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Found 16 results

  1. Rina_Pon

    The Cost of Flags

    20x Sierra Mike cost 2,400,000 credits. 120,000 credits ea. Some flags are cheaper, but most are around that. So playing a game with 4-5 flags mounted can easily cost > half a mil. credits, more than you'll make playing the game even if you win and do well. Of course containers drop flags, credits and coal which can variously be converted back, but still, as a heads up: it's pretty easy to burn off more than you make. Economic flags seem to be getting rarer. I ran out of the one for -10% service, which I usually equipped on my T8-10 since my supply seems pretty limitless. What's interesting is that in the week or so since de-equipping all my ships I haven't got any more of them.
  2. Dear WOWS devs, I hope all of you are doing well during these tough times! WOWS has been keeping me entertained everyday! As such, I have realised that quite a few players suffer from credits shortage from t3 to t5, and maybe in other occasions. Thus, I would like to propose a new trading platform be made where players can trade with other players in credits or resources (no real money obviously). Friends/Clanmates especially should have the ability to exchange/give resources to aid their fellow captains. So I'm suggesting this to be implemented so that friends can give resources easily in times of crisis. (For security reasons, any trade/giving must be confirmed with login password to confirm its you). If you do read this message, please tell me if this is a good idea and if it's possible to implement it. Even if it's not, please tell me why. I've been playing WOWS for 3 years and would like to get more involved! Please make this a reality. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 3 YEARS OF ENTERTAINMENT!!! I LOVE UR WORK AND EFFORT!! -SkillzV2
  3. Most of World of Warships Players are aware of above options that are given on obtaining daily containers. I think these options/ content needs a rethink. 1) More Credits - If you are lucky you can get maximum of 1,50,000 credits. Now i can earn that in premium ship. I missed out on the Missouri. But i earned Indi and Aigle, which earn decent credits even if you have bad game. So why would i go for Credit containers. Also the daily missions gives me credits occasionally. Duplicates get converted into credits (Go navy and WOW anniversary special arsenal currency if left unspent) So only new players will pick this option if they are short on credits for buying new ships. Having said that the cost of lower tier ships is pretty low. 2) More Signals and Camouflages - Most of the in-game missions and events give me signals and camouflages as rewards. For Example - Go Navy Event, WOW Anniversary Event or Current Royal Navy Event - gives everyone signals and camos from dedicated containers. On going Kitty event also is rewarding with signals. Also in game rewards like dreadnought, fire proof, etc gives corresponding signals. So why on earth would i choose this option from Daily Containers. 3) More Consumables - Again something that can be brought using credits (auto-resupply feature uses credits).These consumables are also available via daily missions. 4) More Resources - a no brainer - Coal is needed in Arsenal - to buy new ships, upgrades, even signals, or commanders. So almost all players go for this option to stockpile on coal. 5) Try Your Luck - few players will go for this option of trying luck of obtaining Super Containers. I only try this on my 3rd container of the day. So if coal is highly valued in current setting, the other 4 options are almost rarely selected. I think other players might be thinking down same line. So i think these daily rewards need re-think. Players must be made to think long and hard before going for an option, rather than just grind for coal. (Just like current Royal Navy Event - I have to think hard on what i want to buy using Sovereigns - whether i want to buy premium dd or premium bb or 10 point special skill commander)
  4. Just noticed that the credits weren't being added to the total (edit) until (edit) after 3 or so games - eventually updated successfully.
  5. Hey_Potato

    Missouri Income

    I realised that the credits earn from Missouri is significantly lower as compared to few months back. Was there any changes to the credit multiplier effect which I am not aware of? Just an average game but with such result a couple of months back I am certainly to earn at least 800k basic credits with premium a/c..if with zulu flag should be around 970k credits.
  6. .... already grind for 3/4 of Des Moines.....
  7. Hello to all, I was wondering if we had a system which let us save up credits in categories. Let me explain with the help of an example : Lets suppose that currently I am saving credits to buy : The Benson Upgraded torpedo for the Akatsuki Concealment upgrade General purpose //Ship maintenence etc Now, suppose I have 10,000,000 credits. I create the above four categories and I divide my credits as : 2,500,000 for Benson 2,500,000 for Torpedo upgrade 2,500,000 for concealment upgrade 2,500,000 for other purposes OK. So now I play few more battles and all the credits acquired are classified as "Uncategorized". You can then again divide up the credits from time to time, Maybe at the end of the day. This might not be apealing to everyone. So maybe add a function in settings which enables this mode or disables it. It can certainly help to see how close are you to your goals and can also help you to not go bankrupt by enabling you to keep maybe a category of credits as backup.
  8. So guys..... i realize many people need credits.. while many others dont know what to do with their credits.... if only WG let us send some credits to other player as appreciation, gift or as appologies for teaam kill maybe
  9. LightDarkMaster

    Need tips for earning credits

    Hi, I'm a casual player for WOWS. I like the game mechanics and ships design as well as the history. But I have to put priority to my studies since I'm a student. Lately, it's getting harder and harder to earn credits to purchase high tier ships. What should I do to earn more credits when playing without being premium? Please help!
  10. Some players have asked about how XP and Credits really work, so here's another game mechanic explanation taken and translated from an RU dev post concerning the topic specifically. Before we go into the details, three important points should be kept in mind: An online game is a constantly evolving project. The information in this article may be outdated. This particular article was originally written during version; The developers will not disclose the exact figures for XP and credit rewards, as it is classified information; The purpose of this article is to explain how and why players are awarded XP and credits. If anyone wishes to express their opinion about the economy, or suggest something, they can do it in a separate thread in the appropriate section of the forum. Income As most players would already know by now, Experience (XP) and Credits are the two main resources in World of Warships. Players can earn both for certain actions in battle (as well as performing other tasks outside of battle such as completing missions, but that is a separate topic). Currently, these are the actions in battle that will reward players with XP and Credits: Damage inflicted on enemy ships; Destruction of enemy ships; Destruction of enemy aircraft; Base/Point capture and defense. For now, no other actions in battle will award XP or credits. For all the previously listed actions, players will earn both resources, but in different proportions. From here onward, XP and Credits will be referred to as Rewards in this article. Damage Although it is an important element in the game, there is a large difference in hit points between different ship classes. For example, a destroyer may only have around 20,000 HP, while a battleship would have about 90,000 HP. However, it's not always easy to sink a destroyer despite their fragility as they are fast, nimble, and elusive. Similarly, sinking a battleship would require a lot of effort. A carrier might be thought of an easy target, but getting close enough to it is rarely a simple task. Given the characteristics of the game, the mechanism of issuing Rewards for damage is not based on "net damage" inflicted, but on the percentage of total hit points deducted from enemy ships. In other words, taking off 50% of a cruiser's HP roughly equals to taking off 50% HP from a destroyer of a similar tier, even though the net damage inflicted on them may differ by a large amount. Hitting a ship with 5% HP left only once and killing it off would net less Reward than repeatedly shelling a ship and inflicting 80% of its HP in damage. Other aspects to take into account of: Fire and flooding damage are counted; HP restored by Repair Party are counted separately, i.e. if 15% HP worth of damage was inflicted, the Reward will still be awarded if the HP was fully restored by Repair Party; Damage and critical damage to modules are not counted. Destruction of enemy ships While finishing off a low HP ship (sometimes referred to as "kill stealing") is ultimately benefits the team, the reward for it is relatively minor. Destroying a ship roughly equates to inflicting 15% HP worth of damage to the ship. If a player destroys the ship by inflicting 100% of the damage, the reward would be similar to inflicting 115% of the ship's HP in damage. Destruction of enemy aircraft Reward is given for every enemy aircraft shot down. In terms of Rewards, shooting down 40 aircraft of same tier to the player's ship roughly equals to sinking a same tier ship from 100%. However, there are a couple caveats: Aircraft must be shot down from the air. No Reward is given for sinking an aircraft carrier with is aircraft complement still in its hangar; Type of aircraft does not matter, only the tier influences the amount of Reward earned. Tier difference The reward for inflicting damage, destroying enemy ships and aircraft varies according to their tier. Reward coefficient is increased for damaging/destroying higher tier ships/aircraft while Reward coefficient is reduced against lower tier ships/aircraft. Base/point capture and defense Quite simply, the more capture points are contributed to the team the higher the Reward. The same goes for defense, the more capture points are deducted from the enemy the higher the Reward. Reward is also earned for blocking (sitting in cap to prevent enemy from capturing). Other considerations Rewards do not increase linearly based on the player's actions. E.g. sinking one Chester would earn a player a slice of cake. Sinking two Chesters brings the total to one slice plus a few more bites. Sinking three would be worth 2 slices. Rewards scale up with the tiers. In general, tier Xs earn twice as much XP than tier Is. The difference is much larger in terms of credits. However, at the same time expenditures will also increase (which will be elaborated on later). Finally, additional modifiers may apply to Rewards earned: Winning a battle will multiply Rewards by x1.5; An active Premium account will multiply Rewards by another x1.5; Modifiers from first daily victory, signal flags and missions are summed together and applied to either XP, credits or both. As an example, 1000 XP is awarded in battle, which is also the first victory of the day. The player has an active Premium account and mounted the signal flag Equal Speed Charlie London (+50% to XP) on the ship. The net XP earned will be: XP earned x Victory modifier x Premium account modifier x (1 + First daily victory modifier + Signal flag modifier) = 1000 XP x 1.5 x 1.5 x (1 + 0.5 + 0.5) = 4500 XP. Note: The base XP shown in the Team Score tab of the post battle results already take into account of the victory modifier (XP earned x victory modifier). Expenditure Naturally, sea battles are expensive. The player has to pay the costs for certain things after each battle. The economy is set up in a way that the cost of running a ship increases with its tier. At higher tiers, on average (and depending on the player's contribution in battle) the expenditure will eventually exceed the income, at least, without an active Premium account. The expenditures are: Ammunition: These include shells fire from the main armament, torpedoes launched, and aircraft shot down in the air. Shells fired from secondary guns do not incur any costs, as does firing anti-air guns (technically they don't fire any shells at all) or aircraft that is still in the carrier's hangar when it is sunk. Repairs: The repair cost is inversely proportionate to the amount of hit points remaining at the end of battle. Therefore, using Repair Party to restore HP before the end of battle would save up on repair costs. Maintenance: A fixed amount is charged each time the ship is brought into battle. The cost increases with tier, and is slightly higher for carriers than for other classes. Other optional expenditures include: Camouflage - Used once per battle. If auto-resupply is enabled, the full cost of reapplying it will be incurred after battle. Consumables - Like camouflage, they are used once per battle. Premium consumables will incur resupply costs regardless of its usage in battle. Free consumables, as the name says, are free. Future development While the exact schedule and version is not yet certain, these features have been planned for the future: Implement additional Rewards for support roles. E.g. spotting enemy ships; Introduce penalties for excessively passive behavior in battle or simply AFK; ???? PROFIT !!!111 Source/Reference: http://forum.worldofwarships.ru/index.php?/topic/23366-о-боевой-экономике-игры
  11. Pseudoscope

    Battleship Tanking Rewards

    Hi, Just had a game in the Kongo (30kts of beautiful speed) and once again I was the BB to push up with the cruisers tanking damage, whilst the numerous Kirishima's sat back 'sniping'. At one point I got down to 3k health, whilst the friendly battleships maybe dipped to 40k if they were lucky. At the ending screen I was ahead by ~100 experience, when I'm certain without me the cruiser pack I was shepherding would have died and we may have lost. Now I know there is the dreadnought medal for tanking and doing your job. However I do not feel this is enough of a reward for those of us who understand the reason bb's are given heals. Every now and then I end up in a match with a BB that knows how to play, I tank, I back-off, he tanks and we have a blast! Ships should be rewarded for playing their role. Can we look at rewarding BB's for taking consistent damage throughout the round?
  12. Blueboysixnine

    Amagi stole my money

    I had just researched the amagi and went to buy one for 10m credits, i had 13m and when i clicked the extra commander point for more credits nothing happened. i tried it again and nothing still. So i relogged and went to buy it again only for it to say i now have 9m credits and no amagi still which is quite annoying
  13. Retia

    Undeserved Rewards

    Earlier today I had a fairly meh battle on Fault Line in my Mutsuki. The battle started fairly well, with me getting some good shots off on a Kuma without taking damage despite him and a Cleveland shooting at me over on the eastern side. Since both the Kuma and Cleveland had more support coming up I decided to sail through the passage between the two islands and into to middle. (There was an out of position BB in torpedo range near the middle) Well, as luck is a cake, and I'm the eternal slave to "Oh, I should've expected that." situations, I ran into the enemy's Mutsuki inside the passage and without any other option than to launch torpedoes, turn and pray, we both sunk each other. So there I was, ~3k damage on the Kuma and a full hp Mutsuki kill. Pretty bad... is what you'd think, but then the reward screen popped up.
  14. Saltyroo_58

    Noob Question

    I am new to this game and was wondering can you get a credit voucher for World of Warships in the likes of steam or something I can't seem to find one at any games shop only World of Tanks doe's that work in WoWs . I don't have a credit card I can use any help would be great ?
  15. Pseudoscope


    Hi Dev's I'm currently at tier 8 in US DD's and my credit balance is moving backwards. Something needs to be done to make more positive cash flow. I realise you want my money, But currently there is not a single cost effective product on offer. I can buy any new triple A title for $40, these games have a ton more IP invested in them and are far more complex. So my offer to you, make this game reasonably priced and fun to play. Or just make it fun to play. Grinding through matches to make maybe 10-30k credits is not fun. Regards Pseudo
  16. Pseudoscope


    Hi guys, After getting my Benson (tier 8 US DD) I've been making next to no credits. Is this the issue at higher tiers with all ships or is this just the benson? I like to brawl somewhat with it and it is required as the only thing it has is decent guns, so my repair costs are usually quite high. Anyone else got some experience with the topic?