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Found 1 result

  1. Does these little boats matter, if they does how much really!! So first of all lets point out obvious questions. 1. Can a DD cap/ contest objective? >> NO, means death from avobe, death with radar and nukes everywhere. 2.Can a DD deal damage to big groups as they are many ships staying in group to deal with CV? >> Yes but less than usual, cause there is always someone with hydro running in large group. 3. Can DDs get any assistance as they are the most underpowered platform for AA? >> NO, Cruisers save those for themselves as they can't wipe squards as they did before, besides DFAA will run out but planes are not. 4. Can DDs get some spotting damage although it got nerfed due to CV's capability to spot ships is no time? >> LOL, With CVs around(god forbid why there is 2 CV per team) DD's won't get any spotting damage rather than getting killed by CV's quicker for being vangard. CV rework was much needed and they did a great job from moving out of RTS system. But I can't help it about feeling a passive nerf to DDs. DD's are most vulnerable ship type and very easy kill by CVs as they don't have the AA power to fend off CV.CV's don't even care about droping a des moine anymore why would they be scared of little DD! There are issues and WG will have to fix it as they promised in future updates or at least we hope so.