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Found 7 results

  1. 재설치 해도 안되고 포멧해도 안되고... 0.9.6 까지는 무기고가 잘 안들어가지긴 했지만 잘 됫었는데 0.9.7 패치 하고 나니까 계속해서 크리티컬 에러 뜨는 바람에 피시방 가서 하는것 밖에 방법이 없어요 포럼 살펴보니까 다른 나라 사람들도 저랑 비슷한 크리티컬 에러를 겪는것 같은데... 해결 중입니까?
  2. K_Sor


    Visual C++ 다운로드 해봐도 반응이없슴니다 도와주세요.. + 그래픽카드 업데이트도 했습니다..
  3. Sulwind

    Critical Error!!

    Hi Guys , need some help when I launch into battles, game freezes/locks up and then I get this error message. Anyone got any idea on how to fix this?? Cheers Sulwind
  4. Message:ManagerEffect::creatEffect:Error creating effect for And Message:unhandledexception The application stops frequently. Please show the way to solve it. [It has been deleted.]
  5. After the latest update of 12/28 I am unable to extract updates. at the bottom left it says "update paused". Any solutions for this? My World of Tanks works perfectly.
  6. genesis13_

    Help me with this critical error

    I want to play this game again but when i finish updating the game I keep getting this critical error when I start the game.
  7. The application always crashed when launch the client, so I cannot start playing anything. The problem arose yesterday since I updated the OS to Win 10, while using win 8.1 I could play the game normally. The driver of graphic card and DirectX had been already checked and updated, and the client also had been reinstalled. But the problem remains. Running the program as administrator cannot help too. So what I can do is asking for help here. Thanks!