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Found 82 results

  1. waichung1823

    Is Aigle worth 50K coal?

    As the title said, do you think it is worth for 50K coal? I m not a DD player anyway, but love to collect ships.
  2. waichung1823

    Question About RN DD

    Is it true that RN premium DDs (Acasta, Icarus, Jervis, Lightning) will lost their Premium status and convert into tech tree line?
  3. Farlesquew

    Brit DD upgrades

    I've so far got the Acasta and Icarus (tiers V and VI) and equipped the rudder upgrade on both, but every one I face appears to have chosen the gun rotation upgrade instead. I figured that being able to turn faster was going to be useful indodging incoming shells, but I do note the moments where I'm turning faster than my guns can manage, which sometimes makes knife fights difficult. (That, plus the poor concealment which means we're constantly outspotted, and can only stealth torp against on-coming ships). DDs are definitely my weakest ship type, but I'm frustrated with my performance and wondering if this upgrade choice is partially to blame. Guys: DEFINITELY a wrong upgrade choice, or do I simply need to keep working on my overall DD skills (I feel I'm improving, but then I had a ahocker run of losses yesterday, argh)?
  4. So this, I'm not sure if I'm posting on the right section but.. I am in dire need of veterans or a clan that can speak and understand english. I realized I needed to improve my skill on playing DDs preferably KMS line and Z23 to be exact. I don't really know what I'm not doing good with my Z23, whatever the game is my MM is sucking real hard, like 1 in 5 games are a win for me.
  5. So This is what I got from playing missions and opening normal container. What did u guys got so far?
  6. Skarhabek

    Karma for Ignoring cap

    damn, this pheasant downvote.... i am going to teach em how to Daddy!!!! ....... GWAHAHAHAHAHAA NYAHAHAHAA . . . . . . ..... SUDDENLY.... OH MAI GAD, WHAAAAYY!!!
  7. SilentFLame

    Recommended Premium DD

    Hi All Been getting back into the game recently and was thinking of dropping some cash on a premium ship finally. Been enjoying my destroyers to no end so i'm thinking of grabbing a premium one of those. But having been out of the loop for a while I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations on which one will be a sound purchase? I've heard a lot of good things about the Loyang due to it's hydro but thought i'd check in again since that thread was from 2017. Thanks in advance all! (and sorry if this is a question asked hundreds of times before, I don't dwell on the forums and couldn't see a similar thread in the more recent posts)
  8. S4pp3R

    Ranked XP issues...

    So basically after getting to rank 9 I'm down at 11/0. My issue is thus, I get 100k+ damage in Zao + caps, get 3rd XP if I'm lucky, same story with Hindy. I get 100k in Yamato and top XP consistently on losses. This is not even to mention DDs. I'm starting to think T10 XP is very BB biased and subsequently this is why we're seeing games at 10+ with 0 DDs... I'm a good Zao player, particularly in CB or ranked, yet I perform superbly in her and won't top XP on a loss outside a monster game. Yet in Yamato, I'm average, I have what I would consider an average game and I find it easy AF to get top XP on a loss. Thus I reach the conclusion that BB is better for ranking up. Thoughts?
  9. Does anyone have experience with both the german DDs? I see they are about the same price for base ships. I am looking for a trainer for when Igo up the German DD liner propper currently at the Gaede Had a look at the reviews and they seem similar enough that I cant decide which one is better. Any Ideas?
  10. My crappy ISP may have prevented me in sating my ships (and blue bawks duties) gameplay this few months, but at least it won't screw over whats long overdue: badposting about ships. Might badpost about Mogador if I'm that eager to. I PRESENT TO YOU THE LE FANTASQUE Because large destroyers carrying big guns and scoffing at fellow destroyers' speeds make peepees hard apparently. Back in the days, the notions on how2destroyer wasn't exactly clear as day to most and people got raving about what a destroyer is all about. I mean after the "stop spamming dreads" rule that is the Washington Naval Treaty as well as the tonnage enforcement it lugged around, France wasn't exactly waiting around since they had some stuff to laugh like madmen for... I mean THIS destroyer impressed everyone: ... and it ain't helping that nations were also looking at torpedo tech, better ship design via trial n error and improved boiler stuff since designs had to be chopped up in order to be sort of compliant to the Treaty. Then come the French laughing like madmen in the design board with their own versions on how2destroyer. Normally, there are two 'lines' on French destroyer thought: the torpilleur d'escadre and the contre-torpilleur, basically torpedo oriented destroyers and destroyers that kill destroyers. the TE's are the ones that aggressively torpedo big ass ships like cruisers and battleships but if there's a destroyer squadron near the targets, they run away from that while also torpedoing them in the hopes of blasting one or two in order for the CT's to move in and just pulverize the crap out of them WHILE TORPEDOING THEM as well if they get to optimal range. Now this notion is presented because the contre-torpilleurs have big guns (and they can not lie), and I mean big since what madman crams 138's on destroyers? the CT's that's what. Oh and did I forget to mention the CT's also have the potential of chasing destroyers and gunning them down with speed? The first of these were the Jaguars but the most gritty and fastest ones are the Le Fantasques, THIS destroyer being very most notable because GLORIOUS 45.1 KTS SPEED DURING SHAKEDOWN HURR. Mogador and her sisters can't be gritty enough as they manly death'd at Toulon to give the Germans the giant middle finger. You guys already saw an example of a torpilleur d'escadre and played one before: Cyclone of the Bourrasque class during the Dunkirk evacuation and to those that bought Aigle, congratulations, you are playing the lead ship of the Aigle contre-torpilleur destroyers. BEHOLD, LE TERRIBLE. and yes I shed manly tears when I saw this DD, stats be damned I WANT ONE. Lets talk about big sister Le Fantasque. Contrary to looks, this destroyer and her sisters are legitimately thicc. No really, they are. Apparently the Vauquelins need more beef and hax and the most ideal solution is to start building a destroyer while chanting "stronger, faster, better, tougher", the end result of those shenanigans being the Le Fantasques. The destroyers got better 138's (longer ones to be exact compared to the 138.6/40 aboard the Aigle as they were 138.6/50 and had better charges) in single mount AB-Q-XY's, some 37mm close-in AA guns, 13mm machine guns, 550mm torpedoes with nine tubes divided to three each, one in the aft on the centerline and the others on both starboard and portside as well as depth charge racks which were within the stern (the depth charges literally exited her ass in two separate racks), later got some 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikons as well as some radar and sensor hax after sitting idly in the US. The damn things could run at 40 kts nominal but as it stood, 43 was just full-on flank for the things, and this is saying much on Terrible running naked during shakedown which made her reach 45.1 kts and to this day, no ship can still catch up to her. most of her space is just gritty engine. And boy there were big... not just the guns... they were larger than the contemporary destroyer. I mean because the madmen made these monsters of destroyers without batting an eyelash, its not really surprising yet weird at the same time that skubs had to reclass em as "light cruisers". yes, LIGHT CRUISERS. let that sink in. About the guns... Normally, being destroyers whose single mode of existence during surface warfare is to rip apart other destroyers, getting dakka was fine, but somehow the French wanted RPC (Remote Power Control) where the gunner with the rangefinder slaves the guns to where he's looking at up top but for strange and derpy reasons, it didnt exactly quite work out with destroyers which is a shame since the Fantasques were quite decent gun platforms that didnt list a lot in rough swells but at least the things were working in Richelieu's 155's during Dakar so there's that. Running out from the Lorient Arsenal, she was just doing some runs (and showing off her blistering speed) and then some when Germany steamrolled on Poland and the threat of red flagged raiders loomed so she and Le Terrible decided to become privateers (Jean Bart and Surcouf shed manly tears in their graves) and actually plastered as well as capture merch ships and was part of the forces that tried to whack Graf Spee. It wasn't helping that the Germans were also beating the hell out of the hardened French units on the ground so they were placed at Dakar along with Richelieu when a Brit task force was rolling towards the port in order to drop a gigantic STOP in their faces since DeGaulle believed that he can convince the garrison there to join the Brits since the whacking at Mels el Kebir was apparently a big oopsie on the Brits' part via Force H apparently and be sailing as part of the Allied fleet and things went sideways... A LOT. I mean bad weather was getting in the way and add the fact everybody was just poking shells at each other without gritty effect and Richelieu was still not exactly combat ready but a turret did respond to Barham and Resolution after getting hit while Le Fantasque and another destroyer was running smokescreens to cover the more tougher units at Dakar which included a couple of cruisers as the local station but because GLORIOUS SPEED, she was bracketed but goddamn didn't even suffer a brutal hit. Torch happened and both her and Le Terrible went to Brooklyn for a facelift that gave them a load of stuff like ASDIC, surveillance radar, better AA dakka than what they had, and overhauls and sent them to be Richelieu's aides as she herself was in there with turret B practically blown up because lolshells. Then they reignited their privateer blood and started wreaking havoc on German convoy lanes, one of them getting rather daring to plaster the crap out of the convoy by doing what they were made to do: get in and plaster the crap out of enemy ships and get out like a boss as well as provide gun drive-by's. Ran later in Indochina and eventually rested after a long and crazy run. Now people might say "lol France has a navy?" and shens like that but if there's one thing their grit carried on, it was the Le Fantasques. Sure it wasn't as manly tear inducing as Taffy 3, the Benson Laffey getting in the deep at Guadalcanal or the crazy game of tag the convoy at Ormoc, but these destroyers served their tenure. Derp.exe is over. I'd like to thank my friend for letting me borrow Jordan's book about FRDD's
  11. Anger_Lehner

    Destroyer armor nerf (buff)?

    WG is planning to nerf (actually buff) DD armor? This will make DD's immune to BB AP shells.
  12. >Shimakaze >Got no fish because so many radars >Mom bursts into tears >just for me >thanks mom >But mom aint my fish wtf
  13. 30cmtruedamage

    Smoke vs Torpeodo reload booster

    Hello once again Havent tried TRB yet. What are your thoughts on TRB . And if I use it , mind sharing some info on how to make best use of it ? Thank you
  14. 30cmtruedamage

    Yugomo To Shima : My big dilemma

    Hello once again , So I am in kind of mess . I am just 60k away to unlock SHimakaze . I have 16 point commander . I use premium Torpedo reload boosters on my Yugomo i.e. 3 charges . Soon I will reach 17 skill captain and think unlocking superintendent skill which will gib me like 4 AWESOME TRB charges which could be game changer xD Now teh dilemma , if I unlock shimakaze , I will have to reset my capain skills kek and I have heard those 20 km torps with TA are also not that effective as in it gets detected quick .I also have a question here so what if torp reaction time is 14 sec , the rudder shift time of highter tier bb is still 20-30 seconds . Still they are able to dodge 15 torpedo salvos? How true is all of this ? I am really confused I mean 15 torpedo salvos should be insane but I wont be getting TRB in shimakaze and with premium TRB plus Superintendent skill I get (4) 16 torpedo salvos which are extremely formidable right ? So what do I do ? Thank you :)
  15. Hello Yeah so this is finally going somewhere . I am unable to assign commanders . I mean okay I will tell you what the matter is . I had 14 skill commander assigned to kagero . But then I spent a few doubloons to get to tier 9 yugomo using my free xp . But for some reason I am unable to assign commander . IDK what is going on . PLZ HAAAALP
  16. 30cmtruedamage

    Migrating to yugomo

    Have 14 skill point captain . Currently in Kagero . Will have to spend doubloons to reach 16 point captain . Idk if 14 skill point is enough for yugomo . Also how is yugomo compared to kagero ? Thank you
  17. 30cmtruedamage

    How to use Radio Location

    hai , So finally I managed to unlock radio location skill at tier 7 IJN DD Akatsuki . So what now . Can you tell me how do I make its best use ? It shows me arrow . But I have no idea what is going on . A video tutorial could be of great help . Also with 14 skill captain do you think it is okay fto upgrade to tier 8 kagero ? Thank you
  18. Hai so I have Japanese tier VII Akatusuki with CE skill . But stillI find it really difficult to stay undetected in CV matches especially dual CV matches with IJN CVs in them. A dozen of aircrafts plague the map . Would you like to put forth some inputs on how to deal with this situation ? Thanks !
  19. hai SO I am on my way from Akatsuki to Tier 8 Kagero . I have 4 skill points left . I am confused which sill I must choose among Radar and TAE ? Thanks
  20. 30cmtruedamage

    Question About Fubuki

    So finally unlocked fubuki tier 6 . But I feel something wrong . Here it says - http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fubuki that her Type8 mod. 2 torp range is 10 km . But in my game it shows me 8km ? Also if I am using torpedo acceleration trait for extra 5 knots , does this mean my range is 8.0-1.6=6.4 km >_<. So now I have begun to think if I must really use Torpedo acceleration skill . Thanks in advance
  21. 30cmtruedamage

    How to dodge L shape Maneuver

    Haii once again . So I personally love making L maneuver to rekt DDs with my Torpedo bombers. But now I am playing as DD and the enemy makes L maneuver to rekt me . How do you think could that be countered?
  22. Since the promotion is still going on, It's been kind of a standard thing for me....have been running the steering gears mod 2 for all my dds for ages. Did some testing in PT server and found it very useful for german & pan asia dd line (sadly live server I don't play them) However for IJN dd line.....The age old million dollar question IJN dd steering gear mod 2 or propulsion mod 2? Any feedback from excellent dd players using propulsion mod is very much appreciated
  23. Rwasknum

    what is DD main role?

    Free XP to Gadjah Mada is indeed biggest mistake. i am almost never play DD, and ultra nobob in it. since there is two kind of DD (GunBoat or TorpBoat), this Gadjah Mada have good gun but also decent torpedo. its have low concealment and very fast rudder shift. the problem is i actually have no idea for what to do...... 0. since the Gadjah Mada is new, youtube video is rare..... only flamu ROFLstomping enemy team.... what is ship have similiar playstyle? 1. how to gunboat? just phew phew like khabrovsk? or smoke and phew-phew? 2. how to torpedo boat? getting closer but high risk (higher chance of hit) or stealth torp? or release and then phew phew? what is optimum range for release torpedo? 3. spam all torpedo at once, or firing it one by one? 4. do you think Gadjah Mada need AFT? 5. what DD should do to carry the game? focus on delete enemy team? or support team? or what? 6. seriously i dont fear Radar or CV spot, BUT CV torpedo..... since i play CV, just be honest here.... i am almost never miss my torp.... even when DD pop new smoke.... except there is AADF... 7. how to smoke the team efficiently....?? 8. do people really think Gadjah Mada is a threat? i got 4~7 people targeting me when spotted..... also the Saipan and Ryujo try to kill me in our base instead of CV nearby... 9. is that normal for DD creating lemming train? the moment i push, everyone just follow me and enemy seems running away.... this is not good since the other SHIP FROM OTHER CAP is also move....leaving their cap -_- 10. if enemy running away (especially BB) what should i do? phew phew them? or keep stealth? or go to another cap?
  24. So night time battle :) I just damn love it, the whole map covered with darkness and then suddenly the roar of the guns and flash of light lit the whole area up... , but unfortunately WG just doesnt support the night time, I really dont understand why ? it quite an amazing concept to me to be honest, they can change the concealment a little bit and there night time mode Some picture from night time battle (mod of course) I think it not that hard to aim in the night mode I still doing in just fine in my kaiser Second problem: Auto drop kill dd Well im not a dd expert but does this mean, CV can still kill DD even with auto drop. So can you guys clarify it a bad dd players or not like I state before Im not a DD expert so what do you guys thinks
  25. SIntreaper

    Pan Asia Flag poll

    Hello everyone, I'm back with another poll, this time on the contentious subject of Pan Asia DD flags. As you all know, Chinese players were recently angered by WG's decision to display the flags used historically on each ship. So, they wrote to various embassies, and WG decided to make all of the Pan Asian DDs have the Pan Asia flag as the main flag. This poll is attempting to gauge how the community feels about these Pan Asia flag changes. Please answer truthfully and seriously. Also, I don't want this to turn into a flame war, so please keep it civil down there. Link is here: https://goo.gl/forms/Kj9jGHzWTYGSPWAw1