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Found 4 results

  1. AntifoulAwl

    Goin' back to Ol' Blighty

    Look carefully. Who can come up with the best reason for this happening?
  2. i just got out from watching the film dunkirk and dam its up there in films like private Ryan and hack saw ridge and now playing the operation dynamo again im attempting to save as many ships and men as i can
  3. After a back breaking carry in operations, I managed to complete it being the last member on my team. Seriously thought this would had been the secret achievement but nope. So to others that are trying this method, you don't need to try no more And where's my "Will to Win" WG?
  4. A highly anticipated new event. Scenario Introduction: Operation "Dynamo”, This scenario requires seven Tier 4 to Tier 6 destroyers. Player CANNOT use aircraft carriers, battleships, or cruisers. Players need to escort smaller ships to the south coast to rescue trapped British soldiers, and then retreat through a mine field under the assault of German's artillery, torpedo boats and aircraft. Mission Briefing: In the entire scenario, both Germans and Royal Air Force will send large waves of aircraft. Luftwaffe have Bf109, Bf110, He111, and Ju87; RAF have Hurricane Mk1, Paul Defiant, and Hudson. Luftwaffe have unlimited plane reserve, and can send 12 fighters, 24 dive bombers and 3 torpedo bombers at once. Players have the opportunity to counter it with a successful completion of secondary tasks, and reduce that number to 4 fighters, 8 dive bombers and 18 torpedo bombers. RAF has only 36 planes available, should players manage to weaken the enemy's air force, allied fighters could easily handle enemy's torpedo bombers and scout mines for players. Survivability of all aircraft are adjusted so that a tight group of destroyers can fight off them. On the contrast, if enemy aircraft managed to make a drop of 10000 damage dealing torpedoes with 40 knots plus Historical accurate dive bombing can destroy a single ship. Minefields: In term of game mechanic, mines are stationary torpedoes, but they have better concealment and each deals 14400 damage, a low-tier destroyer may suffer a sudden death if it hits a mine. the allied ships will spot on the mines, but unknown if you can destroy it or not Torpedo Boat (New Class, different from destroyers with Lethal AA Guns) Torpedo Boat German Schnellboots are small boats that launches 2 torpedoes at once, but it does not have a main gun. However, every s-boat has 3 AA guns and they do kill or do lethal damage to the allied fighters. Collectibles and Rewards S26 torpedo boats, 210mm Field Artillery, Ju87 B2 Defiant Mk1, CDSW Artillery Tractor, Bofors QF MkIII Aronia Motorboats, John Cattling Trawler, Medway Queen Steamer 35ft motorboats, Wherry, Watson Rescue Ship Renault AGC-3 Ambulance, Bedford OYD Truck, Peugeot DK5J Truck, Leyland Retriever Truck If you mange to complete the collection: 1. Medal from the Campaign 2. Dunkerque's Historical Camoflauge 3. Legendary British Commander Didn't add the collection Images but they were taking long to upload, sorry about that.