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Found 8 results

  1. Everyone plays this game for many reasons, Today marks the 4th year I started playing this game starting on the asia server. and my 5th year marks a number of changes in the game, but also how we play. My journey began with the start of the game in Beta, seeing Videos on channels like the Mighty Jingles. A few people may know my deeper background in the Military, so I am making these comments to give you a little perspective, and maybe enjoy this game a bit better? I play Co-Op Battles mostly, they are an invaluable resource. They give you the experience of playing against the variety of ships there are. Learning where to Torp, Fire your Guns, angling, Changing ammo types, where to fire and lead on moving targets. All of this gives you the practise to read a situation, and predict the best course to achieve the missions. Coop does not teach you strategies and tactics, that is learned in Operations, where you learn the roles of the ships, picking the right ships to achieve the missions and knowing what the other types have to do and the cooperation between to win. Sadly, there are some streamers and content creators that due mostly to their audience play only Random matches. And that is fine, but if you think that is the only mode to play then you are making yourself sad, and you are getting "bad" teams, in some part because the players are not playing as a team, each ship type has vulnerabilities. And when the roles and abilities of these are discounted, you end up with Island campers, mostly Battleships players, Cruisers not positioning to screen and cover the Battleships as the screen, but also protecting the Destroyers. The Destroyers job is to be out on the edge of the screen finding the enemy, shaping the engagements. Get the skills you need by playing, as many games as you can, find people who will talk to you, enjoy the different modes. If you are not having fun, then take a break or change what you play and how you play. Set yourself goals and work towards them to mark your progress. SMART Goals; Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely At present I have a goal, to beat my Co-Op Damage Record and specifically beat Argonaut41 on EU server who overtook my record. Which is 625,513 damage in Hannover. Now I have not set a timeframe to get there. That helps you measure your achievement, if I can do that by Christmas I will be thrilled. Play Brawls, Operations, Ranked, randoms and campaigns to get you to your goals. Please be considerate if other peoples goals are not yours, let people know in game, if you need frags, Captures, Defends, Fires, Torp Hits etc, And if you can help people with there goals then they are likely to help you with yours. That is how a team is built. That requires a lot of trust and that has to be earned. I think I have earned the trust of a few players on the Asia server, I am not a Unicum player or a tactical or strategic genius and still have a lot to learn. Thank you if you can make some sense of what I am trying to convey, we play this game one game at a time, we make mistakes and sometimes we can be beaten when we make no mistakes what so ever, sometimes the other side is just better. And very grateful to those that have shown friendship, fun and banter in game, on discord and in these forums.
  2. G'day Folks, A new One-off - Hannover. This one is from our very own @SgtSullyNZ and in Coop no less. I would still watch this, it's a truly Exceptional Endeavour.
  3. I've noticed over the past weeks larger numbers of players jumping into co-op than there used to be, not including the ususal pink ships that pop in from time to time. No, I'm talking about players coming in from Random because the sea is a little too salty. Now, the problem isn't that that they spam chat, ram other players at the start of the match or even team kill their allies by accident beacuse they didn't look at the minimap. That I don't care about because it happens to everyone, except probably the chat spamming but that can be easily muted. No the problem is players failing to understand how ships work. Or more specifically, turn. There have been too many times in the past few weeks where an ally BB or CA slides alongside my Tirpitz or Yamato and either requests support or informs me that they're going to support me. Now, I don't ask for support in Co-op nor do I offer it becasue in almost every case, the player team doesn't need it. But I digress, the issue is the player slides alongside me so close that I can't turn without either ramming them or beaching myself and in case most people don't know, German BB's don't have reverse, at least not one that works properly. And my match ends because the AI DD's suddenly notice two ships locked together and fire their salvo of torps, leaving both myself and the idiot that doesn't know how ships work to take the whole salvo. or failing that an enemy Minotaur rains down pain on both of us.With me unable to return fire because the idiots bridge is in the way. If you're used to helping others in Random, Clan or Ranked, that's fine, but Co-op is different, capping is optional, the enemy will prioritise ships with torps and most players don't ask for support unless they genuinely need it and definitely do not need to see another BB slide in so close that they can't turn or fire their own guns, both main and secondary. Now I know some might say 'but It's only Co-op, who cares' and to those people I say this. Random is a repugnant swamp filled with mounds of toxic salt and is home to numerous team killers, the same team killers that players in Co-op have to deal with as they sort through their 'punishment'. An hour long timeout in Training or tutorials would be a better option than dumping them into co-op. I find joy in shooting at the AI and not being shot by my own allies or the odd unicum in a Moskva or Stalingrad that rips apart half my team before anyone shoots them. I enjoy the quick games, most matches barely last over 10 mins and I especially like the near silent chat that isn't filled with rascist bullshit and the mindless stupidity of some players. But most of all I enjoy playing where there is no real pressure to win, most players know that the match is a foregone conclusion so there is no need for people to fill the chat with their 'strategies', again Capping is optional unless absolutely needed. It's when other people who predominantly play the other gamemodes prevent Co-op players from playing how they want that it becomes a problem, and planting your BB just off my port side, then matching my speed and preventing me from turning or firing does not help! If you want to play like that, fine, go back to Random or Clan or Ranked and prevent your team/division from playing the game. Just keep your desire to be an utter nuisance out of Co-op. TL;DR: For anyone who tries to play Co-op matches like Random, Clan or Ranked and ruins Co-op players games.
  4. 0.8.1でCoop戦のテストをしました。Bot多数でしたのでBotの動きの変化を見ましたが、おそらく今バージョンよりもひどいものになる可能性があります。 今後Coop戦は自由な時間に初心者さんも自由にプレーできない環境となります。(空母が敵では戦艦になる問題と時間帯で味方Botの比率が高くなるので) 問題となった今回のBotの動きですが、味方戦艦が前に押さないです。反転もします。CAP付近で右往左往してます。 また、敵の魚雷等で味方同士ぶつかります。挙句の果てはCAPを放棄して勝ちを敵に譲りました。 Botの調整が出来ないゲーム会社はゲームを作るなと言いたいです。 初心者さんはBotの動きを真似ます。まさしく運営がBotの調整を放置してきた弊害が起こっています。 初心者さんの立ち回りがまるっきり、この味方Botと同じような動きになっている人もいます。 WGは本当にこのゲームの開発を続けたいのでしょうか? 味方が空母の場合、敵には戦艦になりますが、現状の味方Botの戦力を考えますと不公平な環境です。 いまのゲームシステムに置きまして初心者さんのメリットが全く感じられないです。 新規で加入した方もCoopでもランダムでも動きが分からず勝ち方が分からない。ただただ、うまい人の餌として生贄にされるゲームが作られることでしょう。 ちなみにですが、味方のノスカロは初期船体の敵ノスカロにタイマンして負けました。HPが1万以上の差があって負けています。
  5. Was wondering when can we expect hard difficulty? Its been there for quite sometimes. While we are at it can we get difficulty setting like : maniac - lunatic - heaven or hell or even Dante must die ? I mean i want something that can pull the ridiculous coop win rate to something more modest and redefine teamplay to its finest. Sitting at 70%+ is kinda weird to say the least. Make it a real challenge that even unicum must cry ;)
  6. トレーニングモードが公式で無い以上、coopで練習したいのですが、coopのみシナリオみたいに最大7人まで分艦隊を組めるようにして欲しいのと、coopのみWoTの小隊の様にTier差±1の制限を無くしてほしいです。3人以上のクランメンバーと組んで楽しみたいのですが、現状シナリオぐらいしか無いのでcoopでも楽しめたらなと思いまして要望を出してみました。
  7.  発生した現象:Firefox および WoWs を起動した状態で戦闘に出、待機画面で[ALT]+[TAB]によりFirefoxへ移り右上バツ印またはALT+F4にてFirefoxを終了すると、WoWsラウンチャーも一切の断りなく突然消える  ラウンチャーから完全に再起動するしかない(いずれも戦闘開始から2分ほど経過していた)  艦船名: 複数 覚えている範囲ではクリーブランド、ARPアシガラ  マップ: 失念  出現頻度: 毎回以降  再現性: 再現可能 ただしCoopで確認、 ランダム戦は怖くて試せない  重要度: 極めて深刻   詳細: 不具合の再現方法: WoWsで「Coop」を選び「戦闘開始」 → ALT+TABでFirefoxへ移動 → lagを減らすため(なくすため)Firefoxを終了 → 同時、ほぼ同時にWoWsも強制終了 なお、ChromeやEDGEではこの現象は確認していない Coop以外では不明。 確認する予定はない。
  8. Hi, Guys i am efficently pleased with the way the alpha is going still to this date wondering why i havent been invited? being a student developer i only to well undestand the meanings of unfinished and not unfinished . that being said i did enjoy the 20+ runs thru the booth i had still dismayed i did not win a prize from the lucky draw over the weekend. I can already tell im gona be a master of destroyer or a great carrier captain as yous know that option was not available in your Alpha demo that you had at pax-aus to my dismay tho what i did see was awesome and the bugs were minimal very well polished but to put it in perspective for those why its not available yet testing in a closed/lan environment is alot diffrent to testing in a online environment anyways my feedback about WoWS at pax is its very polished and would love to come help with the alpha asap but if not excellent work on the very polished close door alpha