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  1. USN 2nd CV line I am thinking to give this tech tree the following features: Average to subpar AA and secondary armament Bad armor but high speed and good concealment for the carrier itself High performance for each plane (High speed and HP, good damage output per plane) slow recast time and small numbers of reserves average number of planes per attack but small squadrons Attack aircraft-The planes launch a small number of strong rockets (Similar to tiny tims on Lexington/Midway) Torpedo bombers-Average torpedo performance but heavy payload per plane (Similar to TBs on Saipan or FDR but with a smaller squad and faster interval) Dive Bombers-Uses AP bombs. The bombs have low damage and low penetration but drops a lot of them. Dispersion/accuracy will be the same as the original USN CV line. (Thinking of something like Enterprise bombers) Tier IV USS Bogue Tier VI USS Independence Tier VIII USS Wright (Saipan Class) OR USS Yorktown Tier X USS Essex For the planes: ( In the order of Attacker, TB, DB) T4- F3F, TBD Devastator, SB2U Vindicator T6- F4F, TBD Devastator, SBD Dauntless (Stock) - F6F, TBF Avenger, SB2C Helldiver (Upgraded) T8- F4U, TBF Avenger, SB2C Helldiver (Stock) - F8F, AD-1 Skyraider, AD-1 Skyraider (Upgraded) T10- F8F, BTD Destroyer, BTD Destroyer (Stock) - TB2C Skypirate, TB2C Skypirate, TB2C Skypirate (Upgraded) IJN 2nd CV line Characteristics: Average AA and secondary armament Decent armor, speed and concealment for the carrier itself, and gets an armored deck from T8 (If we choose Shinano) High speed but low HP, average speed and damage output per plane Large Squad, lot of reserves, fast recast Does NOT carry attack aircraft TBs- Fast torpedoes dealing decent damage but with a long fuse activation distance. Drops a large number of them due to large squad (They will be similar to Kaga) DBs- Uses HE bombs that have high alpha damage and fire rate but drops a small number of them, unlike the original USN CV line. Its dispersion and accuracy will be same as AP bombers on the original IJN CV line (Thinking of something like E.Lowenhardt but less accurate) Tier IV Zuiho Tier VI Hiryu Tier VIII Shinano OR Akagi Tier X Taiho For the planes:(in the order of TB, DB) T4- B4Y Type 96, D1A Type 94 T6- B4Y, D1A (Stock) - B5N2 Type 97, D3A Type 99 (Upgraded) T8- B5N2, D3A (Stock) - B6N Tenzan, D4Y Suisei (Upgraded) T10- B7A Ryusei, B7A Ryusei (Stock) - C6N Saiun, A7M2 Reppu (Upgraded) I suggest this tree as most of them are very famous and I really want them to be added or to come back to the game. I will not write about the history of these ships and planes as most are in game now or before the CV rework apart from Shinano, Akagi, Wright and Yorktown. USS Wright was a Saipan class light aircraft carrier (CVL-49). It entered service February 1947. It was reclassified into a aircraft transport (AVT-7, in 1959) and to a command ship (CC-2, in 1963). It was stricken from the navy list December 1977 and was sold as scrap. Displacement 14,500 tons Length 208 m Beam 23.4 m Draft 8.5 m Speed 33 knots (61 km/h; 38 mph) Armament 40 × Bofors 40 mm guns Aircraft carried 42 aircraft USS Yorktown (CV-5) was the lead ship of Yorktown class (Hornet and Enterprise is already in game). It was launched April 1936 and it fought WW2. She participated in the battle of the coral sea. She's planes managed to strike Shokaku and deal severe damage to it with USS Lexington, but Yorktown also took heavy damage and was returned to Hawaii. Then she got repaired extremely fast and she played an important part in sinking 3 Japanese carries in the battle of Midway. However, Yorktown got sunk right after by IJN Hiryu's counterattack. IJN Akagi was the lead ship of the Akagi class (Kaga is in game). It was originally built as a Amagi class battlecruiser (In game) but it was converted. It was the flagship of the famous 1st air fleet also known as Daiiichi-Koku-Sentai. She took part in the attack of Pearl harbour and battle of Midway, where she was heavily damaged by USS Enterprise based dive bombers. Then she was scuttled by Japanese destroyers to prevent her from falling into enemy hands. Shinano was originally built as the 3rd ship of the famous Yamato class, but it was converted to an aircraft carrier. It was launched in October 1944 and was one of the largest CVs built in WW2. However it gets sunk right after its introduction struck by 4 torpedoes from an American submarine USS Archerfish at the 29th of November same year. I placed it in tier VIII because Taiho can carry much more planes (Shinano: 47 Taiho:65) and has better AA armament. Displacement 65,800 t Length 265.8 m Beam 36.3 m Draught 10.3 m Speed 28 knots Armament 8 × twin 12.7 cm (5 in) dual-purpose guns 35 × triple 2.5 cm (1 in) AA guns 12 × 28-barrel 12 cm (4.7 in) AA rocket launchers Aircraft carried 47
  2. ○前述 先日試験艦として実装されたAquilaがあるように、イタリアには完成はしなかったものの、案としての空母は結構ありました。 それらをツリーとして組む提案です。 ただ、全体的に改装開始時期が第二次大戦後期であるものが多く、艦載機が新しいものになるだろう。実際は陸上機転用で不明瞭だが。 全艦が改装空母であり、搭載機が少ない傾向もある。 このため、アメリカの空母サイパンのような扱いが、ツリー全体になされるのが良いのではないだろうか。 つまり、艦載機はTier不相応な程高性能だが、搭載数が少ない。 なお、本提案の4分の3をドイツが接収しており、If扱いでドイツ枠とすることも出来てしまう。 (イタリア人がどう思うかはさておき、ル・アルディ級駆逐艦がZF-6になった前例もあるし……) ○ツリー案 T4or6 空母スパルヴィエロ T4or6 重巡ボルツァーノ改装空母 T8   フランチェスコ・カラッチョロ級戦艦改装空母 (同型3番艦もしくは4番艦を候補とする) T10  戦艦インペロ改装空母 なんと4枠全部、計画のあった実在艦で構成できる。ソ連も計画案でツリーが組めたのだからイタリアも行けるだろう。 ただ同時に、Tierどれをどこに入れるのよと悩ましいものもあり、多少前後にずらしてT4かT10を架空枠にすることも検討が必要かもしれない。 大きさ的に、元がT8の戦艦を改装した空母であるインペロで他国のT10空母と渡り合えるのかという問題が大きく、よほど良い艦載機載せないとこのままではきついだろう。 ただ、Tier不相応な高性能の艦載機を少数という方針を最後まで徹底なのであれば、こうなるのか? が、空母だし重要なのは艦載機なのでやろうと思えばいけるだろう。 架空混ぜるにしてもプレ艦としても、選ばれなかった艦はイタリアドイツで別に期待ができる。 うち二隻に至ってはハイブリッド枠すら行けてしまう。 ○艦載機仕様案 上記の通り、改装空母Onlyの、しかも結構慌ててだったり予算不足が云々というのが調べてて目立つこともあり、だがどれもWW2後期案ばかり。 以上の理由から、高性能機少数搭載空母という傾向が良いものと考える。もしくは艦載機二種構成か。 そして「翔鶴」と「加賀」、「August von Parseval」と「Graf Zeppelin」の仕様が異なることを鑑みて、「Aquila」と多少なりと仕様が異なるべきだろう。 上記両艦共に艦載機も、APHEの配置違いもある。 イタリアの場合、Aquilaに爆撃機が無いそうだが、はてどうなることやら。 プレイヤーがこのツリーに期待する一番のポイントは、やはりSAPに尽きるだろう。 ロケット弾でやるか急降下爆撃でやるかはさておき、SAP搭載機は強く期待したい所。 火災を発生させられず、バイタルも抜けないが、安定したダメージとなるか。 駆逐艦等の小型艦キラーの最たる存在になるものと思われる。 大型艦相手も雷撃あるだろうし、ただ低速魚雷ゆえにどうなることか。長射程ではあるだろう多分。 Aquilaがテスト中で自分で使ってないこともありコメントし難い。 ○提案艦艇紹介 客船改装空母 スパルヴィエロ Sparviero 進水 1926年12月 就役 1927年11月(客船として) 接収 1942年 喪失 1944年 除籍 1951年 排水量 30,148トン 全長 202.43 m 全幅 25.24 m 速力 20.0ノット 「Aquila」と同時期に改装されていた客船改装空母。 改装の重点が「Aquila」であった都合、資材や時間を節約した緊急改装の簡易式空母。 ドイツに改造途中で接収され、自沈されている。 「Aquila」がT8で実装されたので、上記からT4かT6になるのであろう。 ただ同時に姉妹艦でもあり、艦載機が変わる理由になるとは思えず、同じ艦載機を搭載することになるのが良いのではないだろうか。 正直下の「Bolzano」とどちらを上にスべきか悩む。 排水量的にはこちらがT6なのだが、緊急改装やらあちらの対空特化やらがあって決めかねる。 重巡洋艦改装空母 ボルツァーノ Bolzano 起工 1930年6月1日 進水 1932年8月31日 就役 1933年8月19日 戦没 1944年6月22日 排水量 13,243t 全長 196.9m 全幅 20.6m 速力 35.0ノット 注:上記のスペックはあくまで重巡としてのものである。 イメージとしては、ドイツの「Weser」のイタリア版。 思えばイギリスもT6は巡洋艦改装空母の「Furious」である。こちらは実際に改造している上に時期もだいぶ早いが。 「Bolzano」は1942年にイギリスの潜水艦と戦闘にて被雷炎上し座礁。 修理の際に空母化改装案が発生し、実際に工事しているものの、計画二転三転により間に合わず。 史実においては修理中にドイツに接収されており、こちらも例によってドイツ枠にも出来る。 やってることとしてはベアルンに近い。つまり航空機輸送艦。着艦無理。 これも対空空母になるのだろうか。 兵装・艦橋構造物を全て撤去して90mm単装高角砲を10基搭載、艦前方2/3の部分に戦闘機12機を搭載可能な飛行甲板を設置するという想定だったらしいが、凄まじい対空性能にはなったのだろう多分。 航空巡洋艦化改装案も存在しており、イタリアのハイブリッド枠としての実装も可能なのかもしれない。 その場合は後部の砲塔などを撤去してカタパルト4基や格納庫などを設置。搭載機はメリディオナリRo51戦闘機12機の予定であった。 フランチェスコ・カラッチョロ級戦艦改装空母 Francesco Caracciolo 起工 1914年10月12日 工事中止 1916年3月 進水 1920年5月12日 売却 解体 1920年10月25日 排水量 29,400トン 全長 212.0m 全幅 29.6m 速力 28.0ノット 注:上記のスペックはあくまで戦艦としてのものである。 上記の画像をご覧の通り、ずばり本艦がWoWsにT7戦艦として実装されている。 2番艦の名前もT10で採用されている為、やるなら3番艦の「マルカントニオ・コロンナ(Marcantonio Colonna)」か4番艦の「フランチェスコ・モロジーニ(Francesco Morosini)」になるだろう。 それだと計画もなかったわけだが……まぁうん。 なお水上機母艦化計画も一応あったため……「伊勢」みたいなハイブリッドも行けた……のだろうか? 未完成の状態で解体されており、空母化改装案が出たぐらいのためエピソードが足りない。 本提案においては唯一ドイツに接収されていない。 Vittorio Veneto級戦艦改装空母 インペロ Impero 起工 1938年5月14日 進水 1939年11月15日 建造中止 1943年4月4日 ドイツ買収 1943年9月9日 解体 1949年 排水量 41300t 全長 232.4m 全幅 32.9m 速力 31ノット 注:上記のスペックはあくまで戦艦としてのものである。 上記の写真は長らく「Aquila」の物と思われていたが、研究の結果、「Impero」の空母化改装のモックアップ模型であったことが判明した。「Vittorio Veneto級戦艦」の3番艦が「Impero」である。 ちなみにこの模型はヴェニス海軍造船所美術館にある。 船体がT8というあたりをどう味付けするかはWG次第。順当にこの提案の通りに採用されるとT10になる。 本提案が高性能機少数搭載の方針のため、これでいけないことはないと思うのだが…… ソ連枠でT9戦艦「Sovetsky Soyuz」の船体を使ったT10空母「Admiral Nakhimov」という例もあるし、Tierもう一つ分なんとかする案を期待したい。 なお、VV級であるが、他三隻と比べ排水量等が上回るらしいものの出典不明の情報である。 他所のゲームだと装甲空母化してたりするがそちらも同様ソース不明。 例によってドイツに渡っているが、連合国の空襲で損傷、ドイツにより爆薬を仕掛け大破着底している。 その後浮揚させて移動させるも座礁やらなんやらで1年放置の後解体。 赤文字は管理者専用色のため編集させていただきました。 当トピックの編集を持ちまして厳重注意とさせていただきます。 今後ご投稿される際は、フォーラムガイドライン及びルールをよくご確認の上ご注意ください。 /Audit_Committee WoWS ASIA モデレーターチーム
  3. Majmac

    It Still Happens?

    I was in a Random yesterday when, about 15 minutes in, a Ranger CV on the Reds killed itself by a torpedo attack! I checked at the conclusion of the match and the match score showed a -1 in the ship kills column against the Ranger's name. I thought this could not happen anymore.
  4. Hi everyone! Could you please tell me why the Consumable action time can be last for 600s on CV's Fighter? I don't play CV much. Just see it today. Thanks for any comment. Regards,
  5. What are peoples opinions on the new rework with the Cv attack aircraft. My personal opinion is that there is always going to be pros and cons , the main con for me is the aiming system is a lot to get used to example what you can and can’t shoot how much lead you need ect ect. Pros are for DD especially is that we can’t farm anymore as it takes longer for an attack run and with the increased shot times makes it easier to evade. So there more of a target finder for your team as that’s a Cv job to provide AA cover and spot shoot when we can but keep ships spotted.
  6. INS_A57

    A bug in planes

    So, I was playing a match with my hosho. I had launched attack aircraft and then suddenly, they start rotating along their individual center and then I launch an attack run ,suddenly I got to the loading screen and then I see the teams.
  7. Bot_Leader

    Put odd Tier CV back

    After update 0.8.0 release. Odd tier CV has been removed. So, I have a Idea. put them to alternative Branch and change some Features. (Ex. U.S.A CV in alternative Branch use AP Bomb instead HE, IJN CV in alternative Branch use HE Bomb instead AP)
  8. Sooooooooo I've been thinking. I'm in the process of writing notes and things on CVs (as is my want at least once a year) and while someone has probably suggested or mused on the following, here are some of the more interesting ones... - CVs probably only need to provide spotting to a limited area around the planes, maybe 12-15km at most and minimap spot otherwise for cross-fire potential to be mostly eliminated. - DFAA probably only needs to have a slight change or tweak, give up some of it's direct damage buff for utility e.g. drop pattern spread OR increased AA short/mid range by something. - Any changes to CVs will probably necessitate buffs somewhere as spotting aside their only 'great' strength is their reach. This would be unpopular... - Flak to AA DPM ratios I swear are all over the place... ... - Planes don't lock onto targets like every other armament type Feel free to list your own/discuss...
  9. Greetings, fellow captains! I will be reviewing all premium aircraft carriers (CV) in World of Warships PC excluding Indomitable because it has not been released yet. I am going to start with Ark Royal first because she is a tier 6 CV. A. Technical & historical overview The first British aircraft carrier of the new generation. She was equipped with a continuous flight deck and modern equipment for aircraft landing and takeoff. She was infamous with the contribution of the sinking of Kriegsmarine BB Bismarck. B. Comparison with CV of same tier a) Plane hitpoint (HP) without another addition factor First of all, let’s have a look at the HP of planes of Ark Royal and the comparison with the other three CV of tier 6. Ark Royal uses tier 5 Blackburn Skua rocket plane (rocket attacker/RA) that has 1820 HP, making her the second tankiest rocket attacker among the other tier 6 CV. For the dive and torpedo bombers, she uses the tier 4 Fairey Swordfish having 1550 and 1500 HP respectively. These put her on par with the upgraded DB & TB modules on Ryujo. In an attacking flight, Ark’s DB & TB seem to have HP advantage over those on the other tier 6 CV except for Ranger’s upgraded DB. This is due to the fact that she brings 3 planes per strike run compared to the others; for example, Ryujo brings 2 TB per strike run compared to Ark’s 3. Needless to say, these hold true for the total HP of planes of the entire squadron. Ark has maximum 9 planes in a squadron compared to a maximum 8 for Ranger & Ryujo with Ranger’s DB having 9 planes per squadron. b) Hangar capacity From the beginning, Ark Royal has 14 planes of each type, summing up to 42 planes in total. For the rocket attackers (RA), Ark has the highest number of them compared to the other tier 6 CV. Meanwhile for the DB, she is on par with that of Ranger. Compared to the other tier 6 CV, she has the most number of TB just like the RA. Considering her planes are all downtiered, she is given more planes compared to the others. If Ark takes a squadron off her flight deck, she will have 5 spare of that type left. This is because she can have up to 9 planes in a complete squadron for each type of plane. To avoid losing too many planes in an initial attack, a player can do squadron shortening which I will discuss later in the recommended playstyle section. Squadron shortening is recommended in order to get a full squadron of planes in the follow-up attacks. c) Aircraft restoration time with Air Supremacy commander skill Aircraft Supremacy is a 1-point commander skill which reduces the aircraft restoration time by 5%. Based on Figure 5, Ark Royal’s planes have the shortest restoration time for all types of plane except for the DB which is the same as that of Ranger. This makes sense as her planes are all downtiered with RA being the only type of plane at tier 5 as the highest tier of plane that she has. Faster aircraft restoration means that she is unlikely to be deplaned fast compared to the other tier 6 CV such as her British counterpart, Furious which has the longest aircraft restoration time of all types of plane. However, this does not mean that a player should waste their planes to AA especially against tier 7 & 8 ships. d) Aircraft cruising & maximum speed The graphs in Figure 6 and 7 show the aircraft cruising & maximum speed respectively after taking Improved Engines commander skill which increases the plane cruising speed by 2.5%. For all types of plane, Ark Royal has the slowest planes out of all the other tier 6 CV. This is again because her planes are tier 4 biplane Swordfish. The TB & DB are the exact same plane used for Tier 4 Hermes‘ DB. Her planes are easily shot down by AA because the slower your planes in AA aura, the more AA damage they receive and the easier they get shot down. The planes also turn around very slowly in hostile AA aura. This is again why squadron shortening is required which will be discussed later. Since the RA are the fastest plane type, you can scout using them first and hurt enemy DD for initial attack. e) Strike planes i) Rocket attacker Ark Royal uses RP-3 60lb HE No! Mk.I rocket which is exactly the same rocket found on the upgraded RA module on Furious. Your strike loadout is 3 RA attack runs in a squadron with 3 planes each. One plane brings 4 rockets. Therefore, you have up to 12 rockets per strike just like Furious & Ranger. The maximum damage you could deal using one rocket is 1500. Just like Furious’ rocket, you can only penetrate up to 25 mm armor and have merely 5% base fire chance without modifiers. The rockets are good against DD but not so much against cruisers and BB unless if you hit their non-saturated superstructure for that slight fire chance. The aiming reticule is small, circular-shaped just like Furious’ and Ryujo’s rockets. ii) Dive bomber Ark Royal has 40lb G.P. bombs which are the same bombs found on tier 4 CV Hermes. The drop reticule is also fairly small like that of Hermes, allowing precise drop on small targets such as DD. Just like the other Royal Navy CV, Ark also uses carpet bombing technique but the bombs drop faster unlike Furious which drops bombs from slightly higher altitude. The strike loadout is 3 strike runs per squadron with 3 planes per strike run and 8 bombs per strike. Thus, she can drop up to 24 bombs in a run compared to 12 on Furious and 3 on Ranger. As shown in Figure 10, 11 and 12, Ark’s bombs have the least maximum damage per bomb, lowest penetration capability of merely 18 mm of armor and lowest chance of setting targets on fire. Indeed, they are that bad! Most of the time, you will only get shatters on BB especially those of higher tiers than her. The fire chance is not even great that you need to use Demolition Expert commander skill and fire combat signals just to increase that 9% fire chance. The bombs are only good for DD hunting because they drop accurately and as fast as rockets. It is like almost a guaranteed death if a DD player is up against a skilled Ark Royal player with those fatally accurate bombs, providing that the Ark player knows how to lead the bombs. iii) Torpedo bomber Once more, Ark Royal utilizes the same torpedo from Hermes which is Mark VIII that deals up to 5200 damage per torp with 45% base flooding chance. Compared to Ryujo’s and Ranger’s torpedo, Ark Royal’s deals the least damage per unit only to be tied with that of Furious. However, here comes Ark’s torpedo advantage over the others of her tier. Instead of dropping two torpedoes per attack, Ark can drop up to three in her 3 attack runs per squadron and 3 planes per attack run. As shown in Figure 14, her torpedo potential damage per attack run is the highest among the other tier 6 CV at 15600 damage. Based on Figure 15, Ark is second after Ryujo in term of torpedo damage potential in a full squadron despite having one more TB in a a squadron compared to the latter. This is because Ryujo has massive torpedo alpha damage per unit to begin with. Just like the other Royal Navy CV of tier 6 and above, Ark Royal torpedoes have converging drop pattern. With Torpedo Acceleration commander skill, her torpedoes move at 40 knots with merely 1.9 km range just like Furious‘ as shown in Figure 16. This is to avoid any cross-dropping attempt such as trying to drop from behind and then from the side. Enemy ships might be able to outrun torpedoes dropped from behind especially DD & CL/CA with high speed. An attempt for follow-up drop from the side is not a great option either because the TB squadron flies and rotates slowly that some of them might be taken down by AA during the attempt. Even with TA skill, her torpedoes have 376 m activation distance which means that player can drop them really close to the enemy ships so that they have more chance of hitting the latter. f) Secondaries Ark Royal is equipped with eight turrets of dual 113 mm/45 Mk III UD secondary guns which shoot every 5 seconds, dealing 1600 maximum damage per hit. Their 4 km minimum range is the same as those of other tier 6 CV except for Ranger which has extra 0.5 km of range. There is nothing special with these secondaries because 4 km range is short and her secondary shells can only penetrate up to 18 mm of armor. There is no worth of speccing into her secondaries because it is not the way a CV should be played usually. g) Anti-air Long range AA = 0.1 – 5.8 km Long range aura damage per second = 94.5 dps (100% hitrate) AA explosions within far range AA = 4 flaks with 1190 damage each Medium range AA = 0.1 – 2.5 km Medium range aura damage per second = 231.0 dps (100% hitrate) Short range AA = 0.1 – 1.5 km Short range aura damage per second = 38.5 dps (95 % hitrate) It could be said that Ark Royal has mediocre AA at her tier. She is equipped with four quadruple 2-pounder 40 mm guns and eight quadruple .50 inch miniguns as her AA armaments. Together with 4 carrier-based fighters that patrol the hull within 3 km range for 10 minutes, she could take down any enemy planes that attempt to CV-snipe her. However, player should always move her hull to minimize hits by enemy plane-borne torpedoes. h) Hull hit point Based on Figure 18, Ark Royal is the second tier 6 CV having the most HP at 44500. Survivability Expert commander skill is intended to increase the HP her planes. As a good effect of it, Ark’s hull has extra 2100 HP, giving her a total of 46600 HP in total. Nevertheless, the extra HP does not mean that her player should get into enemy’s line of sight and tank damage like all the other BB should. i) Maximum concealment by sea & air Ark Royal has the worst concealment among the other tier 6 CV. Her huge concealment is reasonable if she is assigned as a tier 7 CV but unfortunately, CV has been removed from odd tier after the CV rework. In a small map of 36 km × 36 km size such as Straits & New Dawn, she can be easily detected by enemy ships. It is worth taking Concealment Expert commander skill as one of her skill to reduce her massive concealment down to 12.57 km. Obviously, her player should always mount camouflage for extra 3% concealment reduction. Since she is a premium ship with permanent camouflage, her player should always enable the camo auto-resupply. j) Hull speed, rudder shift & anti-torpedo bulge protection Being a British CV, Ark Royal boasts a fast speed among the other tier 6 CV at 31 knots without speed combat signal. She is merely 0.5 knots slower than Furious. The drawback is her long rudder shift time at 12.8 s which makes her the sluggiest tier 6 CV at dodging shells and torpedoes. Unlike Ranger and Ryujo, she has a good anti-torpedo bulge which gives her 28% torpedo damage reduction. This does not mean that she is made to tank torpedoes because if she does, she would be sunk too eventually. k) Squadron’s patrol fighter consumable There is nothing special with the summon fighter consumable on Ark Royal. Just like the other tier 6 CV, one patrol fighter squadron only has up to three fighters that rotate within 2.5 km radius in exactly one minute. One attacking squadron can only spawn up to 3 patrol fighter consumable with 10 seconds reload between each summon. The summon fighters are only useful during late game to protect the remaining surviving ships in the team and to spot enemy DD for easier aim using bombers/rocket attackers. C. Recommended build Consider taking the following commander skills in order of the numbers shown. First of all, take Aircraft Supremacy for 5% faster aircraft restoration time. Secondly, take Improved Engines first rather than Swift Fish because Ark Royal’s planes are really slow by default so 2.5% faster speed is important to reduce contact time with AA. Next, take Aircraft Armor and Survivability Expert for extra durability during planes exposure with AA and to increase the plane health by 150 HP each. Do not switch the order these two skills because 10% continuous AA damage reduction is more important than having extra HP on planes, making your slow planes to survive slightly longer in AA aura. For the fifth skill, pick Enhanced Aircraft Armor for 25% damage reduction from AA flaks. Ark Royal’s squadrons are big with 9 planes each; combined with sluggish squadron handling due to being tier 4 biplanes for DB and TB, it can be really challenging to avoid AA flak clouds especially those generated by ships of higher tiers. With this skill being picked, you will take less AA flak damage by 25%. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to dodge those pesky AA flaks because that’s a really bad gameplay, leading to your own demise by deplaning yourself faster. For the sixth skill, take Swift Fish for 5% faster torpedo speed. Starting from update 0.10.0, this skill gives percentage-based bonus instead of flat 5 kts faster torp speed. Therefore, her torpedo speed is increased to 37 knots. Be reminded that it also lenghtens the torp arming distance by a few meters. However, this effect is negligible because even with this skill, the arming distance is not overly long that will affect the torpedo bomber aim. Seventh, take Demolition Expert for 5% extra fire chance for bombs and 1% extra fire chance for rockets. The last three skills are needed to maintain the speed of the planes when flying to the targets and attacking them. The order is not really important. Upgrade-wise, you should consider taking the following. Torpedo Bomber Modification I is important to add extra 5 seconds to the default 10 seconds of TB aiming time. Once the torpedo attack path has reached maximum converging pattern, you can maneuver the flight path of the TB during aiming without resetting the cone drop path. This is a feature available only for UK CV and FDR. If you have extra 5 seconds of aiming time, you can start aiming earlier at approximately 4.5-5 km from enemy ship after dodging the first wave of AA flaks. Then you can maneuver the TB according to how the targeted enemy ship moves. Being able to have longer torpedo aiming time is really helpful because when the TB squadron is already committed in an aiming run, the planes in the reserve group will not be affected by AA flaks thus ensuring that the reserve group will last longer as sacrificial planes. Torpedo Bombers Modification II is essential because the TB plane has the least HP and most of the time, you will end up fighting against ships of tier 7 & 8 with insane AA that could easily shoot down tier 4 Swordfish planes. By having TBM II, your slow TB squadron might live slightly longer in overlapping AA of multiple ships. D. Recommended playstyle and tips The playstyle differs based on enemy composition and the tier of the match you get into. If you are the top tier in the match and there are only up to two DD per team, you can start with DB first. Find the enemy DD to be shot by your teammates and at the same time, use your precise carpet bombs to hurt them. Smart enemy DD will always turn off their AA to avoid early detection by your planes. If this happens, you can summon your fighters to spot them so that you know where they are heading to for leading your bombing run. If you are familiar with Hermes’ bombing, then you should have no problem hitting DD with Ark’s bombs. Always drop slightly in front of the DD for about ½ of the DD’s total length. If the enemy DD is using speed boost, aim further than usual. Always accelerate using the engine boost while you are doing the bombing run. If you end up in a tier 7 or 8 match with 3 or more DD per team, always start with rocket planes. Even without any DD in the match, start to spot using RA first. Your DB is considerably precious that you cannot waste them too early in the match. For DB and TB, always do squadron shortening. This is done by dropping the payloads of your first strike run into the ocean/terrain so that you will have 8 out of 9 planes in the next squadron. Do not simply use the same type of plane unless if you are playing in weekly Scenario. For the DB, your main target is of course DD and soon submarines when they will be released. If you are going to drop the bombs on cruiser or BB, always drop on the superstructure. Although the bombs will shatter most of the time, just pray so that the good RNG is with you so that your enemy catches a fire or two from those bombs. For the TB, your main targets are isolated capital ships which are BB and CV of which you should never attack the latter first. Start your attack run roughly within 4 to 3 km from your target. If you have TBM I installed instead of AAM I, you can start the attack run from 5 km, allowing your attacking flight to fly below the AA flaks 5 seconds longer than 10 seconds by default. Always speed up during your attack run because at 100.4 knots of cruising speed, you might miss your target completely. Do not hesitate to use the Engine Cooling consumable if you run out of engine boost during your attacking run. Try not to turn within the AA range of enemy ships because all of your planes turn too slow that a lot of them will be taken down during the turn! After attacking a target with TB, you can look for another target especially isolated BB for a chained drop. If there is nobody else, turn around after the TB are completely out of the AA range of the previous target. E. Skill floor, skill ceiling, and team carry potential Ark Royal is fairly forgiving for everyone who is new into CV. The short plane restoration time as shown in Figure 5 means that any player should never be effectively deplaned in the late game unless if they intentionally hit the AA flak bursts multiple times in successive runs. This does not mean that a player should waste their planes by attacking enemies who are clumped together, creating massive AA blobs. Plane quantity management should be taken into practice while playing in tier 7 and 8 matches especially. If you are an average or decent CV player in general, Ark might limit your effectiveness in the game even after you have mastered her. As a top tier ship, you have medium to high carry potential due to your decent strike capability. Unfortunately, you have low carry potential in tier 7 or 8 battles due to ridiculous AA versus plane’s survivability difference. Most of the time as bottom tier CV, you will only be able to spot enemy ships from a distance if you do not want to lose your planes for late game usage. F. Should you buy this premium CV? For Random battle Definitely not. Ark Royal is heavily punished by -1/+2 matchmaking that you will always face enemies of tiers higher than you. If you consider yourself an average or lower-than-average CV player in general who are barely able to line up perfect strikes against targets of good or decent AA, this CV is not for you. Do not bother buying her if you are going to play only in Random! Enemy ships of higher tiers will happily take down your planes for easy AA Defense Expert achievement. For Ranked/Competitive Individual-skill-dependant. Ark Royal is barely viable for Ranked only if you know the basic of CV. If you have zero knowledge about reworked CV gameplay or is literally bad at it, do not bring this CV to ranked. Bring other ship type that you are already a master of! In a Ranked or Competitive battle where CV is allowed, always expect the others to have AA-spec setup or at least decent AA to fend off against aircrafts. In Ranked, your only task as Ark Royal is to hunt DD with your rockets and carpet bombs; spotting them for your team and defending cap is your main priority. Other than that, have fun hunting Normandie or stock Bayern with meh AA while having your downtiered planes taken down by any cruiser. For Scenario Totally worthwhile. If you are going to grind for decent credit or collecting elite commander experience (ECXP) using a 19-point commander, Ark Royal is good for you regardless of your skill level. All tier 6 Scenarios other than Defense of the Naval Newport are good for Ark Royal. Bring all the economic or special signals that you have to maximize your credit/exp/commander exp net outcome. Since she is a premium CV, you could gain decent credit even without those extra modifiers as long as your team and you manage to complete the Scenario with 5 stars. If you are going to learn playing CV or just simply want to use CV in Scenario for combat missions, then Ark Royal is appropriate for you. In conclusion, I would say that it is not worth to buy this ship for Random battles due to the frequent uptier to tier 7 or 8. If you are going to buy her solely for Scenario or Coop battle, go on. If you are a competent or a unicum CV player who could dodge AA flaks well and be patient with super slow planes in heavily concentrated AA auras, she might be worth of you. If you are just a historical ship collector due to her involvement in major historical events such as the sinking of the Bismarck, then just get her and let her be a port queen. Last but not least, you can also buy her if you are a weeeeeeeeb and love her in Kancolle/Azur Lane that you must own her in WoWs too. G. Final verdict Garbage = Completely inept and critically in need of several buffs to make her relevant. Mehbote = Average ship. Has strengths and drawbacks. A couple of buffs are needed to make her slightly advantageous. Gudbote = A strong ship that has apparent competitive strengths and unique features that make it very pleasing. OVERPOWERED = A ship with very clear benefits over all of its same tier competitors and unbalancing the game with its presence Yes, she is pretty meh in my humble opinion. A couple of buffs or adjustments are needed to make her viable in Random. She should have special matchmaking restriction of which she should always be the top tier in Random instead of fighting against tier 7 and 8. Alternatively, just make her a tier 4 CV with lower alpha damage per torpedo. On the other hand, player should be given the choice to use an alternate DB module that utilizes Furious’ bombs for better armor penetration by keeping her slow tier 4 DB and the same bomb ellipse as that of Furious. If one could say that Saipan is a tier 10 CV in disguise of tier 8 CV, Ark Royal is the complete opposite of that as she is a tier 4 CV masquerading as a tier 6 CV. H. Special thanks zDeviousXp Proofreader Aiharaterumi Raw data collector [TENGO]Kitsune_Ivy Provider of screenshot of glorious Ark Royal P/S: I am not LittleWhiteMouse.
  10. I have some suggestions about Commander system in wows It's very important that new commander system makes CV players feel so bad. The AA increase skill is too cheaper that every CA CL will pay 2points to get it。even Des moines takes every AA increase skills will get about 1500AA damage in 1s when she use AA Consumables That's not the worst., when 3-4 ships pushing together, CV may couldn't attack because of the explosions everywhere。I think the AA explosions weaken-33%is uselessful because the damage standard is fucking huge So please observe more and think about it again Thanks for watching
  11. 1.介绍: 在2020年11月12日下午16:19(UTC+9),我使用德国十阶空母Manfred von Richthofen进行了一场随机战斗,出现了弹药费远远小于应当支付的弹药费的情况。 2. 重现过程: 未知,请查看replay文件。 3.发生的结果: 在Credits and XP的结算页面的弹药费一栏中,被击落飞机24架弹药费38400银币。 4. 预期结果: 在Credits and XP的结算页面的弹药费一栏中,被击落飞机74架弹药费118400银币。 5. 技术细节: 截图与录像文件wowsreplay放在附件中(如下) 回放:20201112_161905_PGSA110-Manfred-Richthofen_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay 截图:
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    71 = 2x Air Defense Expert +1 planes. Two enemy T8 CV, one was Kaga. Buffed USN DD DFAA + Kaga planes = GG.
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  14. G'day Folks So a nice fellow by the name of mcgibe on NA forums has done up a bit of a look at Commonwealth CVs and in general a discussion about Commonwealth. It's an interesting post and somehow the floupies haven't got their hands on it yet (probably too much scrolling for them...) lol. See what you think, @Earl_of_Arland I thought of you with this one. Those with NA accounts, maybe we can get some noise happening in the thread? https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/227271-commonwealth-lines-proposal/ TLDR; OP was suggesting a boom-and-zoom style of play for Commonwealth CVs, with a modified transport ship at T4 and some adjustments to my proposed line... I think it might actually work within the new Air Detection system but I'm still far more biased towards ASW/utility, particularly in view of WG hinting at 'support CVs'. Key part of the post (please go and show mcgibe some love on NA forums, he's put a lot of work into it!): Now I am well aware of how controversial carriers are, and like Sapper said in his video, it probably shouldn't be added anytime soon. However, contrary to popular belief, Commonwealth navies did operate aircraft carriers, though most were in operation mid-late war and during the cold war. To me, they represent the rapid development of Commonwealth navies during the second world war, and have quite a few unique aircraft that could be proposed for some of the carriers on this list. For a ship or an aircraft to have to make it onto my list, it had to be majority crewed by a Commonwealth nation, and/or the aircraft that were both in service with their respective nation and had to feasibly have been able to be carried by said ship (there may be an exception or two with the proposed tier 4). If there are better suggestions for either a ship or aircraft that I didn't include in this proposal, definitely let me know. For the CV gameplay itself, I wanted to settle on a "Boom and zoom" playstyle where it was a high risk, but high reward style of gameplay. I really had fun playing the pre bait-and-switch Graf zeppelin, and I wanted to try and recreate the gameplay of that ship within this line. The main idea is to have the aircraft be some of the fastest at their tier, dropping a low number of high alpha munitions. The biggest downsides of the carriers would be their nonexistent healthpool, tiny squads, small carrier plane reserves, and the CV's complete lack of self defense armament. The rockets have unusually low damage and fire chance compared to the bombs and torpedoes, the torpedoes are quite slow, and the bombers have a wide drop circle and long attack prep times, but they drop like Kaga's bombers do, with a high pitch up, and then a long, flat dive towards the target. On top of that, starting from tier 8, they'll have access to the new Air Dropped Smoke consumable, which will help the ships greatly in assisting their team while adding a new element to CV gameplay. This makes the line overall very good at striking large and lonely capital ships, but heavily punishes the CV player for misplays such as flying into a large group of ships, or remaining in a shups continuous AA bubble. Aircraft Carriers: Tier IV: Proposed C2 Transport conversion (Halifax or Alice Springs good names?) A proposed conversion of the type C2 class of United states cargo transports into escort carriers, these ships had the potential to serve in either the RCN or RAN. Like many of her contemporaries, she lacks speed, secondary armament, and hangar size. Speed: 16 kts Aircraft carried: 20, 4 reserve Attack aircraft: 4 per squad, 2 per attack: Bristol Bulldog (RAN), Armstrong Witworth Siskin (RCN) Torpedo aircraft: 6 per squad, 2 per attack: Westland Wapiti (RAN, RCN), Hawker Demon (RAN) Dive bomber aircraft: 6 per squad, 2 per attack: Westland Wapiti (RAN, RCN), Hawker Demon (RAN) Quick Summary: Out of all the carriers proposed on this list, this ship is probably the biggest stretch in the entire proposed tech tree. For the ship itself, I based it off the proposed American conversion of the C2 cargo ships. Many of the older carrier conversions were based on tankers or cargo ships, and quite a few were sold over to the British under the lend lease program (later named the ruler class by the British). These lend lease ships were sometimes transferred to British commonwealth nations (as with the next t6 choice). Aircraft Relevance: For the aircraft, I decided to add inter-war aircraft that were as relevant as I could find. I split her aircraft into either RAAF or RCAF proposals, depending on which nation this ship would have been leased to from Britain (either Australia or Canada). For fighters, I chose the Bristol Bulldog for the RAAF, and the Armstrong Siskin for the RCAF. In terms of dive bombers and torpedo bombers, I chose the Westland Wapiti which was operated by both the RCAF and RAF, and the Hawker Demon which was a prominent Aussie light bomber in the interwar period. I felt like each was the best option to fit said interwar time period. Relevance of the ship: Now I understand that this ship is a big stretch to add in, but it's one of the only few paper ship proposals and the only paper ship in this proposed line. Honestly, if anyone else has a better idea for a tier 4 commonwealth carrier, I'll gladly take it. This is just theory crafting at the end of the day. Tier VI: Nabob (RCN) The first ever aircraft carrier to be majority crewed by the Royal Canadian Navy, Nabob was a modified Bogue-class escort carrier supplied to the Royal navy under the lend-lease program. Apart rom the aircrew, the ship was entirely operated by the Royal Canadian Navy for the specific purpose of Anti Submarine Warfare. During Operation Goodwind, Nabob was torpedoed by the submarine U-354, but remained afloat and was able to limp back to Scapa Flow. Damaged beyond repair, she was run aground in the River Clyde and later scrapped. Speed: 18 kts Aircraft carried: 28, 10 reserve Attack aircraft: 6 per squad, 2 per attack: Vought F4-U Corsair, Curtiss Kittyhawk, Bristol Beaufighter Torpedo aircraft: 6 per squad, 3 per attack: Avro Anson, Bristol Beaufighter Dive Bomber aircraft: 6 per squad, 2 per attack: Avro Anson, Bristol Beaufighter Quick summary: This is where things get interesting for commonwealth carriers and their flavor starts to stand out. While Nabob is still slow with weak amour and secondaries, it's her aircraft that really make her shine. Unlike her predecessor's aircraft, the aircraft on Nabob are much faster than the rest at her tier, but lack health and effective munitions to deal with destroyers. While her rocket planes are fast, the weapons they carry are incredibly lackluster with bad alpha damage, penetration, and a larger ellipse than her competitors. This will start to become a common trend throughout the rest of the tree. Things shift for the better for her Bombers and Torpedo Bombers. While both have relatively low health when compared to their counterparts, the dive bombers have improved speed, alpha damage (though low fire chance), and accuracy. The torpedo bombers don't have the same speed yet, but the torpedoes they carry have relatively good punch and speed, compensating for the low number that they drop. Aircraft Relevance: Ok, so the selection of aircraft to choose at this tier was pretty broad, unlike tier 4. For attack aircraft, I chose both historically equipped ones such as the corsairs historically carried, and aircraft operated by the RCAF such as the Beaufighter and the Kittyhawk. Torpedo and dive bombers are where it gets interesting in terms of aircraft. The Avro Anson was technically not a carrier borne aircraft, but I feel that unless its a completely irrational aircraft, such as something like a B-17 or a Lancaster, it should be fine. The Anson was used in both maritime patrol and as a light bomber, so I feel it could work fine in game from a historical and functional point of view. The Bristol Beaufighter was also a good pick, since it was historically a generalist and could carry both bombs and torpedoes. The Beaufighter was also historically relevant, being used throughout the war and with many commonwealth nations, especially Canada and Australia. Relevance of the ship: Nabob, and her sister ship Puncher, were the first ever carriers to be operated by and commonwealth nation. They are a stark example of the rapid militarization of the commonwealth nations during world war 2. While it may be a stretch to place a modified Bogue class at tier 6, the historical significance of the ship and the aircraft proposed make up for it in my mind. Tier VIII: Vengeance (RAN) one of the 1942 light fleet carriers, later known as the Colossus-Class light fleet carriers, Vengeance was designed to be a fast escort carrier that didn't sacrifice it's aircraft complement in exchange. Vengeance was assigned to task force 111, but was too late to see service in world war 2. She was, however, used as the venue for the Japanese surrender at Hong Kong. The ship was transferred to the RAN in June of 1951 and was the first carrier to be commissioned into the RAN. In game, she reflects a shift in commonwealth carriers from slow converted tankers with a large detection radius, to faster, stealthy, and relatively smaller escort carriers. However, she lacks any secondary armament whatsoever, and her AA suite isn't that impressive when compared to other carriers at her tier. Speed: 27 knots Aircraft carried: 34, 13 reserve Attack aircraft: 6 per squad, 2 per attack: Hawker tempest, Bristol Beaufighter, CAC Kangaroo (air dropped smoke, action time: 5 sec, duration: 40 sec, cannot conceal CV's) Torpedo aircraft: 9 per squad, 3 per attack: Vultee A35 Vengance, De Hallivand Mosquito, Bristol Beaufighter, CAC Woomera Dive Bomber aircraft: 6 per squad, 2 per attack: Vultee A35 Vengance, De Hallivand Mosquito, Bristol Beaufighter, CAC Woomera Quick (not really) Summary: Vengeance improves on where Nabob left off, both in terms of aircraft and the hull they launch from. Compared to many of her tier mates, she has improved speed, greatly improved detection (better than some battleships), and improved armor overall, though no armored flight deck like her British counterparts, so don't expect to survive constant shellfire like her contemporaries. She does have some big negatives however, as one large one is her complete lack of secondary armament. Historically, the Colossus-Class had no secondary armament whatsoever, and the ship should reflect that. And while the carrier will have access to the carrier borne fighter consumable, her AA suite is also unimpressive, with lackluster range (due to no large caliber AA such as DP guns) and lower DPS in the outer rings Finally, and one of the biggest drawbacks of the line, she has quite a low number of planes in reserve with a measly 13. This means that losing your already fragile planes can be much more punishing than losing planes in an American or Japanese carriers. This starts to give the high tier commonwealth carriers a unique playstyle of "playing with fire" where they can push closer to the front line to increase their aircraft turnaround time and attack efficiency when positioned right, but heavily punishes mispositioning and encounters with other enemies. Moving over to her aircraft, the biggest change from previous ships is that Vengeance's aircraft have access to air dropped smoke, and this is quite a gamechanger for a carrier. instead of a selfish playstyle mostly relegated to hounding larger lonely targets, this smoke adds a huge new teamplay element. If your cruiser is caught out, if your destroyer is yolo'ing, if your battleship is being focus fired or is overextended, a well timed smoke drop could be a lifesaver. It adds a huge new element in teamplay that carriers are so lacking in right now. The only thing that separates these smoke screens from any other smoke in the game is that they cannot conceal an aircraft carrier. This is to prevent stupid situations of the aircraft carrier being able to constantly hide themselves from the enemy team and play selfishly. With that out of the way and moving on to the planes themselves, the divide between speed and health becomes even more apparent than in the previous tier. Her torpedo bombers now sport the 3x3 squads common with tier 8 carriers but otherwise, her loadout is quite similar to Nabob. For the attack aircraft, the word "attack" really shouldn't apply, as their rockets are hands down the worst at their tier, with low penetration, bad alpha, and terrible fire chance. The only saving grace of her attack aircraft is their speed and air dropped smoke consumable. These should not be used to deal damage, but rather for dropping smoke screens for the team or scouting cruisers and battleships. Fortunately, her bombers and torpedo bombers manage to more than make up for her attack aircraft. Her torpedo bombers and dive bombers continue the trend of fast planes with high alpha damage, but weak health pools and small squadrons. Air dropped bombs deal high amounts of damage with a an ok chance of setting fires, but have a wide ellipse and low amount of bombs dropped to compensate. Her torpedoes are improved when compared to Nabob however, as while they are some of the slowest at their tier, their alpha damage is no joke. Aircraft Relevance: There were definitely a whole lot of options here. From aircraft that were homegrown ideas and those that were produced in Australia, to those that served in large numbers in the RAAF and those that were the most relevant to becoming carrier-borne aircraft. Since her historical aircraft were cold war jets and helicopters, most of the suggestions I put up were down to some theory crafting and Wargaming logic of changing history, but that's ok since this isn't a historically accurate game. Not being sarcastic at all. For Attack aircraft, the Tempest and Beaufighter were both mid to late war aircraft that were in service with the RAAF. Both are relatively well known and feasible in regards to armament and max speed. The CAC Kangaroo is a little bit different from the other two, since it didn't actually see service with the RAAF, but was a wholly designed and built Australian aircraft intended to serve in the air force, but the project was cancelled due to the rise of jet fighters. Torpedo Bombers and Bombers had a lot more options to choose from. Again the Beaufighter is always a good choice, but as another alternative option, the De Hallivand Mosquito was an incredibly effective carrier-borne fighter bomber and relatively famous as well. Two other options that were built and operated in Australia were the A35 Vengeance and the CAC Woomera. For the A35, the variant was a licensed built Australian version of the American Vultee A31 Vengeance and saw service in the RAN, though were reportedly ineffective in their roles. The CAC Woomera was developed in parallel to the CAC Kangaroo. Designed and prototyped in Australia, the fighter bomber was cancelled due to the rise of jet aircraft in the early 50s. Relevance of the ship: Vengeance was, to my knowledge, the Aussies first purpose built aircraft carrier. She had some history behind her during the end of ww2 and was the ship where Japan's surrender at Hong Kong was signed. Melbourne was supposed to be the first carrier in the Aussies service, but she was delayed and Vengeance was rushed in as a stopgap. I chose her over her replacement, HMAS Melbourne, because she belonged to the earlier colossus class which should be the natural progression of the line, and again, since it was the very first aircraft carrier in RAN service. Tier X: Project Habbaku... er.. Bonaventure (RCN) The last aircraft carrier in service with the Royal Canadian navy, Bonaventure belonged to the powerful Majestic-Class of escort carriers, which were themselves a modified Colossus-Class (modifications included a mirror landing aid, angled flight deck, and a steam catapult). Initially laid down as HMS Powerful, Bonaventure was purchased and renamed by the Royal Canadian Navy in 1952 as a replacement for the current HMCS Magnificent. Remaining in service for 18 years until 1970, she led her own ASW Hunter-Killer group in the North Atlantic off of Canada's coast and participated in numerous NATO exercises during the early and later years of the cold war. In game, Bonaventure represents the pinnacle of the commonwealth aircraft carrier line, and lives and dies by it's style of play. While she carries over Vengeance's lack of secondary armament and AA firepower, her concealment and speed are greatly improved so as to make her one of the stealthiest and fastest carriers at T10. In regards to aircraft, their stats are quite extreme as well, being some of the fastest aircraft in the game with some of the hardest hitting ammunition, but with the lowest hitpoints and largest turning circle in the game. Speed: 30 knots Aircraft carried: 40, 16 reserve Attack aircraft: 6 per squad, 2 per attack: Hawker Sea Fury, De Hallivand Vampire (air dropped smoke, action time: 5 sec, duration: 60 sec, cannot conceal CV's) Torpedo aircraft: 9 per squad, 3 per attack: Bristol Beaufort, Fairchild Bolingbroke, Hawker Sea Fury (air dropped smoke, action time: 5 sec, duration: 50 sec, cannot conceal CV's) Dive Bomber aircraft: 9 per squad, 3 per attack: Bristol Beaufort, Fairchild Bolingbroke, Hawker Sea Fury (air dropped smoke, action time: 5 sec, duration: 50 sec, cannot conceal CV's) Quick Summary: Alright so we've finally got to the cream of the crop at tier 10 with Bonaventure. The aircraft she carries are extreme stats wise, with the fastest aircraft at tier 10 and some of the largest alpha damage on her bombs and torpedoes. The major downsides of these aircraft are their abysmal heathpools, small number of squadrons, lack of aircraft reserves and refresh times, and terrible turning radius. Because of these traits, her aircraft tactics are best described as "boom and zoom", blasting through AA in order to strike single ships efficiently. This doesn't mean that her aircraft can take on large groups of ships though, as their horrible hitpoints, tiny squads, and huge turning circles means that while attacking lone ships is quite effective, attacking overlapping AA bubbles is incredibly punishing as while you blast through one bubble, it's kind of "out of the frying pan and into the fire" when you drop one ship and slingshot into another's AA. Moving on to the aircraft first, her attack aircraft refine the playstyle of their predecessors, while amplifying their weaknesses. Being the fastest attack aircraft in the game, these aircraft are great for early game spotting on large enemy ships, but that's unfortunately where the good news stops. Despite being two tiers higher than Vengeance, the rockets Bonnie's fighters carry are arguably worse tier for tier with that same horrid alpha, same garbage pen, and the same low fire chance. Each aircraft does carry a larger amount than found on Vengeance, but these planes should not be dealing damage. Instead, their best use is their formerly mentioned scouting, and their improved air dropped smoke consumable, making the aircraft the best support squads in the game. Fortunately for her rocket planes, Bonnie's torpedo and dive bombers really come into their own here. Like the fighters, her bombers and torp bombers are the fastest at their. But while her the fighters weaponry is lackluster, the other two squads are far from that. Starting with the bombers, the munitions they drop are nothing to scoff at, with some of the best HE alpha at tier. The downsides of these weapons however, is their mediocre fire chance, low number of dropped bombs, and large drop ellipse so missed munitions are going to hurt more than on any other carrier. The torpedoes her TB's drop also have some of the best alpha at tier and you drop quite a few, but are much harder to aim properly due to their terrible speeds. Both squads do have access to the air dropped smoke however, which gives the ship even more teamplay potential than Vengeance. Finally for the ship itself, Bonnie can best be described as "don't be seen" where, while she has the best concealment out of all tier 10 carriers by a fair margin, when she does get spotted things don't go very well. Her complete lack of secondary armament and lackluster AA suite tied together with a mediocre HP pool means that she will die and she will die quickly. While you can definitely play closer to the action in Bonnie, always have an exit strategy, because if you're team falls apart on one flank, you only have a modest speed and good detect to fall back on. Aircraft Relevance: Disregarding any of the specialized aircraft and looking at the best aircraft to put in each squadron overall, I had to choose the hawker sea fury. This aircraft fits the role perfectly in regards to relevancy, historical significance, and playstyle wise. The sea fury was one of the last prop aircraft to serve with the Royal Canadian Navy, and was one of, if not the fastest single engine piston aircraft to ever be built. The RCN ordered a large batch of around 74 aircraft, which served on Bonnies historical predecessor Magnificent, and briefly on Bonnie herself if I'm correct. Personally, I had hoped to see the sea fury on Audacious at tier 10 instead of the wyverns we got, but even if this entire line is too outlandish, I still hope that either Magnificent or Bonnie could pop up as a premium some time purely because of the sea furies they operated. Now onto the other picks I had on my list, first off, and this pick might be controversial, but I chose the early jet aircraft the De Hallivand Vampire. Aeronautical enthusiasts might know this aircraft, but it's not as well known as something like the Me 262. The Vampire was one of the first jet aircraft to serve in the Royal Navy and the first jet aircraft to serve in the RCAF. Now we don't have any jet aircraft currently in the game, but as long as its stats aren't completely ludicrous, it shouldn't really make a difference than the regular piston aircraft found at tier 10. Onto torpedo and dive bombers. While I still believe the sea fury could work better in these roles, the two other aircraft I chose were the Bristol Beaufort and the Fairchild Bolingbroke. Both had relevant histories, with the Beaufort being a purpose built dive and torp bomber that served in limited numbers with the RCAF, but I feel like the better pick here would be the Fairchild Bolingbroke. The Bolingbroke's served as Canadian made maritime patrol and bombers, serving almost exclusively with the RCAF. Placing this plane on a carrier feels like a bit of a stretch since it was mainly a maritime patrol aircraft, but with a little bit of WG logic, it could probably work fine in game as a bomber. The main reason I chose this aircraft for its role was the history behind it, being a wholly made Canadian bomber that was crucial to maritime patrol of the Atlantic and pacific during ww2. Again though, I do feel like the sea fury would be a better pick overall. Relevance of the ship: For me, I decided the tier 10 had to be a majestic class and it was thus a choice between the Bonaventure and the Magnificent. I chose Bonnie over Maggie for a few reasons. The first and biggest reason, was that Bonaventure was a heavily modified Majestic class carrier, which themselves were a modified subclass of the Colossus class. I felt that it was important to make the tier 10 hull as different from the tier 8 as possible, while trying to stay with Sapper's vid which I based this line on. Another reason was that she was an obvious linear progression from the Vengeance, again being a modified Majestic class ship and thus having quite similar attributes to the tier 8. Finally, I picked her because of her historical relevance and service life. Being in service for 18 years and also the last aircraft carrier to be operated by Canada, she really represents the end of the explosive growth of the commonwealth navies during the second world war and later, the cold war. Going from small, scrappy handfuls of aging ships, to a large set of independent navies that are a force to be reckoned with, having a capital ship such as a carrier is more a testament to how large each countries respective navies got, and Bonnie really represents that the best. Concluding this rambling: And that pretty much concludes my ramblings on the forums. This took a long time to create and is probably the longest post I've ever made on the forums, so I hope I didn't make too many grammatical mistakes. Probably one of the biggest reason I wrote this entire essay, was because I hope that it'll bring interest to a Commonwealth tech tree. Again, I feel like they're long overdue, and now that we're getting Italian BB's, who knows. I really hope that WG might see some of the other proposals that have been posted throughout the years, and listen to the players ideas if and when they create a Commonwealth line. If there is any critique or feedback for anything discussed in this post, please let me or Sapper know. The best way to make a proposed Commonwealth tech tree good is through player feedback, which I worry WG hasn't entirely listened to these past few years. Stay safe out there during this terrible pandemic. We'll get through it!
  15. legionary2099

    What i think about German CV

    Having played the IV, VI and VIII i think they need to be reworked and are not ready for this server consumption. Well long story short : they are hot garbage because of inconsistency and too much specialization thrown in. This CV is heavily reliant on enemy making basic mistakes (good luck finding that on this particular server) and circumstantial map pool. This map require very specific maps to work and 2 of it's 3 attacking option only work on one class of enemy ship. Even then it require a lot of RNG and bad enemy mistakes. Rockets : They are only good against lightly armoured cruiser. Cruiser with good inner armor (alot of them) can get away scot free with showing broadside as any slight angling will generate lots of pen and overpen that do nothing. As they are AP, they don't break modules or AA often either. BB will tank these rockets all day and laugh (no fire) while DD are unharmed as they don't break critical modules like HE rocket. Also, making rockets go against cruiser who are most often AA ship is counter intuitive and not productive; if said cruiser park behind island (they will), you have no option to clear them without taking disporportional lost. AP bomb : like all AP bomb, they sucked, because inconsistency. It doesn't help that since german dive bombers fly high, they cannot use terrain to mask their approach. Not too different from other dive bomber, but they lack what make other bombers usable : durability. Bomb take a lot of time setting up, German bomber don't have anywhere enough durability to tank enough hits to attack BB. Also , the available targets are severely limited : French BB , US BB are not good targets (their armor resist aerial cit quite well); USSR and IJN are neutral while German and English BB are quite rare nowadays. Also since BB playground is the outskirt of the map it takes eternity to get there and do something. TL:DR : IJN AP bomb are better , still fast and can go low behind terrain to slam dunk things. The heal is a trap , German bomber will not survive past it's duration. Torpedo : the only redeeming feature of the line, except British torpedo are better than them, still maneuverable and can kill dd like them. I find German torpedoes are good at steal killing, but is bad at anything else. To kill DD with it, you still need atleast 2 attack run uninterrupted ( 1 force turn and 1 real attack). With DD being cautious, just no. The torp only likeable feature is that it's fast. And they are the only reliable way of attacking cruiser , BB. You are heavily in need of these fragile planes throughout the game because of consistency. To top all that up, german planes are fragile , setting up chain attacks against same target is next to impossible ( turning radii is massive); even chaining multiple target in a straight run risk you losing all planes in the attack. German CV is at great risk of being deplaned. That said : what's they are good at ? I my opinion, they are the perfect scout bot. Encourage really passive gameplay ( and i think unhealthy for the game too) of loitering around a specific area and steal kill anything your team pick. In my games i often rack up 100k+ assist spotting (unlike other CV) simply because this CV line cannot join the fun or risk playing mario inside the match.
  16. I have played both Ryujo and Weser at tier 6. Ryujo is the one that comes out top for me in 0.9.6 . I always get matched with tier 8 which obliterate german planes meanwhile DD hunting is much better on Ryujo. However with the reticle and DD concealment changes in 0.9.7 which ship line will come out on top ? I can only go up one CV line.
  17. Bot_Leader

    Balance CV and AA Defense

    I have 2 items in order to make more Balance. 1st , The long-range and Medium-range AA(Base DPS more than 300) or use Defensive AA Fire The Damage Calculate to a Random aircraft. 2nd , aircraft Tier(AT) VS Surface Ship Tier(SST) - AT < SST AA DPS were decreased According to the differences ship tier. - AT > SST AA DPS were increased According to the differences ship tier.
  18. I really feel like a noob now, but any tips in using a CV after its rework? Flying planes with WSAD isn't the same as leading them by a mouse pointer, back in the day. Do I need to sign up for World of Warplanes to learn how to play a CV these days? /s I've been watching Toptier in YouTube, but learning from a video isn't the same as actually learning how to do it properly. To add insult to injury, I FXPd Ranger to get Lady Lex so I really need to learn how to play a CV if I'm going to get a Tier 10 ship in both Midway and Hakuryuu, next year. Any tip is fine as my real problem is how to control the speed of the squadron so as not to overshoot the enemy ship in the process with targeting just a little bit easier. Thanks.
  19. Hmm ... well well So I was these few days with a couple of younger friends who want to try their hand on what I play ( their usual one are smartphone games ) ... we were in one of the gal's house and there are a few of us both gals and guys , and I am the only veteran , so go create the account, get on with it .. OK T1 is T1 , nothing special, get them to play a few games before starting the T2 , still on Cruiser, nothing spectacular, nothing really too hard, I got to do some coaching , Ok, its not hard to get to T3 , still Cruiser and Co-Op .. OK first time there's planes, and Torpedo , OK bots are bots, some coaching and they can handle it ... but come now they can do Random, so they try and guess what .... EACH and EVERY game is a 2CV game , whether its all 12 vs 12 or just 6 vs 6 , when these new players ca be MM with equally novice CV players against veteran CV players and worse they practically had zero AA or at best a nice single digit figure on that continuous damage .. I mean even the most avid cannot excuse the game for this kind of in-balance .... I keep watching them being decimated even me coaching them from behind the chair , what can you do , even if I am playing there would be nothing I can do if I am matched into a game like that ; in short you are MM and specified to fail to be just food for the CV players ... needless to say its not a good education for new player to get to know the game and how to play and certainly not any encouragement to them .. in the end I log in to my own ID and allow them to play some mid and high tier ships me coaching them .. some are impressed and say they MIGHT try to get through the grind ( but hey from T3 to T6 that's going to be a lot of this hellish grind ) , most just say NO , plain and simple , the reason is simple, this is not a very fair game, its not a very fun game, and its certainly not gaming enough for most and many, and really one asked, why can they just attack us and we can do nothing And I would not disagree with them , the grind is not the hard and hellish part, its the gaming and what it return - there are some very grindy game that return a lot of fun, say POE ( and my younger friends all agree , they like it )and equally they voice that the publisher ( WG ) are just luring with this free to play mode to get people to pay to get out of the hellish grind ( premium ships , Premium time ) , pay to progress, and pay to win, trust smartphone gamer to see through that real quick and no less they say the price is all not welcoming at all
  20. Ever since 0.9.2, i kinda have a love and hate feeling about playing as carrier right now. There are times when i can't even pass the flak screen before all my planes getting chewed out. Any help ?
  21. Bullet_Force

    Carrier Fighter Change?

    I play CV's quite a bit and one of the things I think that would help with teamwork would be to allow the carrier player to remotely send his fighters off to an area. Currently the CV player has to fly to the location and then drop them there which is often quite impractical especially if the boat requesting help is on the other side of the map. I think it would be far better if he could use the map screen (m) right click on an area and deploy the fighters that way. The fighters would still have to travel from the carrier to the location so it would not be instant and work almost the same to how they work currently but it would at least free up the CV player to do other things.
  22. Endororu


    作為一個二戰海戰的遊戲,期待航空母艦的玩家來說,從舊航母到新航母,我認為改版方向是好的 但就目前的版本(歐洲驅逐艦0.9.3)來說,還是有幾個問題 1.就目前歐洲驅逐艦出來後,其實驅逐與航母間目前的設定是不錯的,就像當初佛里斯蘭一樣,作為一個高防空的驅逐艦,我們先不討論為什麼幾管炮防空數據可以跟伍斯特差不多,考量到他的高效率魚雷,我認為這驅逐空隱有點太高,2.7是隱蔽型驅逐艦等級,我接受飛機過去飛不回來,但面對有補包有強雷的驅逐艦,應該沒必要再限制CV需要迴轉才能投彈吧? 2.目前遊戲版本,中途島與白龍遊戲體驗各有特色,這所謂的特色,是在他們不同定位上,能發揮的用途個別不一樣,但都能有它的價值,而英國航母大膽,我從目前的遊戲裡面看不到它的存在意義 如果拿白龍跟中途島當作樣本,白龍主打魚雷,中途島主打轟炸機,這兩個機種都有一個共通點,投彈效率命中率掌握在航母玩家手上,而目前的英航大膽,看似要主打火箭彈,實際上卻成了一個四不像,穿深只有支援到27,面對現在輕巡洋艦也有30甲板的情況,這個看似高效率的火箭彈,其實對上驅逐艦效果才是最好的,想必開發者也有考量到了這一點,而砍了他的航速,導致大膽的偵查手段硬是比別人低上一截,再者,白龍與中途島,至少都有一個編制是可以造成四波傷害的,如魚雷機,轟炸機等,而大膽卻沒有這種的機隊飛機血量也沒有支援到可以完整的連續三次轟炸,應是少掉能抓住的機會 大膽的魚雷機,看起來沒特別的特色,卻硬是變成了大膽唯一的主力機種,面對特定的戰鬥,如公會戰,一個不能穩定命中敵方的航母,抑或是面對的船艦,即使可以穩定命中,但卻滿滿的碎彈,這樣子的航母有何意義? 帥嗎? 好玩嗎? 要凸顯他的飛機單位價值高,可以有飛機單一投彈機隊數量小,投彈質量高的路線可以選,可目前的狀況,能炸的炸不穿,炸的穿的炸不到,英航大膽面臨著很大的問題,如果總是擔憂火力而限制他的發揮對象,不如砍他的火力而讓他可以穩定的製造傷害來的有意義許多。 3.呈上點,即使遊戲面臨英航這樣的問題,從羅斯福號上也看不到開發者認為這是問題的跡象,我在想是不是因為開發者會玩自己的遊戲,但不夠了解的原因,未出的航母說多了好像也沒意義,我簡單點出幾個問題 3.1如果依照目前的遊戲機制,羅斯福號將會是被戰鬥機制約的最為嚴重的航母,沒有之一,而開發者會認為羅斯福號的飛機過於強大,過度制約,導致他的存在意義不明 3.2華而不實的投彈機制沒有任何意義,請不要做出那種看起來很威猛但實際有效命中率很感人的航母,遊戲體驗及差,尤其這傢伙飛機巡航速度極低,以及投彈限制25S,不明所以 4.之前增加的轟炸機投彈延遲秒數,若本意是要解決投彈後無敵移動來規避防空圈的問題(彈弓),本意是好的,我贊同,但這造成幾個問題,且是很智障的問題,首先,美日航極限迴轉再度投彈超過九秒,也就是說雖然面對單一主力不會影響到來回投彈,但對於英航這種迴轉可以壓在九秒內的,反而造成他需要過度迴轉來等待下次投彈,利用無敵突破防空圈的操作,本就是美日使用居多(主要因為飛機編隊較大),英航無故躺槍,且如果多出這些延遲,也影響到防空被拆除後的船團間投彈,等於限制了玩家的操作,這是可笑的,要解決投彈後造成的無敵突破防空圈的情形,最簡單的方式只需要把投彈後的無敵取消即可,目前這樣的改動,雖然解決了問題,但並非最好的方案,限制了CV玩家的操作空間,且對於近距離的目標,若是我要用少數機隊投彈(假設一次我出12台,但我只要三台投彈)光是縮減飛機編隊,我就需要30秒的時間,這種智障限制,實在是非常嚴重的問題,而縮減飛機編隊,恰好是一個技術相對成熟的玩家才會有的操作,我必須質疑,開發者自身對於航母的理解不足,所選擇的目前方案,是需要修改的。 總結,如果對於一個航母迷來說,這個遊戲本身選擇就相對較少,航空母艦的設計就顯得非常重要,數據上就能很明顯的看出各個航母的出場率,那並不是因為很多玩家愛玩日航美航,甚至單一日航,那是因為沒有選擇 思考一下目前白龍與中途島的遊戲體驗與機制,改善一下英航,看一看後來加入的德航,這遊戲CV的未來會好上許多。
  23. 空母はいつになったら削除されますか?
  24. Of the three armaments CVs have (rockets, bombers, torpedoes), two of them are relatively balanced, with only one being more oppressive, especially to low-HP ships like DDs, and that are the rockets. A suggestion I'll make for rocket plane adjustment is to make rockets take more time to prepare to attack, and at the same time decrease the attack window. This means that CV players have to start out further back to being their rocket attack run, and at the same time must predict the position of the enemy ship they wish to attack beforehand, since the lowered attack windows prevents last-minute adjustments to direction. For a starting baseline, say make it take 7 seconds for rocket reticle to go green after left click, and then have only 3 seconds for the green reticle to remain active, after which the attack run cancels. This way, DD player have more time to maneuver to a more favorable position to mitigate rocket damage and/or make the rocket attack miss completely, and at the same time, make using rockets more skillful as it requires a longer lead time and actual prediction of target position, much like aiming guns.What do you think of this?
  25. MR_WTFCN

    Midway suggestion?

    So I have abt 60k left to get my midway can I ask for some suggestions on rockets,torp and DB? I personally prefer tiny tim, btd destroyer Good day to yall