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Found 1 result

  1. A questionable skill on CV planes to have RPF. A DD could leave a zone and pop up on another location and still be good with hiding without smoking up, and the CV had to check around for a while to spot the DD again from where it was last spotted. But with RPF in CV planes he will no longer needs to scout around the last seen area for a while to spot that poor DD. which mean CV can drop its payload fast and rearm quicker. On the other hand DDs defence is Smoke and def AA(for those who have), Smoke consumable needs some time to be available. Some has very long cooldown. some have quick cooldown but Smoke is not gonna save you if the CV decides to drop a smoked up DD. For those DDs who have def AA they can shot down some, but after taking some rocket/ HE bomb from CV or hell fire from light cruisers the crippled AA will not be much to defend against planes. Upcoming CV rework gives CV the infinate planes which is another issue for all Ships in general as consumables are gonna run out but planes are not. RPF on planes means planes no longer needs to scout around to find DDs. BB's have respectable AA and with spotter planes BB's will be some challenging for CVs to drop. CA and CLs have def AA and those who don't have that have spotters/ good AA mounts to deal with CVs. Guess what a CV will go for in early battle....... ship with lowest/ smallest AA. And we all know DDs are most vulnerable against CV planes, even with Def AA which will run out at some point.