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Found 2 results

  1. Why does WG keep insisting that there is no such thing as client/server desync? I come back after about a month hiatus and find that the desync is so bad it makes it nearly unplayable. I'm aware that the Big World engine can have these problems but when a ship appears 300m behind where it actually is, or when a ship is detected it suddenly jumps ahead by several lengths, there is obviously something wrong. Then there is the desync with my own ship, the rudder returns to a neutral position, yet somehow my ship continues to turn, but as though it is hitting a solid wall every few degrees, this and the whole plane shifts from horizontal to a 30 degree slant. I have run a treaceroute, pinged the server and used ping plotter and the results are always the same, no packet loss, no ping issues yet this still happens. So I ask again. why is there still so much client/server desync in this game and why isn't WG acknowledging it?
  2. So I participated in the Wows survey that popped up in my port, one of the things that I wrote was that lag and Desync are still a big problem. The next thing I know, my game is constantly freezing, I am suffering from extreme lag spikes, with my ping hitting 1200ms and I'm constantly being dropped from the match. I understand that WG despises criticism but I think this is a little over the top just because I find their servers to be a bit under powered. So lesson learnt, I'll never participate in any of their surveys ever again, all they did was punish me for it.