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Found 2 results

  1. G'day Folks, Latest BLUF is good and raring to go, this time on T9 RN CA - Drake! Hope you guys enjoy it! As usual, please throw me some likes/comments on YT and reddit. All feedback welcome - feel free to roast me!
  2. Goliath... ... Oh dear... Now I haven't played it enough to be conclusive, I should mention that at the outset. I also should caveat this with I went in with an open mind but the paper didn't look good. But 12 x 234s with 1/4 pen and good AP, come on - still could be good... Well yes those guns aren't bad but that's about it... What Goliath has over Drake: - HP - Range - Extra 3 guns. That's it... HP - no thanks. I need to do a thorough comparison but I don't see the same overmatch weakness on the citadel side. A la, Drake rewards good angling occasionally; Goliath does so even less. HP isn't enough to make up for it. Even then the Range is only an extra 1 km instead of a Spotter, no thanks I'll take the Spotter. Extra 3 guns? um lol, you don't use the rear ones much anyways considering if you show a hint of side; some goose in a BB will overmatch and smash you. The only way I've found to play her with any decency is like a waifu camping CL... If you are doing that in a CA, what's the point? It also means she doesn't fit with the rest of her line... They're all generalists (yes even Drake) that can do some waifu hugging, a bit of open water, a bit of long range harassment and a good bit of ambushing/Ninja-Knifing. I should note, I haven't gone to extremes yet like double rudder. And I can't justify range mod on any level as her reload is just pure crud. I still haven't played near enough games yet to say with confidence she's bad but I can't see the light yet... At least with Drake you could, yes her rudder/engine was poor but it was enough to get the job done even with a concealment build. Reply and let me know if I should do a rant video on it, otherwise, what are everyone else's thoughts?