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Found 4 results

  1. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    Splash effects of guns being fired

    In the video above around the 2:22 to the 2:35 minute mark. You can see an effect of the guns of the ship being fired on the water surface. A simple splash affect actually. Is it possible to add in such an affect into the game for ships with big guns, name BBs?
  2. Morning wows asia dev's If you go back and watch the 2017 dev blog ...about 75% of the way threw the video they demo so new and sexy looking gun and fire effects....whats the status on those? : / keep up the good work. p.s and my sugestions for the game is in the personal music folder can you make seperate folder's for each country. so lets say the russian anthem can play for my russian ships and my german ships get old kriegs marine anthems and of course euro beats for japan.
  3. GOTT_MIT_UNS_steel

    Make it more obvious the chimney's are smoking

    When I am up close, It's not very obvious to my eye that the ship has power because of the lack of coal smoke that comes up through the ship's chimney, he ships often feel like they are running Eco-friendly diesel mixture.
  4. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Some Arpeggio Mod

    Hello guys!!! My friend suggested me to make more arpeggio art since he's too excited for the Arpeggio mode (I'm too lazy but hey, it's Christmas so at least a present for him and to other players too) !!Warning!! Before modding or whatever you call it, be sure to have a back up for the files that needs to be replace (don't wanna mess the game texture right?) here we can see Kongou being damaged and there's some hexagon grids that shows that she'd damaged so we're gonna try to replicate that and you can choose a color you want this are the screen shots of the mod: this hexagons only shows when your ships was damage so when you haven't taken hits then it won't show up you can download in here. MF link Here. It's basically the same with this Klein Field mod I made from beta. How to apply? Just open the body folder and choose you color then put the crash.dds in World_of_Warships\res\content\gameplay\common\textures. the penetration folder is the a texture of ships that has been pentrated by AP shells. when the ships is holed, you can see inside the hull and the texture is blinking and glow a little. (see the third screenshot) open the folder of which color you like then put all files in World_of_Warships\res\dyndecals REMEMBER TO BACK UP THE ORIGINAL FILES BEFORE REPLACING IF SHIP HAPPENS!!! BTW Merry Christmas and fair seas!