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Found 2 results

  1. I've just been in a match in a DD with a friendly Iowa playing drakes and dragons around islands with an enemy Des Moines and Iowa. Despite using islands for cover to avoid insta death when the radar is popped, I still died despite good tactics by me and the friendly Iowa. Why? Enemy Des Moine pops radar. We hide behind island. Radar stops. We come out from behind island and start sniping at enemy Des Moine who starts to backtrack. Enemy Iowa shows up. Both me and friendly Iowa starts to make a get away. Enemy Iowa puts himself in a very tactically vulnerable position by leaving the cover of the islands to enter the open ocean and the enemy Des Moine is way back behind the islands and cannot fire at us because the Des Moine has no line of sight to fire because of the islands he's hiding behind. Meanwhile enemy Iowa is dodging my torps, I've deployed smoke and both my Akizuki and friendly Iowa are slowly tearing the enemy Iowa to pieces. That enemy Iowa should be dead because my Akizuki and friendly Iowa should be able to wail on his lonely ass long before the Des Moine is able to dig himself out of the hole he dug himself behind the island and lend supporting fire. But that's not what happened. Enemy Des Moine pops radar yet again from behind his island hidy spot (we're still within the whopping 10km range of his radar which covers 50% of the map) when we were just recovering from the last radar pop and then I get blown to smithereens because radar penetrates everything known to man except kryptonite and the Des Moine and Iowa then tag team my friendly Iowa and take him down. Complete and utter rubbish. That's not how tactics work. The following reforms need to happen to radar to not only make radar more realistic and true to life, but also to avoid rewarding players for bad gameplay and bad tactics: Radar must NOT penetrate islands. Radar doesn't penetrate islands in real life, definitely not in WWII, there is no reason why it should penetrate islands in WOWS. Radar must have a longer cool down to avoid people popping it constantly. It's ridiculous. Smoke has a longer cool down than radar and it's not nearly as deadly as radar. Radar should at least have as long a cool down as smoke. Radar should have a longer cool down than smoke. Otherwise we get this stupid situation where a Des Moine player is rewarded for bad gameplay and bad tactics. Pop radar to spot enemies near island. Back away. Wait for enemies to attack your ally who has done something tactically stupid and pop radar again from 10km away behind an island to expose them from behind smoke. Meanwhile, unlike smoke, popping radar from behind an island totally alters the gameplay in your favour and leaves you 100% tactically safe. And in their infinite wisdom, WG has given radar a much shorter cool down than smoke. (Yes smoke has a much longer duration but it is utterly meaningless given radar can cut through it at any time) It's really important that the cool down and island penetration of radar is adjusted because, unlike smoke, radar has absolutely zero ways to counter in the game. And lazy players use radar repeatedly to put themselves in bad tactical situations and then pop radar constantly to bail themselves out. I realise WOWS is only a game and a gross simplification of war, but that's not how warfare works. You put yourself in a bad tactical situation in a battle and you die. Radar ain't going to save you. The game should be about tactics and strategy, not cheap radar tricks for lazy or bad players which have no effective counter other than never attacking the enemy and constantly running away. And for the radar fan boi's out there, I challenge you to consider what WOWS would be like if the game allowed players to lay down a 10km smoke screen in all directions, including through islands, every 120 or 180 seconds. Definitely not fun. My best guess is WG likes people paying money for premium radar so they can troll other players. As long as the cash keeps rolling in via "troll face lols", why change a good thing?
  2. Been waiting for this for so long - can we change the fricken battle summary screen at the end of the game to include total damage dealt? Amount of XP earnt is great, fantastic, wonderful - but it does not allow you to rank yourself / your teams performance against the other guys, because credit loss to the loser. Please - simple request. This ==>