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Found 1 result

  1. i realize this...... #Maybe i sunk our fellow fire team in early game.... you dont know who is on water team, so if i know this i could target its first rather that targeting the fire team. i can revenge my loses, i want to sink as many water team as possible while making the fire team last to kill :V just give the label who is on water team on enemy or friend. so i can kill em first or TKed the water team :V #WATER WILL ALWAYS WIN! thanks to closed regristration before, i am suspect the amount of water team is sigificantly HIGHER than fire. this will make water team will win most of the time in stat. if there is 8 water ship in each team, no matter what those 8 ship will get higher win and fire will only get 4 win. or example : team A : - 8 water - 4 fire team B : - 8 water - 4 fire if team A win, water team will get 8 win and fire team only 4. vice versa........ Proof ? https://elements.worldofwarships.asia/en/results/ isnt that is WEIRD? FIRE TEAM DID MORE DAMAGE! MORE RIBBON! MORE CONTRIBUTION ! why getting LESS KILL and WIN? #did they close the water team registration? obviously no..... #i want that unique Camo too :V THE LOSING TEAM SHOULD GET 1 set of unique camo too ________________________ alright lets do nothing for the next 2 week, except they give label who is on water team. I WANT MY REVENGE!! note : can i change side? i really want dat unique camo :V