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Found 1 result

  1. It seems that many of the ships that I and other people want to buy with our hard earned doubloons or/experience are disappearing. Went to buy the Musashi - gone; went to buy the KII - gone; Wanted to buy the Massachusetts - gone. Now you have to buy them with cash and all the not so good ships are still available for Doubloons. Why take them out of the tech tree so we can't get them? we have bought the doubloons so you are still getting you moneys worth, it just seems like you are punishing us and now we can't get the ships we want and we have to buy them with more real money. Also (my normal beef), Fore Pete's sake nerve the Mighty Mo and the Belfast, make them so they are still good but not over powered and break the game balance and bring them back for all those millions of people who want them, and can't get them because you won't take the time to fix the problem. I collect like many of us do, and who wouldn't want the Mighty MO. Seriously, it couldn't be that hard, and you would make lots of sales by just doing this and being fair to those people who will never get a chance of obtaining these ships except by a lottery system which is just a money grab. Love the game, but developers you can do better! Cheers, Wolf