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Found 6 results

  1. The requirement is to have over 350 ships. I have had over 350 for quite a while now. I currently have 357 in port since adding Petropavlovsk and the new T4 CV Rhein. Emblem is still locked and i cannot select it. Is it something silly like some ships don't actually count towards your ships in port, or is this a bug?
  2. エンブレムでスローロリスとキツネザルの追加お願いします!
  3. スローロリスのエンブレムがほしいです!
  4. The average dmg emblem need you to achieve a certain amount of average damage from your last 100 battle. It supposed to count only your last 100 battle but as of now I found that it will take all the match you played into account. Meaning if you started to grind the emblem at your 51th game and finish it at your 150th game. The system supposed to only count the average damage from your 51th-150th match into account, but I found out there is a problem that make it count your 1st-50th game too. I notified WG through their player support and should be investigating this as of now. So anyone who want to grind the emblem should finish it in your first 100 game or stay put until WG fix this problem first.
  5. 1. Description Wrong emblem displayed when achieved from USN III to USN II 2. Reproduction steps Modify emblem to USN III Achieve USN II Modify emblem to USN II by just selecting it directly (don't click on other emblem to change) Exit modify page. 3. Result Basic patch displayed at service record page. 4. Expected result USN II emblem displayed at service record page. 5. Technical details Date occurrence: 05/03/2018, 2330hrs (GMT +8) python.log DxDiag.txt
  6. Hey_Potato


    I don't have any t8-10 IJN ships.