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Found 1 result

  1. Wargaming here is a money making idea that I imagine many players might actually want, as per the title; sell national flags so people can fly their country's flag on their ships. Some people might buy many flags to have the corresponding national flag to the ship it is flying on (more money for you WG). There can be no argument here over maintaining complete accuracy in the game as some of the stupid flags people fly on their ships now makes a mockery of that idea. You have made it possible to unlock flying 2 flags on many ships in the game, now give us the option to put a flag on our ships we would actually like to fly. Also, as per the title, you have already done the equivalent in WoT with players able to both paint and fly their choice of flags on and from their tanks, can we have the same choice in WoWS? I'm a proud Australian, I'd like to be able to fly the Aussie flag on my ships, and I'd be willing to spend a few doubloons to have it. I want this flying on my ships, please WG!!!! PS. Also can you please fix the issue with German ships all flying a version of the Kriegsmarine ensign? The pre-1935 German ships should not be flying the Nazi German ensign, even your understandably censored version of it. The WW1 era German ships should be flying the 'Kaiserliche Marine' (Imperial Navy) ensign. WG is a Russian based company and it is very noticeable that you took the care to have the Russia ships with the correct pre and post Revolution ensigns on them, it would be nice to see that same attention to detail applied also to non-Russian ships (not holding my breath waiting though). Kaiserliche Marine Ensign 1903-1918 Kriegsmarine Ensign 1938-1945 (Edited so real history will not upset the delicate sensibilities of WG)