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Found 1 result

  1. Ok I need help folks... Firstly, I have something in the realm of 2.7mil FXP but I like having a chunky reserve... I will be picking up Alaska at some point, this is a given... I need to decide whether I want to get Hayate. I won't get Smaland, no interest in it, I'm not a huge fan of DDs without smoke, particularly at higher tiers... Why do I need you to talk me out of Hayate? Well because not many people play her, she's IJN and she's not the greatest... But most of all she's 2 mil FXP which means burning some dubloons and grinding some FXP before 10.0... It's not a big deal, I have 35k ot something... Indo use these a lot trying different builds for videos and things though... So... I really like the idea of IJN 127s on an IJN Hybrid DD and going full gunbote build. Talk me out of it folks, tell my why I shouldn't get Hayate because at the moment the two reasons are it's concealment (6.1km) and it's price (2mil FXP). NB: I'm not a DD main but I do ok... (Have Haru, Daring, Z-52).