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Found 5 results

  1. PanzerRunner

    German Line Discount

    Since the German cruiser line is having a discount, im currently playing German cruisers. Im taking a break from playing BB too, so i thought playing cruisers is a great idea. I would appreciate if you guys could give me tricks and tips for playing cruisers. Cheers mate
  2. Comments for upcoming/ongoing events: 1. Thanks for coming/reading, this thread is a record of discount history before 2021. Feel free to leave a comment to "upvote" this thread. Permanent Notes... Note: certain links are not working after WG changed the name of their sections, e.g. "specials-and-events" to "sales-and-deals". Note 2: WG started to remove the old discounts in Aug 2018 missions onwards. WG is releasing the deals per week instead of per month, Since May 2019, they released the entire month's discount, but still deleting the old deals in the same post. Note 2: Since Sep 2019 (mission 87), they release weekly missions with unique link. From Aug 2018 - May 2019, the links are incomplete as WG overwrites the discount when they expires. Note 3: Since the new clan naval base update in 0.7.9 (https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/new-clan-base/), your clan can upgrade the "Shipbuilding Yard" to get up to 15% permanent discount on ships. This makes waiting for ship discount on tier 8-10 ships irrelevant, WG's way of telling you to join a clan. Note 4: Captain skill reset/redistribute happens before and after Clan Battle seasons and major skill changes (e.g. 0.6.0 new skill tree, 0.8.0 CV reworks). Note 5: This list originally tracks discount for consumable, port slot, upgrade, commander skills, ship and free exp conversion. Then added camo, free premium days with simple mission and some random discounts. ----------------------------------------------------------------我是分界线--------------------------------------------------------- Story: I have created/compiled a list of discounts happened since August 2016. This is for those who want to plan/predict when they want to buy their ship/upgrades/etc. This list tracks discounts for consumable, port slot, upgrade, ship and free exp conversion only. Sources are from wows website and personal experience (sometimes WG do not tell you that there is a discount). I also missed out on some (e.g. there was an upgrade discount during the hunt for Bismarck, but I cannot find the link, I remembered because I bought my Baltimore during June 2017 for the upgrade discount). Feel free to contribute to the table by informing me in the forum on the events I missed/wrong info. For full discount history and notations: Here for the changelog:
  3. Hey_Potato

    I am a Cheapskate

    Does anyone know roughly when will be the next German CA discount event cause I am a cheapskate. Waiting to buy stuff during promo/discount offer. The last event was 26/1/2018 to 29/1/2018
  4. Since there is an upcoming 30% off for tier 8 ships (https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/mission-september-2017/), I decided to write a long post about it. This is more for those cheapskate people, but you can read it for fun. (scroll till the end for conclusion) Let’s start with table 1 and 2 on how much you can save. Both tables have the same data, just different sorting. Table 1: Discount calculation for USN ships from tier 8-10 sorted by classes Table 2: Discount calculation sorted by tiers I am not posting other nation as it is troublesome to fill in all, and the price different between nations is not that great (I think, I guess, erm go calculate on your own). The 30% discount for tier VIII is definitely worth it, better than the regular 15% discount (table 3). The amount you saved can be used to buy most of your equipment. For tier IX and X, the saving is normal/usual, nothing to talk about it since it happens every now and then. Table 3: 15% discount for USN tier 8 CA On special occasions, there can be 50% off for equipment (https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/boost-weekend-20170721/). See table 5 for calculations. You can buy your ship and wait for the discount on the equipment later. However, I doubt most of you can wait so long for the special module discount, and ended up buying the ship now with all/most equipment so you won’t be disadvantageous during battle. Play a few (or a lot more) more battles, and you will earn back the credits. If only WoWS has the similar inventory like WoT, where you can purchase equipment without ships (correct me if I am wrong), then this will not be a problem when I bought my Des Moines (spoiler). Side story: Table 4: Price of equipment in different slots Table 5: 50% discount calculation for all equipment for tier 8 to 10 Extra content: To sum thing up: 1. BUY the tier 8 now if you can. 2. This 15% discount for tier 9 and 10 is usual, you can skip if you want more time to consider (or no credits yet). Next 15% discount will most likely happen in 3 months’ time during Christmas or New Year. 15% saving is still good. 3. For maximum benefit, you can buy the ship first, then fill in those expensive equipment during module discount (if there is one).
  5. First of All I wanna Thank WG for Putting up Discounts on Ships from Every Tree..... Which Enabled me to spend some(Huge amount) of credits which I earned by grinding..... Really the guy who came up with Discounts idea needs to be applauded.... Because peasants like me(Ofc in game and I don't really wanna spend real money) cannot actually afford ships above T7.... Lot of you players were really asking me to play in T8 and above thing is I don't really wanna lose credits... I just wanna be in a grind were I update my port time to time..... This season of discounts.... I bought these..... 1. Hosho 2. Langley(Don't get scared I won't ruin lower tiers with my poor CV skills they're just for co-op) 3. Skipped Emerald and got Leander(Thanks to WG because I got 50k free xp from SC) 4. Shchors Upgraded it(again thanks to WG because of 50k I got) 5. Pensacola 6. Nurnberg(Well I need to get Yorck so yeah I'll be grinding this detonation magnet) 7. Caledon (Sold It to get Danae in the initial grind) 8. Konig (Sold it to get Gneisenau in the initial grind) 9. Furutaka (Sold it long back because of me being noob) 10. Kirov (had to sell it for Benson) 11. Konigsberg (Just because German AP FTW) 12. Well Kiev (yeah I know I sold it before because I was frustated)... 13. Bayern (Yup me being an Idiot and selling ships when i got frustrated) This could happen because WG's discount system.... THANK YOU WG....... And What have you bought in this discount season???? I really wanna know..... Thanks again WG I bought Nicolas