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Found 9 results

  1. gordykins

    Slow download of game

    Hello. I am starting this game tonight - Ive registered etc.. However when downloading the 20GB files, i am downloading at a rate of 500kbs. if i use speedtest on my mobile phone (using same wifi) - I am downloading at a rate of 35.9 Mbps. if i STOP the download of the game, and then use speedtest on my Pc - i am downloading at a rate of 0.59 Mbps. This has only happened tonight, when downloading the game (i only d/loaded 5% of it now, ive stoped)... Does this game use hidden spyware or anything that drastically slows down the PC ? Im on WIN10. doing virus / other scans now..
  2. in the launcher - settings - Updates - there is an option - "enable download of upcoming updates" - how does this work ? i have turned this on. But nothing seems to be happening - for last 24 hours. Folder has been created in WOW folder but it is empty - nothing is downloaded over there yet - so how does this work ?
  3. hasithlakshan

    Download size

    First Downloaded 5 GB and then again its Downloading 12 gb is that common or a bug? Not a Guide. Moved. ~dead_man_walking
  4. rishavipl

    Downloading updates

    Playing on PC downloading such huge updates are time consuming. So is there any other alternative or by using any torrent application like in world of tanks.
  5. Special175

    Update service not working

    Issue: I have downloaded and installed the game 3x onto my Macbook Air. When I try to open the game I get the error " the data obtained from the update service is incorrect" Screenshots: Uploaded Ship: N/A Map: N/A Occurrences: Occurs every time I try to play. I have not yet been able to open the game. Tested: The error occurs every time I try to open the game. Severity: It prevents me from playing. Details: I have downloaded and installed the game 3x onto my Macbook Air. When I try to open the game I get the error " the data obtained from the update service is incorrect". I have found this error reported several times in the forum but haven't found any workable solutions. Running OS X Yosemite V 10.10.5. 8Gb memory 8GB free storage.
  6. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Part downloads and manual patch

    hi, i would like to suggest if its OK or at least put in consider to put part downloads or manual patch since some of players including me don't have much free time to download and i also have some problems when i have to go, ill pause the patch, then when i got back, it'll start again about 500mb less. It will be great help for some future players if it will be ok XD
  7. Hi everybody, my English very bad so i hope you understand what i write. I download and played WoWs 1 month ago in C:\. Because C:\ almost full so i copy folder World of Warships to G:\, it still work. Then i uninstall it in Control Panel, Programe to clear it from C:\. Today, it update for new event and it crash, i cant play. I deleted all folder in G:\ to start download and install again. I can download file setup WOWS_internet_install_asia.exe, but i cant open it. After i choose language (English), it say: "Runtime Error (at 138:366) The source file is corrupted." Can someone help me fix it? Thank you verymuch.
  8. I've been searching for similar suggestion, appears there's no one suggest this one. I want the soundtrack to be able for customization. Some soundtrack are bored for me, but some soundtrack really increase the battle spirit. Each players of course had their own favorite soundtrack. Will you take into consideration of this request ? Or, if you think it's take more effort to do it, can you make the soundtrack available for download ? So I can just mute the in-game soundtrack and play my own favorite soundtrack with music player.
  9. ad1405

    Cannot download WOW?

    Hi all, I've received the email from wargaming.net to access Beta of WOW. Included the download link. But when I click that link. Its says 403 Access denied. Someone please tell me what is going on here? Many thank!