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Found 1 result

  1. Grygus_Triss

    Division Finder: Frustrating

    With the ‘Terror of the Deep’ as the current op, I felt like finding a division to do Sunray for easy 80 secondary hits. So I type “LFG Sunray, easy or hard” into the “looking to join a division” tab. Pretty easy to understand, I thought. Not long after I get invited to a division, my Magnu-S ready... for a Narai op.... uh what? The already assembled players disbanded quickly, one ever they realised that the creator was just inviting people at random. One even called him out on it just before he left. This was exactly the same experience I had had a few weeks earlier when I was looking for a T5 plus op (that one week they didn’t make the mission from T3) Does anyone else have this issue? Do people not read? Or do they roll the die on the off chance that the player won’t care, or won’t notice until the op is started? I know this is not as big an issue for people with big active clans and lots of friend, but I can be an issue for us solo players. I don’t really know if there is a solution to this problem, you can’t force people to read or understand. I can’t see how to make any changes to the finder which would not be essentially making all ops available all the time, similar to World of Warcraft’s dungeon finder. Oh well, rant over, back to TotD for stars and co-op for secondary hits.