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Found 4 results

  1. 1.Description While using the dragon port, going into an Aegis operation scenario will just result in the game getting stuck at the searching for players screen, then disconnection. When relogin, the game shows the division is in battle, but the ship previously selected is free, and camouflages and consumables are not used. 2.Reproduction 1.Select the dragon port 2.Form a division for Aegis 3.Start the operation May also occur if any one division member is using the dragon port (need confirmation) No idea about other ports. The Philippines port is OK. 3.Result When the operation starts, it will pause at the "searching for players/loading" screen for some time, and eventually disconnects to login screen. After login, the division is shown to be in battle, but every member is free, the selected ships are also free. 4.Expected result Successfully go into the operation Aegis. 5.Technical detail Time of occurrence: ~1500 (forgot the exact time) python.log, dxdiag report attached. python.log DxDiag.txt
  2. Hey all, Earlier today (01 March 2018) I started experiencing disconnects trying to get into Random matches - which was odd since I had not encountered this error before. The issue: The loading screen would complete and instead of getting into the Random Match game, I would crash to desktop with an error message saying " World of Warships 323551 has stopped working " Now, I tried reinstalling the client and on my crappy internet connection it takes me some time to download; a couple of hours later, the error occured again - so understandably I'm a little salty at this point. Thus, unsintalling, cleansing registry entries and re-download a " Fresh " client and re-install did not work. This fix works for AMD Radeon R9 200 series: Even though my graphics drivers were up to date; I uninstalled the current " optional " drivers 18.2.3 and reverted to/installed 18.2.1 This fixed the issue for me. Finally a special thanks to the sharkbait for reporting me AFK and dropping my karma by 10. Next time please kindly ask in the global chat if someone was AFK before you started laying down your version of justice because in actual fact I was disconnecting on launching the Random Matches on all the occassions today. Hope you feel satisfied with yourselves and have an enjoyable day.
  3. FenrirApalis

    AFK or disconnected?

    Ok let me get this clear: a player's ship when AFK WILL look different to a player that is disconnected. I have seen a lot of people being disconnected but everyone blame them for being AFK. Now, let me explain this to everyone: when someone is disconnected, their guns face neutral. All of them. Back guns will point directly back and forward guns face directly forward. If someone is AFK then their rear guns will point right (because default aim point is like 1 degree to starboard) sometimes it might face left but you get the idea. If they are AFK then their (usually) rear guns will point somewhere. Now, take a closer look before you call someone AFK (whatever insult you feel like putting here) so you don't blame someone for something they didn't do or using your reports on them for the wrong reason Thanks for taking your time to read this. Now get back on the high seas
  4. Issue: Since 0.5.3 Screenshots: N/AShip: NumerousMap: NumerousOccurrences: Almost every time Tested: Yes Severity: Not gamebreaking but really annoying Details: 1.Since 0.5.3 I have suffered constant disconnection after battle, it happens if I survived the battle or I stay till battle result comes out. The game disconnects suddenly and client goes back to login, meaning I can't see my statistic. But the game WILL NOT disconnect if I died in battle and chose to go back to harbor before it ends. 2.My internet connection if perfect DURING the battle with no lag or package-lost and the game is pretty normal before patches.