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Found 41 results

  1. I am facing poverty in WOWs and to get NC is crazy expensive include all modules upgrade it cost at least 18Mil. So i have few Dollars to spend on premium ships, preferred tier 6/7 (the most fun tier ever). I read certain review and Duca d'Aosta seems to be the best premium cruiser to tier 6. Is there any better premium ships that prints money faster?
  2. I know I'm still far from getting the Salem, (cuz I only have 50k coal atm) but I want to plan ahead whether if I should get the Salem or Musashi. What I want to know is, how does it compare to it's counterpart, the Des Moines, and does it compete well against other tierX ships? Also, how good is it with credit farming compared to other high tier premiums like Missouri, Musashi, and Kronshtadt? For playstyle, I think I know how to use US Cruisers, I already have Baltimore and Cleveland, and almost ready to get the Buffalo.
  3. coldsteelfury

    Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    I just played a game with my T8 T7 Myoko and encountered the premium Soviet T9 cruiser Kronshtadt. I can't believe what just happened. I shot this ship multiple times broadside with 203mm AP shells. Distances varied from 14km right down to 10km. My shells either shattered or ricocheted. A small percentage of shells did normal penetration damage. No citadels. The enemy Kronshtadt made zero attempt to angle itself and happily shredded my full health highly angled Myoko with impunity, it's AP shells ripping right through my Myoko (even when angled at less than 30 degrees). IJN CA's are meant to have the biggest guns in the game in so far as cruisers are concerned. It is utterly ridiculous that a Myoko can rain AP hell upon a lazy broadside cruiser several times (and that's the keyword I'd like to emphasise: cruiser) and do absolutely bugger all damage. Most shells couldn't even do normal pen damage, the armor on a perfect broadside was so thick that the 203mm AP mostly shattered or bounced. Crazy! If WG want the Kronshtadt to be impervious to AP fire from other cruisers, then WG should classify Kronshtadt as a battleship (just like other battlecruisers like in the IJN BB tech tree). What an absolute cheat ship. Being outplayed is one thing, but false representations is another. Having a so-called cruiser show perfect broadside at close/medium range and multiple times shrug off virtually all damage from heavy 203mm AP cruiser guns is beyond belief. Now I have to memorise that Kronshtadt is not a cruiser but a battleship in disguise that cannot be citadelled when broadside. It's ridiculous. We're not talking T10 Yamato here, we're talking about an alleged cruiser in the same tier bracket as my Myoko. The German Graf Spee is a "pocket battleship" cruiser which has a half cruiser and half battleship personality, but it will take citadel damage if the captain presents a broadside. But I guess because the Graf Spee is German that's the difference. WG loves to create these Soviet vessels with magical powers. We get it guys. You're patriotic. But calling the Kronshtadt a cruiser is a sick joke. Honestly I'd love to have a cruiser which can rip through heavily angled targets with its guns and cannot be penetrated broadside by other cruisers no matter how stupid I am. It must take a "tremendous" amount of skill to pilot a cruiser with magical powers like that. Talk about a troll ship. /rant
  4. Hello I am back home for vacations and am grinding my way through the american cruiser line. Thing is most of my time spent is joining a game, getting blown up, and going back to my DDs for solace. I have no doubt the fault lies in the way i play them but i cant figure it out. Till omaha i could dodge shots with WASDing(the occasional AP hit didnt do much). Cleveland was a good bonfire igniter but pensacola has really left me reeling.... i try to maneuver and stuff but even if a single shot hits me, it removes a MAJOR chunk off my HP. Whenever a BB spots me , it always switches targets to aim on me. i have tried hiding and using islands but that way I contribute nothing to the team . Any advice would be nice. PS I rarely visit the forums so if this is the wrong place to post this ... I apologize in advance and request that this be moved at the correct spot.
  5. One of the many great things about WoWS is you are free to set your own goals. Fitting then that my sweetest "victory" of all was completing a task which was entirely of my own design: I wanted to claw back 14 losses accumulated in my Furutaka and a 42% WR to draw an even 50%. Make no mistake, that 42% was earned. No MM unfairness, I really was that bad. So this wasn't just about grinding out the wins, it was about getting good enough to win at all. And 14 losses is a lot to ground to make up. Consider if you play at a win rate of 52%, it would take 350 games to accumulate 14 net wins. I managed to do it in about 150 games (I was 42% after I had about 160 Furutaka games), and now sit on a clean 50%+ WR in all my IJN cruisers (see below). Consider also that Furutaka only has a 49% WR ship average. In celebration, indulge me while tell you how I did it and gush about why Furutaka C is my favorite ship in the game. ***** (Since the A and B hulls blow by in less than 20 games, I'll focus on the C hull exclusively. It's for all intents an purpose a different ship.) I struggled mightily with Furutaka for the longest time. The Eureka moment came 150 games in, when I replaced Main Battery Mod 2 with Aiming Systems Mod 1 and starting trying to hit citadels (or other specific parts of a ship) rather than just trying to hit the ship period. The next advance was understanding the guns(tm) and realizing how much more powerful they can be at 8 km compared to 12 km. The final pieces of the Furutaka "git gud" equation is learning to kite like a boss(tm), together with the sister skill, timing the turn(tm). Secondary but still important addons to the Furutaka captain portfolio include the ever popular shoot over islands(tm) and how to avoid knife fights(tm). Furutaka is a beautiful ship. Not pretty, but well-balanced and purposeful. A Furutaka is well-suited to perform just about any in-game support role you can name: destroyer hunter, cruiser killer, battleship harasser, guard, escort, and scout duties, even capping is possible in a pinch. She has powerful, long range torps, high caliber guns, good AP and HE shells, reasonable armor, good firing angles, decent speed, and reasonable maneuverability. The only real limitations that must be accepted and worked around is the mediocre AA, the slow turret traverse, and the long reload times on both guns and torps. It might be said that the 13.9 km gun range is a limitation, but I would disagree. Furutaka is not meant to hang back and snipe like Konigsberg. The engagement distance you should be looking at is 6-8 km for DD, 8-10 km for CA, and up around the detection circle (~12 km base) for BBs. Furutaka is one of the few T5 ships I can take out in T5-7 MM and not feel disadvantaged in. The trick is to work closely with friendly ships and always keep the exits open. ..... ps. screenshot is of my 322nd furutaka game, the one I crossed over to 50% with. Not my best, but definitely good enough to commemorate the occasion with.
  6. Captain_screw

    NEW US Cruiser line Q/A

    Started playing WOWS like 6 or 7 months ago. And Don't know what happens when there is a line split. So, I have a Pensacola and a Cleveland. My question regarding this is what will I have after the line split update? Please keep it as simple as possible. I really don't understand the concept of line split. Still learning things.
  7. Suggestions? I require best reload time with damage values plus maneuver.
  8. Mysterious_Zubmariner

    Glorious moment for us cruiserkind

    Side note: Dear captain of that Mutsuki: I am absolutely amazed that you did not get blown out of the water by all those big, bad cruisers Side side note: What a great seal-clubbing session that was
  9. DeadlyDeeevil

    Strongest Cruiser Line

    With the Indroduction of the new British cruiser line, whats the strongest cruiser line to proceed down?
  10. Much like the title says, what is the RN cruiser's AP shells' fire chance? I mean, there were games where I was shot at/shooting at enemies and suddenly they get on fire. And just for the record, the shells fired were from the main guns and the firing distance was above the secondary batteries' range i.e. 8-14 kms or what I think is the ship's sweet spot so it could not be due to the secondaries kicking in. Thanks.
  11. I have only gone through 40+ ships and more still to come Of all the ships I grinded, The Colorado and Pensacola has got be the worst Stock Hull Ships that I felt I've struggled with probably because these two are my first two line and I was in my noobs days They were among the slowest stock hull, never again has I ever struggled with stock hull like these two They were quite good and enjoyable after upgrade, but their stock we're simply terrible Oh, and I have freexp fuso's A hull in accordance to flamu What about you guys, which stock ships that still give you nightmares?
  12. Hey guys, just had a great team battle using the Tier VI Nurnberg cruiser. My stats: XP = 2,740. Damage = 30,120 hp. Target hits = 124 hits. Ships Destroyed = 1 x Colorado, 1 x Fuso. Here's the best part; for most of the battle, i was slugging it out with just 4,362 HP. During this time, I supported two of my battleship teammates, and managed to finish of 2 battleships from less than 12 km away, without being sunk. The only significant hits were one which knocked out one of my turrets (soon repaired) and another that reduced my health to around 3,500 HP. And yet I did not die! This was despite being within 12-14 km of three battleships, all of them facing my way.
  13. Loshirai14

    IJN Tier 4 Premium Suggestion

    Tier IV - IJN Oyodo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_cruiser_%C5%8Cyodo Has 6x155mm guns on two triple-gun turrets, no torpedoes and powerful AA. Oyodo can be made as a AA focused Cruiser in-game with the AA consumable and a catapult fighter. those seal clubbing tier 4 and 5 CV's are gonna avoid you specially with a top speed of 34kn. She can have an optional upgrade of 4x203mm on two twin-gun turrets. here's some images of IJN Oyodo
  14. Hello! Was wondering what kind of commander builds are suitable for RN CL . Regards, arcticavengerz
  15. entah_lah

    Meet my new captain

    Finally, my new captain will take over this cruiser....

    Ionas own ship

    guys I give up obviously pushing the limits with anime ships and hybrids of cross ships and submarines is too much, so can we at least fit a ship thats currently in the game such as a good looking cruiser or DD to suit the Iona Commander you know? Say like a Myoko class cruiser fitted with ARP camo thats blue, an I-401 badge at the front, as well as the name I-401 on the bow or something like that? cause I'll be honest I'm a real fan of Iona so I would really like it if she had her own ship until we can possibly start looking at suggestions for hybrid ships when the game is complete? now something like that would be perfectly suited to what I would like only with a Myoko not Atago 3 posts merged into 1: Please edit original post if no 1 else have comment below yours. ~Twisted0ne
  17. Chappo

    Ibuki me!

    Pinning original topic in Fan Zone, locking Chappo
  18. This helped me settle a little disagreement with a friend
  19. SirIsaacPutin

    Crazy Moment!

    Just had a crazy moment, here is the video: If you want me to showcase your replay (serious, funny moment or just silly, doesn't matter.), just send it to my email: bytesizedvids@gmail.com.
  20. SirIsaacPutin

    Short vid on Omaha's upgrades

    Small vid about an issue regarding one of the upgrades on the hull If you find this interesting or want to know more, contact me and I can keep making these videos.
  21. KirstieBeau

    Your Team And Your Stats

    Hi. Last month, my win rate was at 55%. However, a couple days ago, i was grinding in my Cleveland, and recently, Pensacola, and I am having a losing streak, somewhat like 20 game losses, and now my win rate is down to 49%. I admit I'm not an expert in this game. I rarely even got a High Caliber and Confederate award, but my opinion regarding my losing streaks is that I was put in teams that are afraid to push a flank: destroyers not capping, BB campers, and cruisers not willing to support you. This is especially true in my Pensacola because as far as this ship goes, a lone Pepsi is a dead Pepsi. Whenever I spawn, for example, east, It's logical that you push east. However, several games my co-spawners do not want support me, and right at that time, I was thinking, "This is a loss," and 90% of the time, it's true. I want to play aggresively but I don't want to do it without support. I try to persuade my team to support me, but they don't want to, and I end up being the first blood, or forced to play passive because I don't want to die alone without support. I want to know the opinion of good CL/CA drivers here. How can I up my win rate whenever I am in a squishy cruiser? Thanks.
  22. I would like to request an ability to direct cruiser-based fighters to a particular area on the map to help with DD spotting. Recently I had a misfortune to face a couple of high-level DDs (IX, I believe) and was unpleasantly surprised with the number and speed of their torpedoes - all this while I could not see those destroyers at all. Got two torpedoes into my portside and never saw the enemy. If you are not going to change the visibility model, then give as please ability to direct our fighters where they might help cruiser captains to spot those DDs.
  23. Subete_Yoi

    Japanese Armoured Cruiser Iwate

    Japanese Armoured Cruiser 磐手 Iwate Specifications: Class/Type: Izumo Class Armoured Cruiser Displacement: 9423 tonsLength: 132 meters Breadth: 20 meters No of shafts: 2 Engine: 24 Belleville boiler engines Power: 14500 h.p. Top speed: 20.7 knots (38km/h) Armament: 2 - Twin 203mm/45 Type 41 14 - QF 6 inch/40 naval guns12 - QF 12 pounder 12 cwt naval guns 8 -QF 2.5 pounder Yamauchi guns 4 - 457mm Torpedo Tubes Armour: Belt: 178mm Bulkheads: 127mm Barrettes: 152mm Turrets: 160mm Casemates: 51mm - 152mm Deck: 63mm Conning tower: 76mm - 356mm Info: Fate:Sunk 24th July 1945 Scrapped Late 1946 After reading back, I can already sense that there are tons of mistakes that I might not noticed. So dear historians and warships experts, do tell if there's any inaccuracy or something to add or point out. Don't want to spread the wrong info in the historical section now, would we?