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Found 1 result

  1. This thread was inspired by rock legend Lisa Gail Allred: Comparing the ballistic profiles of various ships can be a complicated and occasionally confusing process. While ballistic travel time isn't too important for landing shells on stationary BBs, it is somewhat critical when trying to hit those slippery little DD escorts. What this really translates into is "How close do I need to be to reliably score hits?" I've chosen a 7-second shell travel time as a rough upper limit for DD slaying and will show the relative distance required by various ships to reach this ballistic travel time. First, the Destroyers. While only these specific ships were actually tested, their guns are shared by many others (eg. Lo Yang's entry applies to many USN DDs as well) 7-Second Rule Kilometres Tashkent 11.21 Hatsuharu 9.80 Leberecht Maass 9.73 Lo Yang 9.02 Next is Cruisers. Listed ballistics are for HE ammunition only, with the exception of Edinburgh. 7-Second Rule Kilometres Admiral Hipper 12.93 Mikhail Kutuzov 12.15 Saint-Louis 12.13 ARP Takao 11.73 Nurnberg 11.50 Kirov 11.49 Baltimore 11.40 Indianapolis 11.40 Omaha 11.39 Emile Bertin 11.21 Edinburgh 10.79 Battleships. Listed ballistics are for HE ammunition unless otherwise noted. Ships without multiple entries have similar ballistics for both ammunition types. 7-Second Rule Kilometres Dunkerque 14.01 Scharnhorst 13.53 Bismarck 13.43 Monarch 13.42 Koenig 13.11 <AP> Nagato 12.93 <HE> North Carolina 12.85 Arizona 12.85 <AP> Fusou 12.37 Hood 11.99 <HE> Nagato 11.92 <AP> North Carolina 11.77 <HE> Fusou 11.46 Interesting to note the poor performance of the IJN HE here, and also the surprisingly decent USN HE. Hopefully this will help you choose an appropriate ship and range of engagement for your DD hunting escapades. Now go forth and destroy those Destroyers! And thanks again Lisa Gail Allred. Your song touched all our hearts.