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Found 1 result

  1. I don't know if this topic has been broached before, I imagine it most like has been multiple times, but I think it needs to be pushed again into WG attention. I notice that WG, as a Russian based company, has taken the care with ships of its own country to even have two separate ensigns for pre and post Revolution so that ships of both eras have their correct ensign while the background flag for ships in the Menu is the flag of the USSR. I think this is a good system as the ships under 2 different ensigns are correctly linked to the same country. In stark contrast the ships of Australia and Canada fly the 1976-2013 version of the Flag of the Commonwealth of Nations as their ensigns. No ships or Army have ever fought under that flag. I don't really object to these ships having the "Commonwealth" flag as the background for the ships menu but I highly object to these ship flying this flag as their ensign. The Royal Australian Navy fought under the Royal Navy Ensign from its creation in 1911 until 1967 when we created our own ensign to differentiate our ships from RN ones during the Vietnam War. Similarly the Royal Canadian Navy fought under the Royal Navy Ensign from its creation in 1910 until 1965. The correct ensigns for these "Commonwealth" vessel in WoWS is the Royal Navy Ensign. I imagine ships clumped as "Pan-Asia" and "Pan-America" have the same issues and no doubt players from China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Argentina are just as annoyed/insulted as Australians and Canadians for not having the correct ensigns. WG loves making lots of silly flags for people to put on their ships so would it really be that difficult to put the correct ensigns on the "Commonwealth", "Pan-Asia" and "Pan-America" ships it makes?