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Found 10 results

  1. GroundedMuslimYT

    More PTS doubloons?

    Hey, So when i joined PTS a few days back i got 30k doubloons which i spent on tier 10 perma space camo for testing purposes costs me 8k+ 8k + 8k = 24k doubloons, now i have 6k doubloons left.. but i wanted more doubloons to use it on more camo or maybe something else in future, but i don't see where i get more doubloons in PTS or anything.. can i return those camo and get back the doubloons or get more doubloons by any chance? PS: camos shouldn't cost that much considering its pTS, people are there to test new features and having some fun.. but where's the fun if we loose all the doubloons they give ends up in getting 3 camo..
  2. Hi, i'm recently trying to buy the 13,5k doubloon pack with 30day premtime bonus priced IND Rp787,636 , but when i'd finish inputting my card information and pressed pay the transaction are not processed. I tried it mutiple times and each time failed without a cut to my debit card, any suggestions on what caused this problem?
  3. Commander_GALEN

    PH mobile payment for Doubloons

    Hey WG, what happened to the other payment provider? why you removed them. What the hell is this Centili? Doubloons is meh and payment is expensive! I prefer the last provider who sell doubloons via mobile payment, it's so cheap Last provider: 100 Php = 410 doubloons New provider which is Centili: 100 Php = 330 doubloons
  4. karrablaster123

    Free XP Conversion

    Not very important, but add the ability to see how much xp can be converted to free xp without having to own doubloons.
  5. Issue: Didn't receive the Doubloons purchased before the 0.5.5 updates and no ticket replys Occrued after the 0.5.5 update still noreplys for more than 7 working days
  6. I Buy Doubloons Via SMS, And Buy 190 3x = 49500. When I Alt+Tab To WOWs My Doubloons Just 190 ? Can Anyone Help Me ? Can I Get My 380 Doubloons Back ?
  7. Delphaeus

    Best value doubloons

    Edit: Original post is now incorrect due to changes to Wargamings prices. See fourth post for updated numbers Just did some comparisons of the premium store and I worked out some interesting information. (Information correct as of 30 Aug 15 - https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/wows/gold/default/ ) Package Cost per 100 doubloons (truncated) Comparison $7.80 62.4c $13.39 58.2c Best value small package $18.13 60.4c $28.47 59.3c $38.18 58.7c $71.69 57.3c Save $1.06 $139.59 55.8c Save $5.91 So my recommendations: Best value is obviously the largest package at $139.59, followed by the second largest package at $71.69 - so if you have the spare cash I recommend those options. If you can't, or don't want to, spend those larger amounts of money, ignore everything else and only use the $13.39 package. If you were to buy 12,500 credits by buying multiple $13.39 packages, you would only spend $1.06 more than buying the $71.69 package. If you were to buy 25,000 credits, you would spend $5.91 more than the $139.59 package. Every other package is more expensive to buy than buying multiple $13.39 packages. Obviously, these calculations do not take any specials into effect. Red Text/Hard-to-read post , Post Edited, User Warned ~TheAzure
  8. Win Exclusive World of Warships Codes 7 days Premium Subscription 500 Doubloons, Marblehead Premium Ship Port Slot By Participating in the sweepstakes, you agree to the following: • The Sweepstakes will begin on 23 October 2015 08 00 PDT and end on 23 November 2015 23 59 PST, or such other date/time as Razer may announce. • Winners will be chosen by 30 November and codes will be sent out by 6 December. • Eligibility: • No purchase necessary. • Must be 13 and over to participate. • Must meet further entry requirements in the Additional Sweepstakes Terms & Conditions: http://www.razerzone.com/terms-conditions/contestThis promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. https://gleam.io/smo96-E2ghn0
  9. KnovaKnight

    Disappearing Doubloons

    I noticed after purchasing a new ship today (not a premium) that 500 of my doubloons had disappeared. Anyone know where to find a log or list of doubloon transactions?
  10. Well, I've just got back here after a pretty long time. And since 0.4.0 we got a new name for real-money credit so, will this and gold of WOT ever get sync?