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Found 4 results

  1. just happen last match me (shimakaze), friendly zao and Montana try to protect middle cap enemy Worcester, Seattle and Missouri approaching ....and cyclone kick in our 'vision range' reduce to 8 kilometer BUT! radar icon popup and those three openly fire at us like.... freely undetected! radar made them see us from 10km away and open fire at us, but we can't see them! they outside 8 km vision range!! it completely one-sided! when radar icon disappear, few second later another radar pop up and they happily obliterate us freely again you all know how many shell those ship can put out during those radar time, and at least 2 of them are synchronous they radar time. 3 of us melt in few minute without any way to counter it at all! are WG sure that this is 'working as intended' ??? only option for non-radar ship in cyclone is to hide till it pass?
  2. Hello fellow captains~ So here are some ideas for possible weather events in-game... A volcanic eruption in some maps that could have volcanoes in them. It's the same as a cyclone event—only this time it's a volcano. The eruption would bring ash-fall across the map, limiting visibility just like a cyclone would. Clouds of ash and debris could also erupt from the volcanic island, creating a natural smokescreen over a large radius. Now the obvious problem would be the toll on the PC with this level tho. Another idea regarding weather events is the effect of cyclone (rain) on the speed of fire extinguishing in burning ships. It's only natural i guess for a burning ship to douse the flames more quickly when it's raining. And that's about it.
  3. Is there really lightning in the game? Cause if there is I haven't really noticed and if so when can I expect to see it most often? If there isn't any lightning I'm going to add a few polls in to this post on more suggestions for weather as this post covers both suggestions and Q&A so yea.
  4. FenrirApalis

    Cyclone in ranked

    so the update is coming tomorrow and many of those maps that didn't have cyclone are getting it. So will ranked battles get cyclones? I certainly hope so has enough of camping Nagatos on my team