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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone. We are an English speaking Ops Div group. Everyone is welcome, we have no national exclusivity but we speak English. We are not a clan. We are simply a group of players who enjoy divving up for Ops. You will see many [CLAY] and [TF44] members in our divs but all are welcome regardless of clan, non-clan or skill level. We may shoot off in groups of 3 for some random PvP sometimes but we mostly play Ops with the goal of 5 starring and mutual benefit for silver and XP for all involved. Search for and join channel "Social Wolves" in game and say hi. If you join the channel and there is an open spot you will probably just get sent an invite to join anyway. You can PM me or Taipan17 in game or on this forum if you like. We are often most active afternoon-evening-night Australian time but that is not set in stone and is not locked in in anyway. All are welcome. We have players of all skill levels in our group and we do not judge - though we may chortle 😛 Please don't be offended or put off if we are full. We often do have a full div but we are always looking for more Social Wolves to fill up games. We have many people who play with us who have never divved before or who have limited experience playing with others or playing Ops and that's fine! We only ask that you pay attention to chat and follow task deployments that we discuss before and in game to maximise the outcome for everyone. During this time of CV adjustment, Ops may be just the antidote you need! Note to mods: I have posted a few threads on this subject, often directly relating to Op of the Week. I'll try to keep this one running as a generic Social Wolves thread so we don't have to keep posting every Op of the Week rotation.
  2. WOWS is a bit lax in their explanations about some aspects of the game - a glossary of all terms with links to more detailed explanations would be a good idea in my opinion. A couple of aspects I would welcome any advice on are as follows: 1. What advantages (if any) do you get if you form or join a division? And what are your obligations if you join a division? 2. If you add a player to your Blacklist, what does that do? Does that mean any future team you join will not have that player or do a certain number of blacklistings by various players mean they incur some penalty?
  3. Krieg

    Division Spawn at Start

    Did a search about this but came up with nothing. I ran quite a few divisions on the weekend. It seems about 80% of the time we were spawned on opposite ends of the map. We then had to spend many precious minutes linking up. Is this something that can be fixed?