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Found 10 results

  1. Rina_Pon

    The Cost of Flags

    20x Sierra Mike cost 2,400,000 credits. 120,000 credits ea. Some flags are cheaper, but most are around that. So playing a game with 4-5 flags mounted can easily cost > half a mil. credits, more than you'll make playing the game even if you win and do well. Of course containers drop flags, credits and coal which can variously be converted back, but still, as a heads up: it's pretty easy to burn off more than you make. Economic flags seem to be getting rarer. I ran out of the one for -10% service, which I usually equipped on my T8-10 since my supply seems pretty limitless. What's interesting is that in the week or so since de-equipping all my ships I haven't got any more of them.
  2. 1. Change carrier spotting so that when a ship is spotted by a plane it's surface detectability range is increased by 10%, or 20% or whatever. This value can be altered depending on what class of ship the plane is spotting. The ship is then only seen by other ships within the surface detectability range. This change is intended to buff DDs primarily because carrier spotting can really limit their gameplay options. 2. Add a radar jamming consumable. This would add some counter play against the current radar cruisers. In terms of design, this could either cut an active radar when used or perhaps run for a period of time and prevent a radar from being used during that time. 3. Add more interactivity between ships on the same team to further encourage team play. For example, the previously suggested radar jamming consumable could be mounted on certain cruisers, say the French line, but activated by DDs on the same team within a certain proximity (perhaps even of the same nationality to add further complexity). I like this arrangement because it gives the DD ultimate control of the radar jamming, given that he's the one that really needs it, but he still needs his teammate there within range of the radar ship. In this way you would need two ships to use the consumable. 4. Add more options to the 'chat wheel' (not sure what it's called). I think something like 'push left flank', 'push mid', 'push right flank' could be useful. Also more specific commands for allied ships could be useful. For example, 'fire from cover' and 'tank enemy fire' and 'push forward'. These could all be useful because 'requesting assistance' isn't very specific. Hopefully these ideas can spark some discussion. They are not meant to be final.
  3. This has been bothering me all through, and now I'm a game or two away from Shimakaze settlement of the issue is long overdue. I played Shiratsuyu TRB. I played Kagero TRB. So I played Yugumo TRB but I've lost confidence that this was the right choice. At the heart of it is potential. If I take TRB I have to play a little more conservatively so on average I'm launching more torps from less ideal positions. With smoke I have that safety so here I'm launching fewer torps but from better positions since I can typically risk getting a little closer. Yugumo guns are far from bad, so being able to smoke-and-gun has significant value when engaging enemy destroyers, or when cap contesting generally. A smokescreen can also be useful for cleaning out wounded capital ships late game, and it's a get out of jail free card in CV games, of which there are more of these days. On the other hand more torps is more torps. Sending 16 instead of 8 is often the difference between a dodge and a secured kill. What think you?
  4. FenrirApalis

    Suggestions for CV buffs

    Maybe I am posting this in the wrong section, but oh well I will put it here anyways so as many of you, if not all of you, have seen, you barely see aircraft carriers in World of Warships right now. Especially in high tiers, it's barely existent. Now the battleships and some cruisers (mostly USN BB) received AA buffs, it would be even harder for the CV players to find a reason to play. I used to play matches where I would be surprised to see no carriers on the team list and that was a time I'm that I will miss. Carriers are able to do so much for the team and turn the tide of the battle but they are just so rare now. I have a few ideas for consumables and other changes that can be incorporated into aircraft carriers and maybe some battleships, so here is my list: 1. Air radar consumable. We have all seen battles where the enemy CV or allied CV sneak their planes across along the border of the map and destroy the enemy CV before the game even reaches the 15 minute mark. Of course with the high tier CV's defensive AA consumable that problem has been reduced, but nobody's AA will ever be as effective as your squadron(s) of fighter planes. (unless it's a Des Moines or Hindernberg of course XD) so what does the air radar do? Pretty obvious. It spots all aircrafts that are in the air right now. Maybe the float planes should count too, maybe not. So that way the aircraft carrier would be able to dispatch their fighters to the correct sector of the map and using them to their maximum efficiency. This consumable will have 2 charges, +1 for superintendent or premium and +2 if SI and premium. Standard should have 300 seconds reload time and premium will have 240 seconds reload time. This will save the carrier players lots of time when deciding where their aircraft should go and giving them a better chance to influence the battle in their favour. 2. Defensive secondaries consumable. This is one that I think could be incorporated into battleships too, especially the later tiers. It would provide say a 15% boost to the rate of fire of secondaries and give them a 50% boost in accuracy. Make them last 45 seconds on Tier 7 BB, 50 for Tier 8, 55 for Tier 9 and 60 for Tier 10. The duration of the consumable is doubled on aircraft carriers as they have less secondaries and generally need the secondaries for a bit longer until the planes can get into the AO or an allied ship arrives. The reload time for the consumable will be the same as the defensive AA consumable on cruisers, amount of charges equal to the air radar consumable as listed above. 3. Aircraft speed boost consumable. Pretty self explanatory, all your aircrafts get a speed boost just like how destroyers get speed boosts. Make it basically the same thing as the destroyer speed boost except on aircraft, maybe change the boost from 5% to 10% as 5% doesn't help as much as it should. It could be useful to try and get your bombers back while sending in your fighters to cover their retreat, or make your fighters fly like bats outta hell to try save an allied battleship from enemy aircraft (or in some cases, yourself) amount of charges and reload time should be equal to the destroyer speed boost. Now, captain skill addition for CV! Well this is an addition to the situational awareness skill which I think could help some CV players, especially if the Air Radar consumable gets incorporated into the game. And that is for individual squadrons to have a tiny 'detected' warning over them if they are spotted by enemies. Of course, just like ships, they gotta have different signs for different types of detection. A standard detected sign for being detected by ships and the radar/sonar detection sign for detected by air radar. Could help some CV players right? let me know what you think of my ideas, if they could maybe inprove the current poor state that the CV's are in.
  5. Why aren't we allowed to see what consumables ships are allowed to carry until we purchase the ship? It would be good to know what other ships you might run into are capable of. Is there any mod out there that does this? I've used Aslain and Haka mod packs and haven't seen anything that shows ship's consumables and modification upgrades
  6. People entering rank should be ideally equipped with premium consumables. Well, more charges and 30% less CD, and for some consumables like radar, it could means a difference from 1 charge (standard w/o superintendent) to 3 charges (premium w/ superintendent). For whatever reason (i.e. forget equipping it, attempt to save credits), people who don't use premium consumables are not likely going to do themselves and their team good favors. It sucks for a team that lost a rank just because some of them are only using standard consumables and none of the enemy team are. So, I propose the following: 1. For all ranked battle participants, regardless what consumable choices they are using, they will be provided with a premium version of the selected consumables. 2. All premium consumables will be resupplied for free after the battles. This will reduce the disparity among players to just ships, hulls and camouflage.
  7. A suggestion for the consumable section for each ship. Currently the consumable are hard coded to set keys for when using them Example : R - Repair Party My issue is around consumables such as smoke, DFAA, hydro etc. These keys are not the same for each vessel. The Fiji has its smoke bound to key 'U', The Kutzov has it bound to key 'Y', etc. When playing the one ship or class several times this is fine, but I have been in games where instead of smoke I pop radar (hydro), or smoke instead of DFAA. (looking at you Belfast) Please can we have the ability to set key values to these consumables ourselves to make them consistent. By default they can be as they are currently, but if i then make all my vessels with smoke to 'U' i will just utilise that key in future without mashing and swearing at myself and the monitor when i stuff up. Cheers, G
  8. Description: After downloading and installing the new 5.15 patch, logged into the game, noticed I had received a large bundle of premium consumables after reaching Service Level 13. Checked out all of the new destroyers. Was about to play a game, thought to maybe change my consumables from the regular version to premium version. But I noticed that, none of the new amounts of premium consumables were not credited and any premium consumables I had before this patch had gone missing. Reproduction steps: 1. Select any ship 2. Click on Modules 3. Click on Consumables tab 4. Pick a consumable to replace, either from regular / non-premium consumable to premium consumable. Result Many premium consumables missing, not showing amounts available of said premium consumables Expected Result Should be able to see the amount of premium consumables available. Technical Details Bug time: 11:10am (basically when I had logged in after installing patch) Replay not available (I do not know how to enable replays) EDIT: Python log files attached (python.log and python_1.log ~ python.log is dated 1/12/16, python_1.log is dated 27/11/16) 1st Image: shows amount of received premium consumables upon receiving Service Level 13 2nd Image: Available amount of Damage Control Party II not showing, shows as none available 3rd Image: Does show supposed available amount of Smoke Generator II and Torpedo Reload Booster II but amount available not updated python_logs.zip
  9. Hi, Would it be possible to change key assignments to consumable type rather than slot. ie. G key for SMOKE, F key for DEFENSIVE AA etc. This will enable players who play different ships regularly to use the one key for smoke etc in stead of the default U or Y which varies between ships due to the number of consumables the ship has or alternatively, keep the consumable in the same slot?!?!?! Thanks for your consideration
  10. Smoke mechanism must be really frustrating. Enemy DD just popped up out of nowhere after the smoke had gone and hit me with a torp spread from 2-3 km away. I didn't have the reaction time to evade the torps. Either, the smoke is still there even though the smoke has been cleared due to some visual bugs or, there's a cooldown mechanic that still put DD inside smoke concealment that is only gone after a minute. I have the replay, but i'm too lazy to record, encode, and upload the video. Maybe i'll do it later. This is the 2nd time i had been caught where DD popped out of nowhere even after the smoke is gone. It's a Mutsuki, btw. EDIT: And in the same match, friendly minekaze somehow was hit by my own torps, despite when i dropped the torps, he was nowhere near my torps trajectory. GOD!