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Found 13 results

  1. Slaughta

    APAC vs APAC

    OK so 60% WR? this is clearly Aimed at a small group of People my WR in game is not dependent on my effort I can not carry most of a bot team ffs there are a TON of Asian Bots and they seem to be running what seems to be some sort of Incoming Fire alert. -Nerf CV Rocket damage on DD's nobody likes playing DD much now -Oh and the German Ship line has been Power crept -Enough with the Russian Fantasy Fleet already I want to play any Ship and have at least a chance of Doing damage. -Oh and God Damned Box speak in chat and we are the ones getting chat banned for putting our frustrations in game getting Punished for being fed-up with Potato's.
  2. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    CV numbers between servers database

    Is there a list or database showing the number of CVs on the different servers. I believe that Wargaming made one and showed it to the CCs during their last visit in Russia. Thanks
  3. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    CVs are OP pls fix

    CVs have too much of an influence in the match. The CV rework was to fix this and and make them more accessible to players. However there has been a serious backlash. First of all when DDs are complaining about CVs, they seem to forget how before, CVs could keep you perma spotted easily. Now is not the case. The biggest difference between the rework and old rts system is that there are always CVs out there. Here are some of my suggestions to help balance things out yet also require CVs to step up their game and not spam things and farm damage. 1) Limit 1 CV per side at T8. Since T8 has all the premium CVs, they are basically just too influential on the game. An Enterprise and Saipan side would easily demolish a double Shokaku side. This shouldn't be the case. They can also gang up on any T6 ship and make him redundant 2) Give DDs the fighter consumable where they "CALL" fighters "FROM" the carrier to their location. This would give them protection and make them an intergral part of the game again. The fighters could even have a travel time from the carrier to the DD to balance things out.This ties into number 3. 3) Make fighters automatically aim for enemy aircraft as soon as they enter their effective radius. Currently carriers can easily get a premature run or escape before the fighters engage . This shouldn't be the case, fighters should automatically attack any planes that enter their effective radius. These are some of my suggestions and I would like to hear any responses. Destroyers have always hated games where there is a carrier, even before the rework. I find that people seem to be forgetting this. Superunicum carrier divisions were pretty common before the rework but I've noticed a drop in their number. Before you would always get some anchor T7 Saipan with two T8 AA ships division, this kind of div doesn't work as div anchoring doesn't work anymore. I don't consider the reworked CVs to be OP. It's just that they need a proper counter by the players and I thing making DDs have that consumable would help them. I personally like the new carriers as now everyone can fly.
  4. I just couldn't stop laughing, for those who haven't watched it yet and still play DDs.
  5. Otherwise you will get crazy games like this. 3 CVs per team but only 9 players omg. Shokaku got 78 plane kills. May Neptune bless her for pushing forward with the team and providing AA cover. Meanwhile I sailed around the map capping everything .. got 3 solo caps. Enemy CVs ignored me and went after Shokaku instead. She was the bait like Zuikaku in Battle off Cape Engano lol. Managed to kill Kaga when she tried to pushed the cap at the end as a bonus. <-------My face after the match.
  6. blauflamme22

    Blau's aviation corner

    So, after a previous thread got hijacked (7500 transponder code) from I cant remember what to a discussion about aviation, aerial spotting and cloud types, I though I should come up with an aviation based thread, since it has been an important component in naval warfare for essentially 100 years now. Feel free to post here interesting stories about naval aviation, ask aviation related questions (some of us are pilots, ATC, aviation engineers etc who can answer you) and, (I'm taking a big risk here) suggestions regarding aviation in the game. I say suggestions because this isn't a place to have an anti CV rant in, if you don't like the current CV gameplay don't just come here and whinge, instead how about offering up some constructive suggestions and reasoned arguments on said suggestions. Because I like talking to myself in these threads I'll post a little something to get things started.
  7. I guess at this point we all need to get together as a player base and face the reality. WG has changed a lot of things here and in their mind maybe it is for the good of the player base on the whole. We've invested lot of time with the game and it has become a part of our life, If I'm talking about me I've been playing this game since 2016 haven't been bothered about where this game was going but today it feels like something has really changed. And most of the people I know are frustrated about this change. If this keeps on going we might end up losing the interest in playing the game anymore. I've added all 4 classes as options because CV rework effects each and every class's gameplay. So each everyone's opinion matters and everyone has a right to express their opinion. Also please Post Your Opinions Honestly. No Trolling. No throwing personal insults at each other. Because at this point we really need to stand up to WG and their methods.(don't wanna end up with losing half of the player base) Here's a poll from forum mod, I made this separate poll because I wanted to know what are opinions of different class players not only CVs and Non CV players but opinions from DD,BB,CL/CA.
  8. Commander_Stacey

    CV Rework

    A few weeks ago a lot of us participated in the closed beta test for CVs. Since the test finished we haven't heard anything further on the matter. Are we able to get an update please on the progress since? Thanks
  9. Okay so I just got my t7 USN CV, the Ranger. Yay I thought, finally more planes and groups to play with. ............ After a bunch of games with it stock and my captain still undergoing retraining, I am completely exasperated. Every one of my match-ups seems to be with the Saipan, and every one of those players seems to just decide to bush-whack my fighter groups. Oh, and in case you were wondering what bush-whack means, it means one of their fighter group strafes into a dogfight, while the other group just strafes out of said dogfight at the last possible moment. Now the problem is that Saipan doesn't lose a plane strafing out of a dogfight, so it becomes onesided, really fast. Doesn't help that I'm still stuck at t6 fighters with my captain skills non-operable Some advice would be nice, at least until I can get my captain retrained and my fighter group tiered up
  10. Well there I was top tier in my Bismark, full HP and then a single attack from the SBD-5's rom the newly introduce CV Enterprise and wham x2 fires and get this 69,850 damage from 9 bomb strikes! Game over for me. P2W or what gg WG well played.
  11. Hi, Unfortunately it comes to a time where I need to write about the problems concerning CVs. First off, some significant changes to CVs and for the purpose of simplicity, I will start from the game’s launch. 0.5.1 Aircraft torpedoes' chance of causing a flooding has been reduced by approximately half Aircraft speed has been slightly increased for air squadron assault mode, and damage caused by aircraft in this mode has been increased as well The logic for fighters behavior has been improved. Now, when fighters attack other fighters, the squadron being attacked will automatically counterattack and will not abandon the dogfight until it runs out of ammunition. 0.5.2 Increased XP ratios for the following ships: 32% for Hakuryu Decreased Credit ratios for the following ships: 10% for Lexington 16% for Taiho 0.5.3 Midway and Essex: One squadron of torpedo bombers was replaced with one squadron of bombers for the assault setups Lexington: One squadron of fighters was removed from the default setup. Lexington, Essex, Midway: Bomber damage increased by 30% (1000lb ANM65 bomb type is now installed on the Curtiss SB2C, Douglas BTD-1 and Kaiser XBTK-1 bombers) Reworked AA defence and aircraft. Revised Tech Trees for aircraft. Reworked the AA armament efficiency (efficiency of AA guns at long-range distance was significantly improved, other AA guns were revised as well). Increase in efficiency when setting a priority target was reduced by 12% (now, the intensification factor is x1.1). Intensification factor of the Defensive Fire consumable was reduced by 50% (now, the AA armament intensification is x3 when the Defensive Fire consumable is activated). Now, both dual-purpose guns and large-calibre automatic AA guns deliver fire when the Defensive Fire consumable is activated. 0.5.4 Increased the hit points of a number of secondary guns and changed the calculation for how they're damaged by HE shells and shrapnel. The guns are now roughly twice as durable Increased the efficiency of the AA defense manual targeting from 10% to 30% 0.5.5 Added the Defensive AA Fire consumable to aircraft carriers tiers VIII-X 0.5.6 Additional AA defenses can now be mounted on the main turrets, because the technology required for this has become available in the game. Colorado - AA defenses were slightly improved for the top hull. (from 152 to 161 points) North Carolina -AA defenses were significantly reinforced. (from 185 to 238 points) Iowa - AA defenses were significantly reinforced. (203 -> 286 points) Montana -AA guns were reinforced. (from 302 to 318 points) Nagato -AA defenses were significantly reinforced for the top hull. As a result, her average AA damage within the 3.1km AA engagement area radius increased by 95 points (from 93 to 188 points) Amagi - AA defenses were reinforced for the top hull.(from 189 to 215 points) 0.5.9 Only one aircraft carrier will be available per team, for battles where the maximum tier ship is one of the following: tier VIII, IX or X. Tier I-IV ships and tier V aircraft carriers: will see battles with opponents only one tier higher 0.5.11 Increased American fighter ammo by 33%. I’ve probably missed a few but I believe these are the significant changes. There are buffs in these notes, but a majority are nerfs. I will leave you to figure out which are which. I believe it is good for people to see the general changes to CVs which have greatly affected them since the launch of World of Warships.Now onto my points and how these patches affected gameplay.USN vs IJN I won’t go too much into detail but as you can see there is a clear discrepancy between the stats of USN and IJN. Why is this you ask? Because IJN are simply more versatile. They have more squads allowing better vision, balanced load outs to perform any role and are mostly reliant on skill. Taking away 1 TB from the strike load outs of Essex and Midway was both a bad and good decision. 2x6 TB squad was evidently overpowered, being able to delete any boat with one strike. However, 1 TB squad pales in comparison and is weak against more agile targets. Replacing them with hard hitting RNG DBs does not fix the problem. They are good against BBs but that’s about it. Sure it can do serious damage but when you hit a DD with a chance-based strike, it is neither fun for you nor the enemy. In one way, you cannot be accuracy with DBs compared to TBs while the enemy has no chance to use skill to dodge the bombs. Now onto the simple solution of buffing fighter ammo. That simply does not work. While it may be good for a short term resolution, it ultimately fixes nothing. First of all; a good half of the USN line does not even get fighters in their packages. Second, it over buffs some fighters like the Bogue and Langley. Third, the ammo count of high tier CVs needs to drastically improve in order to protect your surface ally ships as the trade-off for ammo and DPS does not correlate to health gained. RNG As many of you who play this game knows; this game contains many RNG which inhibits the capacity of players. Predominantly DDs have detonations, CL/CAs have to pray they don’t get hit in the citadel, BBs have dispersion but what about CVs? -Fighter vs Fighter A huge problem with fighter vs fighter combat is it is a blatant, lazy mechanic of rolling a few dices to determine the winner. Sure, there are more skill based approaches to fighter vs fighter like the alt attack: strafing but predominantly, players will lock fighters and begin the Russian roulette to determine the winner. -AA vs planes This leads on to another sub-point; tick-based RNG. I’m sure many of you have seen 2 or 3 planes wiped out in less than a few seconds of being in AA. I think no matter what class you play, you have to think this is a real poor design of eliminating planes. When a plane squad flies into AA, again, dice are rolled to determine if the planes will get eliminated. The problem is the dice rolling per tick, meaning 1 or 2 plane dies per tick in quick succession. This causes either your squad to live for one whole minute or getting wiped out completely in less than 5 seconds. AA and META The current meta has diverged more into BBs and DDs. There are of course server differences in classes played but overall the meta revolves around BBs and DDs now. What this leads to is the targets that CVs can choose. They can either go for BBs which are practically AA platforms or go for more vulnerable DDs which at lower tiers lack any significant defense against a plane strike. In MY experience, this is what I have been doing and I truly do not believe it is fine for a competent CV to instantly delete a DD within 2 minutes of the match. CVs need to punish the larger capitals BBs – a more reliable way compared to fires from cruisers and torpedoes from destroyers. But with the recent introduction of German BBs, there are a lot more influx of BB players, meaning less CA/CLs, DDs and CVs. Even a recent WG dev has stated that they expected more DDs with the release of German BBs yet there was a decline in them. While there may be national peculiarities of each nation, the AA between the two best nations for AA really does not show this peculiarity. As a great mod once said “Data is more reliable since feedback can be laced with hyperbole and idioms.” Lets take USN BBs vs German BBs. I will be using 2 weeks statistics as well as solo games so every game as equal chance of determining if a CV is present as well as eliminating the differences of battle amount. Using the formula 1-GermanBBPlaneKill/USNBBPlaneKill: The Montana shoots down 14.3% more planes than the Grober Kurfurst.The Iowa shoots down 20.8% more planes than the Friedrich der Grobe.The North Carolina shoots down 16.6% more planes than the Bismarck.The Colorado shoots down 66% LESS planes than the Gneisenau.The New Mexico shoots down 38.8% LESS planes than the Bayern.The New York shoots down 61.1% LESS planes than the Konig.The Wyoming shoots down 37.5% LESS planes than the Kaiser. There is evidently a problem with these percentages when the famed USN has less planes than Germans. The Colorado C hull has an AA rating of 55 with 353 overall DPS while Gneisenau B hull has an AA rating of 64 with 290 overall DPS. This should correlate to 21.7% more planes shot down by Colorado. Meanwhile the North Carolina has an AA rating of 77 with 547 overall DPS while Bismarck has an AA rating of 62 with 374 overall DPS. This should mean the North Carolina will shoot down 46.3% more planes. Tho I have strayed far from my main point. Attacking BBs now will guarantee you losing planes. They say a CV is at its most deadly during late game but that is contradictory as it does and will lose planes attacking most surface targets, not to mention losing 5 Shokaku fighters to one Iowa catapult fighter, either 1) the AA is overpowered or 2) this RNG way of determining if something dies is flawed. Apologies to ManaTnT and TexJapan for using your names. Notice my 4th and 3rd fighter downed in back to back ticks. As a WG Dev stated here: Plane destruction probability for current tick (V) is V=100/T9100%/current ticks remaining). So destruction probability for each tick depends on: - Quantity of passed ticks - the less ticks remain, the more is probability A lot of the time a plane will be instantly deleted from the squad as it enters into an AA aura which is contradictory to the linear progression a squad is required to die. This is my speculation due to tick-barrage where every AA gun fires as the plane enters the aura, causing a huge amount of damage that the probability of a plane dying is huge. 0.5.12 and economyWhat really lead me to writing this is the fact that there is another nerf, this time on the economy of CV players. With the introduction of the new economy quoted “The fee for the ship repair is now completely replaced by a fixed service charge. This means that the cost will not depend on how much damage a player has received. Moreover, we have reduced the cost of replenishing the ammunition (or air group) for a number of ships.” On paper, it may sound like a buff to CVs but what has secretly happened is a nerf for competent players. CVs naturally are taxed high, require the most experience to go up the line, suffer a lot more drastically from being stock and have the worst exp modifier. With the new economy comes a new exp modifier. Players are now required to not only deal damage, but also spot and shoot down planes (they should have before as well), but the planes and spotting are now attributed into their existing modifier as shown below. Now, they get a worse exp rate, meaning all CVs will on average, receive less income, despite the “buffs”. Also a huge contradictory of spotting for your team in high tiers is the fact that DDs in T8-10 have AA which WILL shoot down planes. It is impossible to spot a DD for a prolonged amount of time due to their detection being lower than their AA firing range. The only real DDs which struggle to shoot down planes are IJN ones and even then, in prolonged times, will shoot down your planes. Conclusion and suggestionsI’m not asking for a simple buff this or nerf this solution, I am asking for a rework which is the only way to fix CVs. WG hints there is a rework but I fear if it will be successful or not based on these patches. Even I do not know how to properly fix CVs but there are definitely some things which needs to and can be fixed right now: PlayersA CV is more able to influence the tide of the battle and when you have a unicum player against an average player, one team already has a huge advantage. T8-10 CV Defensive fireIn no way does this need to last for 2 minutes. An “immune to planes” button is good as it doesn’t subtract one cruiser from the team but 2 minutes of immunity is just plain stupid. 30 seconds is plenty to suppress an attacking squad while you retract your fighters/launch your fighters. UIThe UI is what many CV players seem complain about but I believe it is fine. Small improvements could be made like setting macros but overall, it is complete. AutopilotThey really need to fix this as you will often find your carrier sailing right into the enemy or a position in which you did not order it to go. Air Supremacy skillThis skill has more weighting than say Concealment Expert or any 5 point skill as it gives squads a massive boost, not just a 1/7th or 1/5th boost. (Shokaku fighters gain like 50% more DPS). This is very unfair when you have one CV with the skill. AA Aura modifiersFighters engaged in combat against an enemy squad under ally AA should gain a DPS boost, not just a higher probability of it winning due to the combination of the AA. Believe me; I have a lot more to discuss about but ultimately, it is up to WG to fix it and the hope that they successfully do is slimmer than an IJN DD.
  12. Total re-thinking for CVs All aircraft can re-arm when they return to the carrier – to either a fighter loadout, bomber loadout or torpedo loadout. But only TB type planes can carry torps (we have a whole keyboard to toggle loadouts) All aircraft can engage in dogfights. So first, all carriers (for each tier) will have the same number off squadrons and planes per squadrons. CV players will choose their type of planes in port or by upgrade, some planes will be better at carrying torps while others will be better in dogfights. In battle a CV player might arm all his aircraft with a fighter loadout, fighters will be the best for this role but TBs will able to do this role too – with no torpedo. Or the player might arm with a strike loadout, fighter carrying bombs but they will be a little slower and less manoeuvrable Or with a balance loadout, the choice/tactic will be theirs in the field of battle. Depending on how the battle is playing out the player can re-arm his squadrons to suit All loadouts will affect the planes by weight/speed/engine power/aerodynamics One other idea is that bombers should have a high chance of a citadel hit with the bomb going down the funnel. Altogether this would break away from fixed carrier loadouts
  13. Here is a short guide I've done up about Carrier Positioning. I'll start off by saying this: This guide isn't a "You must do x and y to achieve z" kind of guide, its more guidelines based on my experience to further improve your CV gameplay and how to further benefit your team. So here is Chawp's guide to where to position your CV. Introduction: The overall message of this guide is short and simple: As a CV player, move your carrier along with the bulk of your team. Now I don't mean you should be fighting on the main battleline brawling it out with the CAs and DDs but be close enough to your team where you won't be spotted but able to provide mutual support for each other. Yes yes I can already here the cries of "BUT CHAWP I CAN DO THE SAME WHILE SITTING BEHIND AN ISLAND AT SPAWN". Not really, I'll explain this in a simple Pros and Cons format. Pros: 1. An Increase in potential DPM. No, your bombers don't just do 1000x extra damage just by staying near your team, what I mean by this is that it reduces the travel time for your bombers resulting in more sorties you can launch overall in a match. Think of it as a faster reload speed if you were in another ship. 2. Assistance from allies. We've all been there, a DD has snuck past our allies and is suddenly launching torps at us or the horde of an enemy CV's aircraft have been spotted making a B line to you. You cry for help but no one is close enough to offer you assistance and you sink to the bottom. Staying close to your allies alleviates this problem, friendly CLs/CAs are not only in range but are more incline to help you since they don't have to travel all the way back to spawn. 3. You become less of an ideal target for enemy CVs. Pretty straightforward. A CV by itself is an ideal target to Alpha strike with, however a CV under the cover of various CAs and BBs AA layer is a much more risky target. This would buy you much more time to find and eliminate the enemy CV especially if he/she is all by their lonesome. Cons. 1. Being close(er) to the enemy. Obviously being close to your team means the enemy is gonna find you faster if your team happens to get decimated. Always be aware of whats happening to the fleet and gauge when its a time to bug out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now I know a picture is worth more than a thousand words so here is an example on the map "New Dawn". Legend: Star = Your Carrier Triangle = Battlegroup (CAs/BBs e.t.c) Warning: Non-equally sized shapes and bad MSpaint skills. If the bulk of your team is heading towards the C point, you should position yourself around the star(either if your green, the closer one offers a more aggressive position). This should keep you close enough to target enemies that are attacking C whilst a far enough to not be spotted. If your team is winning C, start moving closer and eventually make your way up/down the right hand side of the map whilst maintaining the same-ish distance with your team. If your team has control of B feel free to get closer to the middle of the map so you can eventually send support to A if needed. If your team is heading towards A at the start of the game, then proceed to around the star shown. Keep an eye on whats happening at B, if the enemy seems to be winning B, decide whether or not to either push up closer to your team or fall back behind the island to avoid being detected by the enemy ships coming out of B. Once your team captured A and are pushing towards either B or the enemy spawn, you can either move up to the North West of the A islands if you are unsure about B or continue moving along the inner sides of the A islands. Needless to say, same theory applies to standard battles. Also, If people are interested I could do up some of these for other maps as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In conclusion, as mentioned at the start, this is more of a guideline based off my experiences, if you find yourself under fire from enemy ships, move back don't just stay in that area cause I told you so, be dynamic and react to the situation accordingly. Good luck to all you CV captains and hopefully this guide helps improve with your CV game.