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Found 4 results

  1. blauflamme22


    It's a topic the comes up every now and then, the ability for fighters to have some sort of attack against ships, like strafing with cannons or rockets. I'd like to tweak the idea a bit and instead propose a fourth category of aircraft; the fighter-bomber, in air to air it would be weaker than the pure fighters (slowed down by the weight of those bombs etc) and in the air to surface it would be weaker than the pure dive bombers (having to carry lighter bombs to maintain air to air performance etc.) Because of the nature of Fleet aviation there are a number of example of aircraft that have served such porposes, the Skua, Mosquito, Firefly and Corsair to name a few. Basically they could operate just like the current fighters and dive bombers do just as an inferior mix, though I'd love to see the graphics for a rocket and cannon strafing run. Anyway, I'd love to hear peoples' thoughts, especially those that actually play CVs or are interersted in playing them.
  2. I was thinking of another mod slot for CVs and a module called dive angle modification 1&2 Module 1 would increase the dive angle making armor penetration easier but the run is shorter so they have to fly through AA more Module 2 would decrease the angle but the dive starts earlier so harder to hit but AP bombs are likely to bounce What do you guys think
  3. I still Prefer the Dive Bombers because they always set them on Fire for Torpedo Bombers.... well its too hard Choose one of the choices above
  4. Hi. I'm currently playing with Bogue with 1 torp, 2 dive bombers setting. I'm pretty sure that I can use manual bombing correctly - I usually hit 3-4 torps for a cruiser/battle ship or 1-2 for a destroyer, and make fine hits(2-3) with dive bombers, too. But sometimes, dive bombers just do not hit anything. I thought it was a really bad luck since the yellow ellipse was almost perfectly matched to the target when dive bombers dive, but, yeah I know it randomly hits within the ellipse - so there still exists some probability that all the bombs are dropped to the sea. But I've met this weird situation almost every 3 games. I thought it should be a bug, but I could not found any threads/notices/blog posts or anything. I'm so confused about it. Does it really a bad luck for me that hitting NO bombs for an almost perfectly matched yellow ellipse to a target? Want to know if others also experienced it. Edit : I found that there is a water splash when the bombs are dropped to the sea and when I experience the 'NO bombs', I also see NO water splashes. So, I think this is a bug at the moment.