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Found 3 results

  1. Grygus_Triss

    Forum Connection Issues

    I am having issues connecting to the forums. On the evening of Monday 16th December, I was able to access the forums no issue from my home internet connection. On the morning of Tuesday 17th December, I found I was unable to connect to the Asia forum from my home internet connection. When I attempted, all I got was “unable to connect” or “cannot find server” Over the next few days, I attempted this on both my desktop(windows) and iPad, and whenever I use my home connection, I am unable to connect. While I cannot test my desktop, I know my iPad is fine because I am able to use my Telstra network to connect to the site fine, I am doing now, so I suspect an issue with my home network. On my home network, I am still able to play WoWS, get to the main site, access the wiki, and even get to the NA forums. It just seems to the the Asia forums I cannot connect to since Monday. This is a huge issue for me, as, while I can still access them through my mobile Telstra network, I do not have mobile signal where I live, so am only able to use this method when not at home (I’m on my lunch break at work at present). With the weekend and Christmas coming up, I will be home most of the time, so you may not see me much on the forums over the next few weeks if this issue persists. No idea why this is happening, was working fine Monday. My home internet is Activ8 Satellite, Skymuster or something. Does anyone have similar issues?
  2. just in time for Christmas the cable has been cut again. Latency has gone from a nice 50/60 to 180/200 Took them a month to fix last time.
  3. Hello there I need help. I kept on reinstalling my client game of WOWS but it keeps lagging while I'm playing and then I always end up on the log in screen after a long lag, is there a problem with the server here in Philippines? Or Is there any connection problem in other servers. I need to know.