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Found 6 results

  1. SkullCommander

    Doubloon not received?

    Last night, I purchase doubloon in amount of 1,250 units but I haven't received it and my Paypal has already confirmed the payment, how to check or report to WarGaming? Thank you for your attention
  2. Nothing Msg and No NOTIFICATIONS,Just Suddenly when i End game Can anyone tell me what happen?thankyou
  3. CarbonMonoxide

    Will doubloons expire?

    (I'm not sure if it's correct to post here) Will doubloons expire? cuz I got some doubloons from super container some days eariler now I can at most buy a yubari (I like IJN CL) I wonder if doubloons will expire if so, then I better buy one before the doubloons vanish if not, I may wait for another IJN CL that I like more, cuz the yubari seems so bad by the way, is the yubari worth buying?
  4. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/79890-premium-ships-moving-to-the-tech-tree-soon/page__p__1957374#entry1957374 Well this is the plan for NA, and it's probable that we'll also get it. Let's rejoice now that we don't have to fork out our wallet to hastily buy new prem ship before it goes out of sale. I'm surprised to see Blyskawica in the tree but not Anshan and Lo Yang though. Indianapolis is still under testing so she might take a while to get here. Also no Saipan, that's good news actually. Kamikaze, Mikasa and Marble Head are still exclusive. Tone might have to wait till new seaplane bomber mechanics
  5. Hi Guys, First and foremost please forgive me if this isnt the right place to ask about this and mods please move this one to the respective forum if there is any. Ive been playing for few days (finally, I love this game ever since discover about it during CBT but only have access to it now, hurray for OBT lol), Im at t5 and is upgrading Kongo, (but since WG has drugged me with the free 1-day Premium time lulz). My in-game goal is to get all IJN BB (t5 and above) and keep them for the sake of admiring their awesomeness. And probably try some DD or CV gameplay too in future. So I want to get the Premium account for a month (to grind) and perhaps some doubloons to be spent on minor stuff, I was thinking (while dont want to spend too much), should I: 1) Get 3000 doubloons and use 2500 to get Premium Account from the port and have 500 doubloons left for perhaps another slot and minor stuff (buy slots as I play or sell old ships to make up free slots) or 2) Get Premium account directly from Premium shop and get 1250 doubloons for perhaps 2 more slots or 3) Buy 6500 doubloons and work it from there for all Premium Account and stuff expenses Q1: Is there any difference in benefits i.e custom port etc if Im getting the Premium Account from ingame or shop directly? Q2: Does extra slot is a must if I want to enjoy this game or you can buy some and keep making free slots buy selling off old ships? Please advice and Thank you in advance.
  6. Well, I've just got back here after a pretty long time. And since 0.4.0 we got a new name for real-money credit so, will this and gold of WOT ever get sync?