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  1. Bot_Leader

    Balance CV and AA Defense

    I have 2 items in order to make more Balance. 1st , The long-range and Medium-range AA(Base DPS more than 300) or use Defensive AA Fire The Damage Calculate to a Random aircraft. 2nd , aircraft Tier(AT) VS Surface Ship Tier(SST) - AT < SST AA DPS were decreased According to the differences ship tier. - AT > SST AA DPS were increased According to the differences ship tier.
  2. I really feel like a noob now, but any tips in using a CV after its rework? Flying planes with WSAD isn't the same as leading them by a mouse pointer, back in the day. Do I need to sign up for World of Warplanes to learn how to play a CV these days? /s I've been watching Toptier in YouTube, but learning from a video isn't the same as actually learning how to do it properly. To add insult to injury, I FXPd Ranger to get Lady Lex so I really need to learn how to play a CV if I'm going to get a Tier 10 ship in both Midway and Hakuryuu, next year. Any tip is fine as my real problem is how to control the speed of the squadron so as not to overshoot the enemy ship in the process with targeting just a little bit easier. Thanks.
  3. Hmm ... well well So I was these few days with a couple of younger friends who want to try their hand on what I play ( their usual one are smartphone games ) ... we were in one of the gal's house and there are a few of us both gals and guys , and I am the only veteran , so go create the account, get on with it .. OK T1 is T1 , nothing special, get them to play a few games before starting the T2 , still on Cruiser, nothing spectacular, nothing really too hard, I got to do some coaching , Ok, its not hard to get to T3 , still Cruiser and Co-Op .. OK first time there's planes, and Torpedo , OK bots are bots, some coaching and they can handle it ... but come now they can do Random, so they try and guess what .... EACH and EVERY game is a 2CV game , whether its all 12 vs 12 or just 6 vs 6 , when these new players ca be MM with equally novice CV players against veteran CV players and worse they practically had zero AA or at best a nice single digit figure on that continuous damage .. I mean even the most avid cannot excuse the game for this kind of in-balance .... I keep watching them being decimated even me coaching them from behind the chair , what can you do , even if I am playing there would be nothing I can do if I am matched into a game like that ; in short you are MM and specified to fail to be just food for the CV players ... needless to say its not a good education for new player to get to know the game and how to play and certainly not any encouragement to them .. in the end I log in to my own ID and allow them to play some mid and high tier ships me coaching them .. some are impressed and say they MIGHT try to get through the grind ( but hey from T3 to T6 that's going to be a lot of this hellish grind ) , most just say NO , plain and simple , the reason is simple, this is not a very fair game, its not a very fun game, and its certainly not gaming enough for most and many, and really one asked, why can they just attack us and we can do nothing And I would not disagree with them , the grind is not the hard and hellish part, its the gaming and what it return - there are some very grindy game that return a lot of fun, say POE ( and my younger friends all agree , they like it )and equally they voice that the publisher ( WG ) are just luring with this free to play mode to get people to pay to get out of the hellish grind ( premium ships , Premium time ) , pay to progress, and pay to win, trust smartphone gamer to see through that real quick and no less they say the price is all not welcoming at all
  4. Ever since 0.9.2, i kinda have a love and hate feeling about playing as carrier right now. There are times when i can't even pass the flak screen before all my planes getting chewed out. Any help ?
  5. Bullet_Force

    Carrier Fighter Change?

    I play CV's quite a bit and one of the things I think that would help with teamwork would be to allow the carrier player to remotely send his fighters off to an area. Currently the CV player has to fly to the location and then drop them there which is often quite impractical especially if the boat requesting help is on the other side of the map. I think it would be far better if he could use the map screen (m) right click on an area and deploy the fighters that way. The fighters would still have to travel from the carrier to the location so it would not be instant and work almost the same to how they work currently but it would at least free up the CV player to do other things.
  6. Endororu


    作為一個二戰海戰的遊戲,期待航空母艦的玩家來說,從舊航母到新航母,我認為改版方向是好的 但就目前的版本(歐洲驅逐艦0.9.3)來說,還是有幾個問題 1.就目前歐洲驅逐艦出來後,其實驅逐與航母間目前的設定是不錯的,就像當初佛里斯蘭一樣,作為一個高防空的驅逐艦,我們先不討論為什麼幾管炮防空數據可以跟伍斯特差不多,考量到他的高效率魚雷,我認為這驅逐空隱有點太高,2.7是隱蔽型驅逐艦等級,我接受飛機過去飛不回來,但面對有補包有強雷的驅逐艦,應該沒必要再限制CV需要迴轉才能投彈吧? 2.目前遊戲版本,中途島與白龍遊戲體驗各有特色,這所謂的特色,是在他們不同定位上,能發揮的用途個別不一樣,但都能有它的價值,而英國航母大膽,我從目前的遊戲裡面看不到它的存在意義 如果拿白龍跟中途島當作樣本,白龍主打魚雷,中途島主打轟炸機,這兩個機種都有一個共通點,投彈效率命中率掌握在航母玩家手上,而目前的英航大膽,看似要主打火箭彈,實際上卻成了一個四不像,穿深只有支援到27,面對現在輕巡洋艦也有30甲板的情況,這個看似高效率的火箭彈,其實對上驅逐艦效果才是最好的,想必開發者也有考量到了這一點,而砍了他的航速,導致大膽的偵查手段硬是比別人低上一截,再者,白龍與中途島,至少都有一個編制是可以造成四波傷害的,如魚雷機,轟炸機等,而大膽卻沒有這種的機隊飛機血量也沒有支援到可以完整的連續三次轟炸,應是少掉能抓住的機會 大膽的魚雷機,看起來沒特別的特色,卻硬是變成了大膽唯一的主力機種,面對特定的戰鬥,如公會戰,一個不能穩定命中敵方的航母,抑或是面對的船艦,即使可以穩定命中,但卻滿滿的碎彈,這樣子的航母有何意義? 帥嗎? 好玩嗎? 要凸顯他的飛機單位價值高,可以有飛機單一投彈機隊數量小,投彈質量高的路線可以選,可目前的狀況,能炸的炸不穿,炸的穿的炸不到,英航大膽面臨著很大的問題,如果總是擔憂火力而限制他的發揮對象,不如砍他的火力而讓他可以穩定的製造傷害來的有意義許多。 3.呈上點,即使遊戲面臨英航這樣的問題,從羅斯福號上也看不到開發者認為這是問題的跡象,我在想是不是因為開發者會玩自己的遊戲,但不夠了解的原因,未出的航母說多了好像也沒意義,我簡單點出幾個問題 3.1如果依照目前的遊戲機制,羅斯福號將會是被戰鬥機制約的最為嚴重的航母,沒有之一,而開發者會認為羅斯福號的飛機過於強大,過度制約,導致他的存在意義不明 3.2華而不實的投彈機制沒有任何意義,請不要做出那種看起來很威猛但實際有效命中率很感人的航母,遊戲體驗及差,尤其這傢伙飛機巡航速度極低,以及投彈限制25S,不明所以 4.之前增加的轟炸機投彈延遲秒數,若本意是要解決投彈後無敵移動來規避防空圈的問題(彈弓),本意是好的,我贊同,但這造成幾個問題,且是很智障的問題,首先,美日航極限迴轉再度投彈超過九秒,也就是說雖然面對單一主力不會影響到來回投彈,但對於英航這種迴轉可以壓在九秒內的,反而造成他需要過度迴轉來等待下次投彈,利用無敵突破防空圈的操作,本就是美日使用居多(主要因為飛機編隊較大),英航無故躺槍,且如果多出這些延遲,也影響到防空被拆除後的船團間投彈,等於限制了玩家的操作,這是可笑的,要解決投彈後造成的無敵突破防空圈的情形,最簡單的方式只需要把投彈後的無敵取消即可,目前這樣的改動,雖然解決了問題,但並非最好的方案,限制了CV玩家的操作空間,且對於近距離的目標,若是我要用少數機隊投彈(假設一次我出12台,但我只要三台投彈)光是縮減飛機編隊,我就需要30秒的時間,這種智障限制,實在是非常嚴重的問題,而縮減飛機編隊,恰好是一個技術相對成熟的玩家才會有的操作,我必須質疑,開發者自身對於航母的理解不足,所選擇的目前方案,是需要修改的。 總結,如果對於一個航母迷來說,這個遊戲本身選擇就相對較少,航空母艦的設計就顯得非常重要,數據上就能很明顯的看出各個航母的出場率,那並不是因為很多玩家愛玩日航美航,甚至單一日航,那是因為沒有選擇 思考一下目前白龍與中途島的遊戲體驗與機制,改善一下英航,看一看後來加入的德航,這遊戲CV的未來會好上許多。
  7. 空母はいつになったら削除されますか?
  8. Of the three armaments CVs have (rockets, bombers, torpedoes), two of them are relatively balanced, with only one being more oppressive, especially to low-HP ships like DDs, and that are the rockets. A suggestion I'll make for rocket plane adjustment is to make rockets take more time to prepare to attack, and at the same time decrease the attack window. This means that CV players have to start out further back to being their rocket attack run, and at the same time must predict the position of the enemy ship they wish to attack beforehand, since the lowered attack windows prevents last-minute adjustments to direction. For a starting baseline, say make it take 7 seconds for rocket reticle to go green after left click, and then have only 3 seconds for the green reticle to remain active, after which the attack run cancels. This way, DD player have more time to maneuver to a more favorable position to mitigate rocket damage and/or make the rocket attack miss completely, and at the same time, make using rockets more skillful as it requires a longer lead time and actual prediction of target position, much like aiming guns.What do you think of this?

    Midway suggestion?

    So I have abt 60k left to get my midway can I ask for some suggestions on rockets,torp and DB? I personally prefer tiny tim, btd destroyer Good day to yall
  10. Robby_Hermanto

    German CV line

    Hi Developers, By this thread I would like propose for WG to found the German CV line. For Forum Administrators: You can move this thread to the proper section as you see fit. Here is the tech tree proposal: Tier 4: Ausonia Tier 6: Jade Tier 8: Flugzeugträger B: is an alternate design of Graf Zeppelin (Flugzeugträger A) which is a premium ship. The Flugzeugträger B has no name yet. Feel free to name it as WG see fit. Tier 10: Europa As the other nations tech tree split line are in the shelf awaiting for progress, here is the alternate tree line: Tier 4: Stuttgart Tier 6: Type II (Was a plan to convert incomplete captured French cruiser De Grasse at Lorient to a CV). Please name the ship. Tier 8: Elbe Tier 10: Weser Comments are very welcome.
  11. ST, time between plane attacks There will be a closed test session which will help to evaluate how the time between squadron attacks influences the interaction between planes and AA defense. - The minimum time between attacks for squadrons of all Tier X aircraft carriers increased from 5 to 9 seconds; - For Audacious' bombers: - - Acceleration time of bombers right after they drop their bombs lowered from 4 to 3.5 seconds; - - Acceleration coefficient of bombers right after they drop their bombs lowered from 2 to 1.5, meaning bombers will not accelerate to as high a speed directly after a drop. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary and subject to change. Ummmmm are WG mental? 'there's no problem with CV and DD interactions' and yet now they're nerfing all the aircraft... By doing that it is an indirect not-nerf to attack aircraft as DBs/TBs you try and chain attacks, attack aircraft you pretty much hunt specific targets with (DDs for example)... Not to mention nerfing Audacious Bombers, news to me that Audacious had OP bombers, can anyone confirm this? This honestly blew my mind this morning... Ok so my UN-EFF CVs is delayed again... lol NB: Happy to be told my IA is wrong, CV mains please chime in and correct/confirm/discuss...
  12. DolphinDog

    Carrier resupply for DD

    What if CV had a "Supply Drop Plane" that could drop supplies to repair DD. Could only be dropped in CONTROLLED Cap Zones and can only heal Fire and/or CV Plane Damage or even a percentage of it. Obviously can only be used in battles with CV, and will help reduce DD getting nailed by CV. Possibly called in as a consumable on the DD as opposed to the CV having to manually do it. Thoughts?
  13. how can win cv especially using bb in rank battle? cv just hide behind island and keep sending plane
  14. Greetings, fellow captains! I will be reviewing all premium aircraft carriers (CV) in World of Warships PC excluding Indomitable because it has not been released yet. I am going to start with Ark Royal first because she is a tier 6 CV. A. Technical & historical overview The first British aircraft carrier of the new generation. She was equipped with a continuous flight deck and modern equipment for aircraft landing and takeoff. She was infamous with the contribution of the sinking of Kriegsmarine BB Bismarck. B. Comparison with CV of same tier a) Plane hitpoint (HP) without another addition factor First of all, let’s have a look at the HP of planes of Ark Royal and the comparison with the other three CV of tier 6. Ark Royal uses tier 5 Blackburn Skua rocket plane (rocket attacker/RA) that has 1820 HP, making her the second tankiest rocket attacker among the other tier 6 CV. For the dive and torpedo bombers, she uses the tier 4 Fairey Swordfish having 1550 and 1500 HP respectively. These put her on par with the upgraded DB & TB modules on Ryujo. In an attacking flight, Ark’s DB & TB seem to have HP advantage over those on the other tier 6 CV except for Ranger’s upgraded DB. This is due to the fact that she brings 3 planes per strike run compared to the others; for example, Ryujo brings 2 TB per strike run compared to Ark’s 3. Needless to say, these hold true for the total HP of planes of the entire squadron. Ark has maximum 9 planes in a squadron compared to a maximum 8 for Ranger & Ryujo with Ranger’s DB having 9 planes per squadron. b) Hangar capacity From the beginning, Ark Royal has 14 planes of each type, summing up to 42 planes in total. For the rocket attackers (RA), Ark has the highest number of them compared to the other tier 6 CV. Meanwhile for the DB, she is on par with that of Ranger. Compared to the other tier 6 CV, she has the most number of TB just like the RA. Considering her planes are all downtiered, she is given more planes compared to the others. If Ark takes a squadron off her flight deck, she will have 5 spare of that type left. This is because she can have up to 9 planes in a complete squadron for each type of plane. To avoid losing too many planes in an initial attack, a player can do squadron shortening which I will discuss later in the recommended playstyle section. Squadron shortening is recommended in order to get a full squadron of planes in the follow-up attacks. c) Aircraft restoration time with Air Supremacy commander skill Aircraft Supremacy is a 1-point commander skill which reduces the aircraft restoration time by 5%. Based on Figure 5, Ark Royal’s planes have the shortest restoration time for all types of plane except for the DB which is the same as that of Ranger. This makes sense as her planes are all downtiered with RA being the only type of plane at tier 5 as the highest tier of plane that she has. Faster aircraft restoration means that she is unlikely to be deplaned fast compared to the other tier 6 CV such as her British counterpart, Furious which has the longest aircraft restoration time of all types of plane. However, this does not mean that a player should waste their planes to AA especially against tier 7 & 8 ships. d) Aircraft cruising & maximum speed The graphs in Figure 6 and 7 show the aircraft cruising & maximum speed respectively after taking Improved Engines commander skill which increases the plane cruising speed by 2.5%. For all types of plane, Ark Royal has the slowest planes out of all the other tier 6 CV. This is again because her planes are tier 4 biplane Swordfish. The TB & DB are the exact same plane used for Tier 4 Hermes‘ DB. Her planes are easily shot down by AA because the slower your planes in AA aura, the more AA damage they receive and the easier they get shot down. The planes also turn around very slowly in hostile AA aura. This is again why squadron shortening is required which will be discussed later. Since the RA are the fastest plane type, you can scout using them first and hurt enemy DD for initial attack. e) Strike planes i) Rocket attacker Ark Royal uses RP-3 60lb HE No! Mk.I rocket which is exactly the same rocket found on the upgraded RA module on Furious. Your strike loadout is 3 RA attack runs in a squadron with 3 planes each. One plane brings 4 rockets. Therefore, you have up to 12 rockets per strike just like Furious & Ranger. The maximum damage you could deal using one rocket is 1500. Just like Furious’ rocket, you can only penetrate up to 25 mm armor and have merely 5% base fire chance without modifiers. The rockets are good against DD but not so much against cruisers and BB unless if you hit their non-saturated superstructure for that slight fire chance. The aiming reticule is small, circular-shaped just like Furious’ and Ryujo’s rockets. ii) Dive bomber Ark Royal has 40lb G.P. bombs which are the same bombs found on tier 4 CV Hermes. The drop reticule is also fairly small like that of Hermes, allowing precise drop on small targets such as DD. Just like the other Royal Navy CV, Ark also uses carpet bombing technique but the bombs drop faster unlike Furious which drops bombs from slightly higher altitude. The strike loadout is 3 strike runs per squadron with 3 planes per strike run and 8 bombs per strike. Thus, she can drop up to 24 bombs in a run compared to 12 on Furious and 3 on Ranger. As shown in Figure 10, 11 and 12, Ark’s bombs have the least maximum damage per bomb, lowest penetration capability of merely 18 mm of armor and lowest chance of setting targets on fire. Indeed, they are that bad! Most of the time, you will only get shatters on BB especially those of higher tiers than her. The fire chance is not even great that you need to use Demolition Expert commander skill and fire combat signals just to increase that 9% fire chance. The bombs are only good for DD hunting because they drop accurately and as fast as rockets. It is like almost a guaranteed death if a DD player is up against a skilled Ark Royal player with those fatally accurate bombs, providing that the Ark player knows how to lead the bombs. iii) Torpedo bomber Once more, Ark Royal utilizes the same torpedo from Hermes which is Mark VIII that deals up to 5200 damage per torp with 45% base flooding chance. Compared to Ryujo’s and Ranger’s torpedo, Ark Royal’s deals the least damage per unit only to be tied with that of Furious. However, here comes Ark’s torpedo advantage over the others of her tier. Instead of dropping two torpedoes per attack, Ark can drop up to three in her 3 attack runs per squadron and 3 planes per attack run. As shown in Figure 14, her torpedo potential damage per attack run is the highest among the other tier 6 CV at 15600 damage. Based on Figure 15, Ark is second after Ryujo in term of torpedo damage potential in a full squadron despite having one more TB in a a squadron compared to the latter. This is because Ryujo has massive torpedo alpha damage per unit to begin with. Just like the other Royal Navy CV of tier 6 and above, Ark Royal torpedoes have converging drop pattern. With Torpedo Acceleration commander skill, her torpedoes move at 40 knots with merely 1.9 km range just like Furious‘ as shown in Figure 16. This is to avoid any cross-dropping attempt such as trying to drop from behind and then from the side. Enemy ships might be able to outrun torpedoes dropped from behind especially DD & CL/CA with high speed. An attempt for follow-up drop from the side is not a great option either because the TB squadron flies and rotates slowly that some of them might be taken down by AA during the attempt. Even with TA skill, her torpedoes have 376 m activation distance which means that player can drop them really close to the enemy ships so that they have more chance of hitting the latter. f) Secondaries Ark Royal is equipped with eight turrets of dual 113 mm/45 Mk III UD secondary guns which shoot every 5 seconds, dealing 1600 maximum damage per hit. Their 4 km minimum range is the same as those of other tier 6 CV except for Ranger which has extra 0.5 km of range. There is nothing special with these secondaries because 4 km range is short and her secondary shells can only penetrate up to 18 mm of armor. There is no worth of speccing into her secondaries because it is not the way a CV should be played usually. g) Anti-air Long range AA = 0.1 – 5.8 km Long range aura damage per second = 94.5 dps (100% hitrate) AA explosions within far range AA = 4 flaks with 1190 damage each Medium range AA = 0.1 – 2.5 km Medium range aura damage per second = 231.0 dps (100% hitrate) Short range AA = 0.1 – 1.5 km Short range aura damage per second = 38.5 dps (95 % hitrate) It could be said that Ark Royal has mediocre AA at her tier. She is equipped with four quadruple 2-pounder 40 mm guns and eight quadruple .50 inch miniguns as her AA armaments. Together with 4 carrier-based fighters that patrol the hull within 3 km range for 10 minutes, she could take down any enemy planes that attempt to CV-snipe her. However, player should always move her hull to minimize hits by enemy plane-borne torpedoes. h) Hull hit point Based on Figure 18, Ark Royal is the second tier 6 CV having the most HP at 44500. Survivability Expert commander skill is intended to increase the HP her planes. As a good effect of it, Ark’s hull has extra 2100 HP, giving her a total of 46600 HP in total. Nevertheless, the extra HP does not mean that her player should get into enemy’s line of sight and tank damage like all the other BB should. i) Maximum concealment by sea & air Ark Royal has the worst concealment among the other tier 6 CV. Her huge concealment is reasonable if she is assigned as a tier 7 CV but unfortunately, CV has been removed from odd tier after the CV rework. In a small map of 36 km × 36 km size such as Straits & New Dawn, she can be easily detected by enemy ships. It is worth taking Concealment Expert commander skill as one of her skill to reduce her massive concealment down to 12.57 km. Obviously, her player should always mount camouflage for extra 3% concealment reduction. Since she is a premium ship with permanent camouflage, her player should always enable the camo auto-resupply. j) Hull speed, rudder shift & anti-torpedo bulge protection Being a British CV, Ark Royal boasts a fast speed among the other tier 6 CV at 31 knots without speed combat signal. She is merely 0.5 knots slower than Furious. The drawback is her long rudder shift time at 12.8 s which makes her the sluggiest tier 6 CV at dodging shells and torpedoes. Unlike Ranger and Ryujo, she has a good anti-torpedo bulge which gives her 28% torpedo damage reduction. This does not mean that she is made to tank torpedoes because if she does, she would be sunk too eventually. k) Squadron’s patrol fighter consumable There is nothing special with the summon fighter consumable on Ark Royal. Just like the other tier 6 CV, one patrol fighter squadron only has up to three fighters that rotate within 2.5 km radius in exactly one minute. One attacking squadron can only spawn up to 3 patrol fighter consumable with 10 seconds reload between each summon. The summon fighters are only useful during late game to protect the remaining surviving ships in the team and to spot enemy DD for easier aim using bombers/rocket attackers. C. Recommended build Consider taking the following commander skills in order of the numbers shown. The first four skills are no-brainer because they are the most basic skills that a 10-point aircraft carrier captain must have. Do not switch the order of Survivability Expert and Aircraft Armor because AA reduction is more important than having extra HP on planes, making your slow planes to survive slightly longer in AA aura. Taking Improved Engine skill is important in order to achieve 100.4 knots cruising speed based on Figure 6. The faster your planes are within AA aura, the lesser the damage taken by them. Taking Demolition Expert as your 7th skill is important too because based on Figure 9 and 12, the base fire chance of rockets and bombs are really small to begin with. By taking DE, your bombs get a flat bonus of extra 5% of fire chance, giving them up to 14% fire chance whereas the rockets get extra 1% fire chance. Mounting India X-Ray and Victor Lima signals are considered as wise actions too because they increase the fire chance of bombs by 1% each. The last commander skill that should be taken is Concealment Expert because of her having the biggest concealment among all tier 6 CV as shown in Figure 19. You really don’t want to be sniped by BB using spotter floatplane during early game because of her gigantic concealment in a small map such as Straits of which you spawn horizontally in east or west. Upgrade-wise, you should consider taking the following. Attack Aircraft Modification I is important to add extra 2 seconds to the default 5 seconds of rocket aiming. The torpedoes aim fast enough that taking the TB modification is less worthy unless if you have trouble leading and aiming them. Torpedo Bombers Modification II is essential because the TB plane has the least HP and most of the time, you will end up fighting against ships of tier 7 & 8 with insane AA that could easily shoot down tier 4 Swordfish planes. By having TBM II, your slow TB squadron might live slightly longer in overlapping AA of multiple ships. D. Recommended playstyle and tips The playstyle differs based on enemy composition and the tier of the match you get into. If you are the top tier in the match and there are only up to two DD per team, you can start with DB first. Find the enemy DD to be shot by your teammates and at the same time, use your precise carpet bombs to hurt them. Smart enemy DD will always turn off their AA to avoid early detection by your planes. If this happens, you can summon your fighters to spot them so that you know where they are heading to for leading your bombing run. If you are familiar with Hermes’ bombing, then you should have no problem hitting DD with Ark’s bombs. Always drop slightly in front of the DD for about ½ of the DD’s total length. If the enemy DD is using speed boost, aim further than usual. Always accelerate using the engine boost while you are doing the bombing run. If you end up in a tier 7 or 8 match with 3 or more DD per team, always start with rocket planes. Even without any DD in the match, start to spot using RA first. Your DB is considerably precious that you cannot waste them too early in the match. For DB and TB, always do squadron shortening. This is done by dropping the payloads of your first strike run into the ocean/terrain so that you will have 8 out of 9 planes in the next squadron. Do not simply use the same type of plane unless if you are playing in weekly Scenario. For the DB, your main target is of course DD and soon submarines when they will be released. If you are going to drop the bombs on cruiser or BB, always drop on the superstructure. Although the bombs will shatter most of the time, just pray so that the good RNG is with you so that your enemy catches a fire or two from those bombs. For the TB, your main targets are isolated capital ships which are BB and CV of which you should never attack the latter first. Start your attack run roughly within 4 to 3 km from your target. If you have TBM I installed instead of AAM I, you can start the attack run from 5 km, allowing your attacking flight to fly below the AA flaks 5 seconds longer than 10 seconds by default. Always speed up during your attack run because at 100.4 knots of cruising speed, you might miss your target completely. Do not hesitate to use the Engine Cooling consumable if you run out of engine boost during your attacking run. Try not to turn within the AA range of enemy ships because all of your planes turn too slow that a lot of them will be taken down during the turn! After attacking a target with TB, you can look for another target especially isolated BB for a chained drop. If there is nobody else, turn around after the TB are completely out of the AA range of the previous target. E. Skill floor, skill ceiling, and team carry potential Ark Royal is fairly forgiving for everyone who is new into CV. The short plane restoration time as shown in Figure 5 means that any player should never be effectively deplaned in the late game unless if they intentionally hit the AA flak bursts multiple times in successive runs. This does not mean that a player should waste their planes by attacking enemies who are clumped together, creating massive AA blobs. Plane quantity management should be taken into practice while playing in tier 7 and 8 matches especially. If you are an average or decent CV player in general, Ark might limit your effectiveness in the game even after you have mastered her. As a top tier ship, you have medium to high carry potential due to your decent strike capability. Unfortunately, you have low carry potential in tier 7 or 8 battles due to ridiculous AA versus plane’s survivability difference. Most of the time as bottom tier CV, you will only be able to spot enemy ships from a distance if you do not want to lose your planes for late game usage. F. Should you buy this premium CV? For Random battle Definitely not. Ark Royal is heavily punished by -1/+2 matchmaking that you will always face enemies of tiers higher than you. If you consider yourself an average or lower-than-average CV player in general who are barely able to line up perfect strikes against targets of good or decent AA, this CV is not for you. Do not bother buying her if you are going to play only in Random! Enemy ships of higher tiers will happily take down your planes for easy AA Defense Expert achievement. For Ranked/Competitive Individual-skill-dependant. Ark Royal is barely viable for Ranked only if you know the basic of CV. If you have zero knowledge about reworked CV gameplay or is literally bad at it, do not bring this CV to ranked. Bring other ship type that you are already a master of! In a Ranked or Competitive battle where CV is allowed, always expect the others to have AA-spec setup or at least decent AA to fend off against aircrafts. In Ranked, your only task as Ark Royal is to hunt DD with your rockets and carpet bombs; spotting them for your team and defending cap is your main priority. Other than that, have fun hunting Normandie or stock Bayern with meh AA while having your downtiered planes taken down by any cruiser. For Scenario Totally worthwhile. If you are going to grind for decent credit or collecting elite commander experience (ECXP) using a 19-point commander, Ark Royal is good for you regardless of your skill level. All tier 6 Scenarios other than Defense of the Naval Newport are good for Ark Royal. Bring all the economic or special signals that you have to maximize your credit/exp/commander exp net outcome. Since she is a premium CV, you could gain decent credit even without those extra modifiers as long as your team and you manage to complete the Scenario with 5 stars. If you are going to learn playing CV or just simply want to use CV in Scenario for combat missions, then Ark Royal is appropriate for you. In conclusion, I would say that it is not worth to buy this ship for Random battles due to the frequent uptier to tier 7 or 8. If you are going to buy her solely for Scenario or Coop battle, go on. If you are a competent or a unicum CV player who could dodge AA flaks well and be patient with super slow planes in heavily concentrated AA auras, she might be worth of you. If you are just a historical ship collector due to her involvement in major historical events such as the sinking of the Bismarck, then just get her and let her be a port queen. Last but not least, you can also buy her if you are a weeeeeeeeb and love her in Kancolle/Azur Lane that you must own her in WoWs too. G. Final verdict Garbage = Completely inept and critically in need of several buffs to make her relevant. Mehbote = Average ship. Has strengths and drawbacks. A couple of buffs are needed to make her slightly advantageous. Gudbote = A strong ship that has apparent competitive strengths and unique features that make it very pleasing. OVERPOWERED = A ship with very clear benefits over all of its same tier competitors and unbalancing the game with its presence Yes, she is pretty meh in my humble opinion. A couple of buffs or adjustments are needed to make her viable in Random. She should have special matchmaking restriction of which she should always be the top tier in Random instead of fighting against tier 7 and 8. Alternatively, just make her a tier 4 CV with lower alpha damage per torpedo. On the other hand, player should be given the choice to use an alternate DB module that utilizes Furious’ bombs for better armor penetration by keeping her slow tier 4 DB and the same bomb ellipse as that of Furious. If one could say that Saipan is a tier 10 CV in disguise of tier 8 CV, Ark Royal is the complete opposite of that as she is a tier 4 CV masquerading as a tier 6 CV. H. Special thanks [KCSEA]zDeviousXp Proofreader [PURU2]Aiharaterumi Raw data collector [TENGO]Kitsune_Ivy Provider of screenshot of glorious Ark Royal P/S: I am not LittleWhiteMouse.
  15. Ok so I know I've done Commonwealth (CW) tech lines before (DD and CL) this post builds on that, shifting a few things around based on feedback, adds premium ships and **shock** even manages some CVs... Feel free to theorycraft, criticise or compliment any content in here, I'm doing this for the hordes of us folks from Commonwealth nations because we are often forgotten in the annuals of history... So this one is for you all you unspoken legends... The Commonwealth contributed some of the largest amounts of man-power and resources in the first and second World Wars, particularly in view of our populations and economic strength (or lack thereof). By an large these lines borrow heavily from the RN for ships but World of Warships is an arcade game and as such there's plenty of room for our own flavour. The priority was to get ships that were actually built and used and by the most amount of CW nations... Tech Tree would look like something below... Don't be quick to jump on certain ships, please read further below before dismissing a ship... I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X DD S-class V-class Scott-class A-class H-class W-class Tribal-class N-class Daring-class CL Grimsby-class Pelorus-class Challenger-class Chatham-class Dunedin Mod-Leander Bellona-class Crown Colony Swiftsure-class ZA Design CV Ruler-class (Bogue) Colossus-class Majestic-class Premiums DD HMAS Vampire HMCS Saskatchewan HMCS Sioux HMCS Haida CL/A HMAS Perth (CL) INS Dehli (CL) HMAS Australia (CA) HMNZS Black Prince (CL) HMCS Quebec (CL) HMNZS Gambia (CL) INS Mysore (CL) HMCS Ontario (CL) BB HMNZS New Zealand (BC) CV HMS Nabob (HMCS Crew) The CW CL line would be defined by frequently being older ships at higher tiers however CW nations often added extra gear or customised their ships heavily, borrowing from various allies and installing systems to suit themselves. The CW DD line is far more up-to-date, often having cutting-edge RN DDs that were then customised. They would often receive these ships as they were commissioned, so the DD line reflects that. The CW CV line is an amalgamation of the various CVs CW nations crewed or utilised during and after WW2. I know this one will be controversial but please bare with me and give it a read. [WIP] Edit: Removed Viraat from T4
  16. Anyone seen 2x2 T10 CVs in a match recently? I just got a report from a clannie this morning saying he saw it last night... Sadly he didn't screen grab it but I'm trying to get a hold of his replay to verify.
  17. Is there any possibility to develop a soviet aircraft carrier line or a soviet heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser line? I'm looking forward to drive soviet planes and lay bombs on Tirpitz.🤣
  18. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    CV numbers between servers database

    Is there a list or database showing the number of CVs on the different servers. I believe that Wargaming made one and showed it to the CCs during their last visit in Russia. Thanks
  19. SSが実装されたら、空母と駆逐の関係も変化するんじゃないかな? 現在 駆逐は空母にとっては敵。滅ぶべし。 潜水艦実装後 駆逐が潜水艦を索敵し、大まかな位置を伝えることで空母が予測される位置を索敵し、爆撃などで撃沈。 艦載機による観測中は潜水艦は浮上しにくいし、不用意に浮上すると航空発見からの砲撃等による撃沈が起こりえる。 空母は対潜水艦では良き隣人、いや、切り札になりうる? 現在の関係性 駆逐→戦艦→巡洋艦→駆逐(巡洋が他の3種に比べて有利になってる気もしなくないが…) 空母(駆逐に強く、戦艦には普通で巡洋艦には弱い(対空面)) 実装後? 駆逐→戦艦→巡洋艦→駆逐 ↓ ↖︎ ↙︎ 潜水艦→空母→潜水艦 図が崩れる可能性あり。 このことについて議論をしてみたいと思う。 勿論だが、非難するのはあまりしないで欲しい。思ったことを書くだけにしてほしい。
  20. Greeting, fellas. This is an old WOWS player here. I have been playing the game since German battleships first appeared, and spent my time on several different servers and a wide range of ships. Though many accounts results in me not having an overall high tier of ships, I did manage to get a Große Kurfürst which introduced me to tier 10 battles. Yet this is my first post on any forums so nice to meet you all XD Honestly speaking, the new mechanics introduced to AA and carrier gameplay is a bit frustrating for all players. So here are some suggestions I want to share, and I wish the game will continue to improve and get better in the future. To start with, what is the problem with the old carrier gameplay? Personally, I think RTS or vehicular shooting is not the main issue. Even if the CV players are playing some sort of Tetris throughout the battle, if they enjoy it and the rest of the players are ok with it, then let them be. The problem lays in the sheer play style of carriers. For ships that don’t have a tremendous amount of AA power, aircrafts can simply evaporate their health bar with 2 groups of manually controlled torpedo bombers attacking from perpendicular directions—a basic tactic for previous carrier players that is almost unavoidable, and they can do nothing about it. For CV players, their planes would be immediately eliminated by some powerful AA ships like Minotaur, or just that their carrier happens to be called Langley. To sum up, this causes the players’ experience being very extreme. You’re either being dominated from the sky as Musashi, or dominates the sky as Atlanta. Same for carriers, dominating the sea as Enterprise, or being dominated by all sorts of things as Lexington. Under this circumstance, the frustration of being dominated is extremely significant, thus severely impacting the gaming experience and passion. So the change was introduced in 0.8.5. This change is overall beneficial to non-CV players, since half of the carriers are removed and up until now, planes can still be shot down relatively easy. But there are still impacts on non-CV players that are negative. For CV players it was significant. They no longer have the ability to control multiple attack groups, and they lost the capability of fighting air superiority. This change not only nerfed their damage potential, but also limited their option for tactics. Plus, the idea of summoning fighter group from bomber squad in air to patrol certain area is just...hilarious. Why is it bad for non-CV players? Well, despite the planes being easy to shot down, they can still inflict some serious damage on their target due to the new system allowing more accurate control and player’s focused attention on one squadron. This encourages all players to build AA for their captain and upgrade modules. As a German battleship fan, I really like the play style of building secondary, and not building AA often gets me into some trouble. Like I said, limiting the players’ option for tactics is not a really good idea. So, how do we fix it? I think the key reason that lead to all this mass, is that unlike real-life pilots sitting in a cockpit, PLAYERS DON’T BREAK OFF FROM THEIR ATTACK RUN. In game, CV players don’t need to account the lost of life when controlling aircraft squadrons, and they don’t get scared by the AA shells exploding in air. This allows them to deal explosive damage, meanwhile suffering huge losses. Now, human don’t like losses. Losing 5 dollar then get a 10 dollar refund just sound way worse that getting 5 dollar for free. My suggestion is that all aircrafts’ can have a 2 part health bar, or a health bar and a “morale bar”. When being fired, the morale bar would be deducted first. Upon depletion, the plane would automatically leave the squadron, and head back to the carrier. If this happens during an attack run, the plane would immediately drop his payload blindly, then break off the attack run. This allows the AA guns on board to effectively protect themselves, while not making the day too miserable for carriers. Following this adjustment, the AA power of various ship need to be reconsidered. Ships with bad AA, such as Musashi, should have the ability to dispatch at least 50% of all attack planes, while having little to no chance of actually shooting down one. Ships with moderate AA, such as Gneisenau, should be able to dispatch 70% of the planes and have some decent chance on gunning down a few intruders. Ships with extremely good AA, like Worcester, should have no problem dispatching all plane, yet not actually shooting down more than half of the squadron. Meanwhile, the layout of carrier squadrons should also be altered. Instead of categorizing into bombers, torpedo bombers and attack planes, carriers should send out “attack waves” which consists of both torpedo bombers and dive bombers. The layout differs among carriers and their respected flight control system. The current control is really great, but carriers should be allowed to control more squadron. When directly controlling one attack wave, the other wave would simply continue cruising along current direction. A fighter squadron should be added aside from the attack waves, enabling direct control and expertise in aerial combat, and they should be the ones really shooting down the planes instead of AA guns. A typical mid/high tier carrier should have a flight configuration of: 2 attack waves (with spares), each capable of making 3 attack runs, 2 of which torpedo bombers, 1 of which dive bombers, or vice versa; 1 fighter squadron (with spares) augmented with air-to-surface rockets. Those are my general thoughts on the improvement of AA and carrier gameplay. I’d like to have more discussion with you guys. See you.
  21. 當我使用航空母艦時,有蠻多次會在我使用自動駕駛,離開自動駕駛視窗的時候,發生滑鼠與鍵盤(儘可以使用當前飛機前後左右WSAD,當前飛機陣亡後將無法做任何動作)無法控制,而且是整場遊戲都無法控制的情況,這個情況很糟糕,不知道甚麼時候才打算修復,故障的畫面如附件 When I use an aircraft carrier, there are quite a few times when I use autopilot, and when I leave the autopilot window, the mouse and the keyboard cannot do anything ( can only use the current aircraft with the WSAD scan, when the current aircraft down, nothing after the battlecan be Control), and it is a situation lett the whole game can't control. This situation is very bad. I don't know when WG plan to fix it. The faulty picture is attached.
  22. WarGaming is still balancing aircraft carriers (CV) and anti-aircraft (AA) in this game so that players who play CV and those who counter them would be satisfied without ruining each other’s gameplays and enjoyment. Therefore, I would humbly contribute a few of my own suggestions with some comprehensive explanations for CV and AA to be considered by the developers. 1. Reversion to 0.8.4 continuous AA with some tweaks Update 0.8.5 is a massive change to how continuous AA behaves. Starting from this update, continuous AA damage focuses only on a single plane instead of spreading out the damage on several random planes. This causes one plane to take continuous AA damage until it is taken down. Consequently, it is much easier to take down planes as long as the hostile plane squadrons are in AA range. This is good for those who are playing against CV but bad for the CV players especially those who unfortunately get dumped as bottom tier such as Shokaku in a tier 10 match. This also causes CV with little initial plane capacity such as Saipan and RN CVs to get deplaned before the match ends. Hence, it would be wise to revert back to 0.8.4 AA system of which continuous AA damage is spread out on three or more planes. Of course this should come with some improvements. First of all, medium and long AA ranges should be overlapped. This is to ensure higher chance to shoot planes down. Since the AA ranges are overlapped, flaks could be removed from long range AA because overlapped AA should be enough to deal damage on planes thus taking them down. Last but not least, continuous AA damage on a single plane should only be possible by the usage of AA priority sector reinforcement. The AA guns on a ship will focus damage on multiple planes instead if the player does not reinforce AA priority sector. 2. Limitation to plane capacity and removal of plane regeneration ability Yes, you are reading this right. Each CV should have limited plane capacity just like in the RTS era based on this table. For that reason, CV hull should no longer be able to regenerate planes. This change is so that CV players would be more careful in delivering their attack instead of deliberately wasting their planes on grouped ships with combined AA. This change should reward CV players who plan their attacks excellently and punish those who play badly by wasting their planes. Players should consider pre-dropping their payloads on water or land masses to prevent from being deplaned (run out of planes) early. With this change, the old AA Defense Expert achievement should be reintroduced when any type of ship manages to shoot down at least 80% of total hostile aircrafts in a single battle. It is undeniably disastrous if a CV is deplaned. If such case happened, the CV hull should get extra +10% surface and air concealment so that the player can hide until the end of the battle. To prevent from being deplaned early, the Air Supremacy captain skill should give 2 extra planes for each plane type. For example, Hosho with initial 24 planes capacity can have up to 30 planes with this skill. This skill should be the first one to be chosen by players. 3. Repair party consumable for all types of planes regardless of tiers All types of planes should be given Repair party consumable regardless of their tiers. Currently, only torpedo bombers of tier 8 and 10 CVs have this consumable. This consumable is useful to restore planes HP and to prevent excessive plane lost which may cause a CV to be deplaned easily. 4. More buff for Survivability Expert commander skill on planes As of update, Survivability Expert commander skill gives extra +25 HP on planes for each CV tier. This is not enough with the renewed single-plane-focus AA system. Therefore, it is suggested for this skill to give extra +50 HP on plane per CV tier to ensure the longer endurance of aircrafts especially if 0.8.5 AA mechanic is permanent. For example, one torpedo bomber of Graf Zeppelin has 1470 HP. With this proposed SE skill, it would have 1870 HP. This is a major improvement that should be considered to minimize aircraft losses. 5. Panic effect of fighter planes & DFAA while taking down planes Currently, fighter planes (ship-borne catapult fighters and patrol fighters) shoot down hostile planes with the 1:1 trade-off. For example, a ship that launches 3 fighter planes is able to shoot down 3 hostile planes. Meanwhile, Defensive Fire Anti-Aircraft (DFAA) increases the continuous AA damage for limited period of time. Since the CV rework, fighter planes and DFAA do not cause panic effect on plane attack despite being able to shoot down or at least damage the planes. When a ship uses DFAA, the flaks that it produces are dark orange-reddish compared to bright orange-yellowish flaks without DFAA. Therefore, I would suggest the reintroduction of panic effect on attack just like during the pre-rework era. If a squadron is doing attack run within an AA range of a ship currently using DFAA or while being engaged by fighter planes, the drop reticle should be widened. For instance, rocket and bomb reticle should be enlarged to 3 or 4 times of its minimum size. Meanwhile, torpedo drop path could be widened to an extreme 70-80° angle so that the enemy ship could try to dodge the torpedoes thus increasing its survivability chance. 6. Ability of planes to spot torpedoes Before the rework, planes were able to spot hostile torpedoes thus saving the life of ships by giving them enough time to react and torpedobeat. However, this splendid feature was removed once 0.8.0 update hit the live server. Currently, the only way to be aware of incoming torpedoes early is by taking Vigilance commander skill or having a teammate to spot them for you. Therefore, this feature of all types of planes being able to spot torpedoes should be re-implemented. This is to diversify the usefulness of planes. For example, catapult spotter is only able to extend the firing range for a few percentages. With the reintroduction of this ability, it can spot torpedoes once it flies right on top of them. CV-borne aircrafts also should be able to spot torpedoes coming from hostile ship hiding in smoke. 7. Planes take off delay During the RTS era, all CV-based planes had preparation time at the start of the game. The duration of preparation time varied with CV tiers and number of planes in a squadron. In the current reworked CV gameplay, there is literally no preparation time for aircrafts. An aircraft carrier is able to instantly launch aircraft squadron right at the moment when a match starts. Planes are able to spot enemy ships and the direction of their movements in less than 1 minute. This somehow disrupts the ships from moving stealthily to capture points or strategic areas especially for destroyers (DD). WG actually experimented with plane preparation time in the Public Test Server. However, this feature was cancelled when it was supposed to be implemented in 0.8.4 patch. Therefore, the developers should re-implement this feature with some balancing. The aircrafts preparation time for CV is suggested as in Table 2. With this feature, ships of both teams can go to their strategic areas without being spotted too early. A new Upgrade to reduce the plane preparation time by 5 seconds should be provided for CVs of tier 8 and above. Table 2: Suggestion for plane preparation time CV tier Plane preparation time in seconds 4 10 5 15 6 20 7 25 8 30 9 35 10 40 8. Ability to turn off automated consumable usage on CV hull in settings Currently, consumables usage for CV hull is automated. When CV hull is detected by enemy aircraft or ship, escort fighters will be automatically launched and fly around the hull for six minute. Other than that, the Damage Control Party (DCP) will be automatically used when the CV hull is on fire/flooding or when any module on CV hull is incapacitated. This automation is so that CV players can keep controlling their plane squadron without going back to their hull control mode in order to use consumable. Moreover, the developers stated that this is for not spreading the player’s attention too thin in battle and reducing the overload of micromanagement. This automation has its own detriments and can be easily exploited by enemy CV. There is a slight cooldown time of fighters consumable for about 40 seconds once the six-minute patrol has ended. An enemy CV who intends to CV snipe can wait for the patrolling catapult fighters to land and attack the CV during the cooldown period, provided that the enemy CV can avoid the flaks. It is quite bad when the DCP activates only because the rudder/engine is incapacitated or the hull is on fire which will automatically extinguish in just 5 seconds. It is absolutely head tilting when the CV hull is flooding during the DCP cooldown period because it has been wasted just to repair incapacitated module or 5-second fire. Hence, there should be an option to turn off automated consumable usage in Settings just like how the collision avoidance system can be turned on and off. When this option is turned off, a CV player can decide whether to use the consumable or not by cancelling their plane control and going back to the CV hull control mode. Another alternative and much better option is to allow CV hull consumable to be used manually while being in planes control mode. The developers just simply need to adjust the UI of planes control mode by allocating a space for the consumable buttons. An example is shown in the figure below. When a CV player is controlling their planes, they can decide to use the hull consumable by pressing the button assigned to the desired consumable. 9. Zoomable tactical map for precise waypoints setting Currently, CV players rely on waypoints to set their course while piloting their planes. Sometimes, the waypoints fail to navigate the CV hull in the correct direction, causing the hull to be stranded on island or ram friendly ship. This failure often puts CV in dangerous and awkward positions thus making them vulnerable to enemy attacks once detected. This is always caused by complex waypoints being set through islands with small gaps between them even with the collision avoidance system enabled. Therefore, I suggest a tactical map that can be zoomed exactly to 4 horizontal grids so that CV player can set more precise waypoints through islands thus slightly reducing the chance to run aground. A CV player can use the default M button to go to tactical map view and use the mouse wheel to control the zoom level. They can go back to normal view by pressing M again or Esc. This feature should be limited for CV only because it is the only type of ship that uses waypoints for navigation. 10. Reintroduction of odd tier CVs with special planes Odd tier CVs such as Bogue, Hiryu and Essex existed during the glorious RTS CV era. Once update 0.8.0 is released, odd tier CVs are completely removed from the research trees whereas tier 7 Saipan and Kaga are uptiered to 8. There was once a plan to re-implement those old odd tier CVs in alternate CV line but until today, there has been no news about it. Therefore, I would like to suggest the odd tier CVs reintroduction with planes of special functions which emphasis on team support that vary for each nation. The special planes should replace or be optional with the rocket planes. For example, odd tier IJN CVs should have planes that can lay off smokes. The squadron should be set in 2×1 configuration. Once a player starts smoking run, the plane will fly as low as torpedo bombers in attacking phase while generating smokes that can last for about 1 minute. The smoke should be able to cover the whole flank thus blocking enemy’s line of sight. Secondly, odd tier RN CVs should have planes that can extinguish fire on friendly ships. The squadron should be set in 3×1 configuration. The cruising speed of the planes should be 95 knots. The fire extinguishing mechanism should be the same as the RN carpet bombs dropping mechanism. When doing fire extinguishing run, the plane will sprinkle water on friendly ship. This is really helpful for ships especially BB with long fire duration. When a ship is on fire and their DCP is in cooldown period or when all the DCPs have been used up for RU BB, the player should ask the CV with the water sprinklers to help them extinguish the fire. Next, odd tier USN CVs should be provided with seaplane that can land on capture points thus capturing them. Only one seaplane can be launched at a time. During the capturing process, the CV player cannot launch another plane or the capture will stop. Of course the capture seaplane is susceptible to hostile AA and fighters. Therefore, it is only sensible to capture the points together with the presence of allied ships when there is no hostile ship in the vicinity. This is also a novel way for CV to get Capture or Assisted in Capture ribbons without using their own hull to cap. Odd tier IJN and USN CVs should be given different type of bomb from their even tier nation counterparts. HE bombs should be provided to odd tier IJN CVs meanwhile AP bombs are for their USN counterpart. The tables above show the suggested plane capacity of the odd tier CVs and their plane preparation time respectively. Since I am not familiar with Royal Navy ships, I will leave that to WG to decide which odd tier RN CVs to be added. 11. Restriction of one CV per team for tier 8+ CVs Before the CV rework, CVs of tier 8 and above were not accompanied by another CV of same or different tier in a team. Therefore, there was only one CV per team given that the CV tier is 8 and above. This restriction should be implemented once again because tier 8+ CVs are quite impactful in high tier matches despite having lower alpha damage output. This is also to ensure that two queuing CVs get into a match faster without having to wait for the 3rd CV in the queue. 12. ±1 tier matchmaking limitation for CV The matchmaking for CV should be limited to ±1 tier which means that CV should always be midtiered. Currently, CV has ±2 tier matchmaking except for tier 4 CVs of which they are restricted to ±1 unless if they are in failed division. If a CV is the top tier ship in a ±2 tier match, surely the bottom tier ships will be the easy targets for the CV especially if the bottom tier ship is alone or having bad AA. For example, Normandie in a double tier 8 CV match against Lexington and Saipan. In addition, CV being the bottom tier ship in a ±2 tier match is detrimental for the CV player too. As an instance, Shokaku being placed in a tier 10 match against Minotaur and Worcester with overpowered AA. Despite having regenerable planes, bottom-tiered CVs can always be deplaned by ships with AA two tiers higher. Therefore, a matchmaking limitation of ±1 tier for CV must be implemented. 13. Repair Party consumable for destroyers regardless of tier DD is the type of ship with the least amount of HP. Even with the reduction of attack time for rocket aircrafts and the change of HE bomb reticle, DD is always being an easy target for CV especially those with weak AA. Smoke is used by DDs to temporary hide themselves from CV attack but once it has ended, they are vulnerable to CV attack again during the smoke cooldown period. The usage of radar also renders smoke useless for DD, giving chance for CV and other ship types to attack them. Therefore, all DDs should be provided with catapult fighters Repair Party consumable regardless of their tier and nation. Currently, tier 9+ Russian destroyers and Kidd are the only DDs with this consumable. With the provision of Repair Party for DD, their survivability is improved and they can live a bit longer despite being attacked by CV or any other ship types. Even in a match without CV, Repair Party could be useful for them to restore their HP after being hit by shells or torpedoes. If the developers can provide Repair Party for all ships in WoWs Blitz, then they should do the same for at least all DDs in WoWs PC. 14. Improvements to Graf Zeppelin’s bombs and torpedoes Currently, the damage of AP bombs and torpedoes carried by the planes of Graf Zeppelin (GZ) are pretty anemic. The AP bombs often ricochet, do not penetrate or overpenetrate even with the normalization improvement by 5° in the 0.8.5 update. Usually, the bombs do not even hit their targets at all due to the large scatter of bomb drops. The torpedoes still deal little damage even after its alpha damage has been increased to 5333 in the 0.8.5 update. The existence of torpedo bulge on ships makes GZ’s torpedoes less impactful. Therefore, I would suggest a few balancing parameters for bombs and torpedoes of GZ. 14.1 AP bomb improvements The AP bombs could be improved by the following means. The first alternative is to add two more bombers in an attack run. A good loadout would be 3×4 bombers which means that there are 3 attack flights with 4 planes per flight. This should be able to increase the probability of bomb hits on ships especially BB. The second alternative is that a plane should carry 2 AP bombs just like how Midway and Lexington can bring 2 HE bombs per plane. The loadout should be kept as 4×2 bombers with two AP bombs per plane to increase the chance of bomb hitting target ship. With 4 successful hits to citadel, the bomb could deal up to 28k damage. The bomb normalization angle should be improved by 5° more to reduce ricochet and overpen. 14.2 Torpedo improvements There should be two modules of torpedo bombers that can be chosen by players. The first module is the default 3×3 loadout with tier 8 Ta-152C-1/R14 planes. One torpedo deals up to 5333 damage with 6.7 km range. The torpedo damage for this default module is pretty weak thus I suggest for another alternative. The second alternative module has 4×2 loadout with tier 7 planes that should have 200 less HP and 30 knots slower than the default tier 8 torpedo bombers. However, one torpedo should be able to deal up to 9500 damage given that the planes survive in AA auras. The torpedo range should be shortened to 5.3 km too for balancing. In conclusion, the alternative module has torpedoes that can deal more damage which is balanced by weaker and slower planes. Careful and planned attack will reward players with more impactful damage. This concludes my suggestions for CV and AA tweaks for this game. Thank you for taking your time reading this lengthy post. Lastly, I hope that WG takes at least one of the ideas for their consideration.
  23. Fellow Gamers, I am not a Unicum, we're part of a small community that doesn't have much of a voice compared to EU and NA, and I am pretty much preaching in the void, but anyway. Thanks in advance for reading, at any rate. Sorry I didn't post that under the "buff CV" topic currently on top - I am not posting about buffing them, I am posting about, yet again, re-working them into something that doesn't frustrate anyone, be them CV players or preys. Sorry if some if not all these ideas have been pitched before (it must probably be the #748th topic about this anyway...) for I might not have come across them, but more generally it is more of a way for me to vent off steam than anything. I write this with my own background in mind, being first and foremost a DD player. I like the adrenaline, the knife fighting, the ninja strikes... But I am also very attached personally (if not romantically ^^) to carriers IRL - so much that I am literally making a game about them right now. But that ain't the topic. The point is, I fancy myself believing that I am not too biased, and that I did my best in order to keep balance and fun alive in this humble commentary. CV carriers in WoWs have always kinda surprised me. Whether it's pre or post-rework, there's something that immediately feels wrong about them - their target hierarchy and their means to deal with it. I know WoWs doesn't aim at historicity beyond the global feel, but we all know that there are a few logical assumptions that still work well: 6 inchers CL are nimble, fire fast and sweep away DDs ; 8 inchers CA prey on 6 inchers but feel naked against a BB, BBs penetrate everybody but are pretty bad at avoiding anything, DDs are sneaky and will ruin your day with a good torpedo spread. Immediately, there's something that doesn't feel right about that: the CVs in their current state are not somewhere in this close loop, what I will call our meta food cycle. They prey on everybody and fear technically no-one, being only vulnerable when their own team collapses or the CV player suicides. They are not actually part of the food cycle: much like us humans in our own environment, they are above it. Gameplay-wise it is wrong, we all know that, but first and foremost, it has no historical and logical basis. We know why, because we also know who should be its natural predator and is awkwardly nowhere to be seen in game: the enemy CV. See, IRL the target hierarchy of a CV would be something like CV first > then major combatants > DD Because obviously the highest level of threat comes first, then the major and easier targets come next in order. Somehow, it is perfectly inverted in-game: the first natural target of a CV has become the DD, then major combatants, then the CV when there's nothing left. To me, it defies any sort of common logic and makes it all the less intuitive to any new player having a vague idea of what a carrier battle is or was. But, again, we're not playing a historical simulation so whatever. Problem is, this has repercussions in gameplay too. It's tough enough for surface combatants to be left unable to get rid of the CV by themselves (which is understandable and follows historical logic) but what makes it worst is that they do not have any active way to get rid of what is thrown at them. The only actual defense (AAA) isn't even skill-based, which is in a way a big joke both to CV players and their targets. And don't tell me about maneuvering better: in order for the experience not to be too frustrating for the CV players, we ended up making surface combatants too easy to hit. Before Mikuma and Mogami got struck, anyone knows how many american bombs were dropped fruitlessly at surface IJN ships at Midway? Hell, Tanikaze got attacked by a grand total 61 SBDs that only managed a couple near misses. Directly attacking DDs should be the last thing a CV player who wants to conserve striking power would do. Doesn't mean DDs should be immune to the CV, but they should be dispatched by other means, that might include, erm, teamwork? I am not asking anybody to actually nerf the CVs. It's not about buffing them either. I am asking to have them live a new sort of life that will be respectful of the time CV player invest in their skills, while not being totally unbalanced for other categories, especially DD players who pretty much live in the permanent fear of being rocketed to death - or worse, not protected by their own carrier when that happens. I don't claim to have the solution to all problems, but obviously I think that carriers should have their own meta and XP system that encourages them to: - go after the enemy carrier(s), including with some XP incentive if needed - actively and passively support allied surface units through a number of new properties that would reflect IRL experience (scouting, directing CAP, hell even laying smoke!) - only feel the need to actively attack lesser, smaller, faster surface units (CA, CL, DDs) when there's no CV or BB around to strike, and be rightfully hampered by a low chance of hitting them when trying so. Harassing them with shadowing planes should be encouraged, on the other hand. A few examples : - We all see the abuse of the fighter cover system right now: CV players found that it is more interesting to drop CAP over an enemy target to keep it spotted instead of dropping it over a friendly unit... Well, just give carriers what they needed from the start: a scout consumable. Let them drop a long-term, high altitude scout consumable attached to an enemy target that would end up not being reachable by in-game AAA. The scout would follow the target and keep her spotted. You wouldn't abuse the system too much by simply : 1 - limiting the total number of consumable uses 2 - limiting the number of active scouts instances at the same time (2 for instance) 3 - make it countered by dropping some fighter cover over your tagged friendlies in order to get rid of it. BBs and CAs with the proper consumable in particular would find a new and useful use to their seaplane fighters, and wouldn't be left defenseless. This would encourage the CV player to drop shadowing scouts over smaller fries. As a DD player, I am perfectly fine with the idea of being shadowed by an enemy plane and needing extra help or extra time to get rid of it. In game logic, this amounts to the same as radar (which is limited by a well-known range, which makes it somewhat predictable to a careful DD player): if you get rekt after that, that's your fault and you had your chance. And even then, if you end up far behind enemy lines and get shadowed with no hope of extra help, you still have a chance as long as you can escape the enemy gunboats - to the very least, you're not gonna get immediately rekt around the clock by rocket planes you can't do anything against. If he comes for you with DBs and TBs, well twist your butt like you used to in pre-rework era - planes should be able to slow a DD to a snail pace and make it vulnerable to other surface units, and such a crisis should require skill from both the CV player and DD player in order to be solved. 4 - make scouting/naval search sexy. Give it an extra XP reward for CV players only, make them understand that it's in their interest to keep the enemy fleet spotted with their new tools. Hell, give them a good reason to keep you from hammering F7, it's in the interest of everybody, including their own. - Pre-war fleet exercises actually made provisions for the use of air-laid smokescreens. Put it in the game! It is no less historical than all these planes everywhere flying with rockets. Make it a consumable for the CV, that might lay down a screen for a long distance in a straight line. Such a screen can be easily defeated by a scout plane that wouldn't be taken care of, but then again that's your CV player's job to make sure that he just does that. Even better: encourage CV players to do just that by rewarding them with XP not just everytime they spot somebody, but also when using that sort of consumables they hide somebody. - There are many ways to encourage carrier players to go against other carriers. This include XP modifiers, but also new ways to make carrier hunting satisfying. Carrier should be much more nimble than they are. Let the players drive them like a normal ship already! And if you want to put a limitation to compensate for this, let's just add a "wind indicator" that will force them to go into the wind with a minimum speed to be able to launch planes at all. These are little touch that make driving CVs still skill-based, while they have something to care about on the long-term (that is, staying operational AND alive). - Future inclusion of submarines could very well give the CV's missions a new meaning, and give it yet another way to shine (or to worry about itself), the same way it would deeply influence the DD meta. TL;DR: If unable to fit in the main food cycle, CVs should have their own parallel meta-game happening at the same time as surface ships have their own. They shouldn't be part of the basic brawl but should be actively support it, and be rewarded creatively for that. Their main target should be the enemy CVs, and without being game-changing they should be able to influence it noticeably. Sorry for the long post. It's good sometimes to put things on paper. Helps with the burden. Don't get me wrong. I love the game. But I believe it could be a bit better for all of us, and entice more people to actually play carriers without generating some sort of full-scale [content removed] ... Good steamin', everyone! Inappropriate use of medical term. Post edited. ~Beaufighter
  24. headles_chicken

    UK audacious [T10} CV aim bug

    i try to find other thread/article regarding this but can't find any.. so i strart new one here. Bug : planes from CV doesn't fly in a formation, they fly like flies on top of food. Where and when the "BUG" happens : its happen in random occasion, non predictable when it will happens. I experienced most in T10 UK CV Audacious and sometimes in other CV. Bug description : when flying the planes and try to aim at something, plane formation disrupted and fail to move to designated cursor. they fly like the 1st sortie pattern when the animated formation form at the beginning from sortie(this fly pattern always looping). This bug cause planes strike crosshair change overtime and create a circular flying pattern(you can't strike something when this happens) . Alternate fix in game : - just fire and press F to sortie another squadron then hope it will not happen again.(sometimes it work!!) - go to task manager, kill the game process (so you don't quit the game) and reconnect. (it works but take times) any replays doesn't work, because after i play the game it is 100% normal animation. but not in game... thx..
  25. WG CC Flambass talks about stuff at CC Summit, some of it was interesting and it still LIVE right now Some WG stats tool-stuff were quite interesting "Carrier not op"