eve or Skyrim or whatever and take my money with me. 3) Absolute maximum of one (1) CV per side - facing over one hundred enemy planes is difficult! Somehow, in Co-Op, Space and 'Campaigns' WOWS have made things difficult, but reasonably fair. Please extend this to 'Random' games and you'll keep a satisfied customer. I'd appreciate other player feedback as well as a response from WOWS! Rgds, DeltaMikeBravo