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Found 1 result

  1. It is not uncommon for players to meet noob teammates and suffer continuous lost rounds(my record was 18) Where's wrong with the matchmaking?It only consider the Tier of the ships,rather than players skills,so it's not rare to see rounds like this It's frustrating,besides, having a noob team isn't the player's fault,the matchmaking system should take the blame. BTW though the problem is objective and anyone spotted it has the right to point that out,no matter he is a supertester or a noob,my K/D is 0.71,though not high but at least not too bad.Besides,I sometimes can carry,for instance: (Actually in this round we got a narrow escape from lose,our KAGA has no plane and AKATSUKI dying,we win by point) I put it forward just to prove I'm not simply venting my emotion,this problem really EXISTS. BTW as for the noob teammates themselves,they may also get frustrated if they keep losing,especially newbies.Everyone starts from newbies,and must practice a lot to become skillful.However,if they get frustrated by continuous losses owing to the matchmaking system that consider nothing apart from Tiers,how can they keep fighting?And how can this game attract more new players,to get 30k players in the server so adding a new mode will not dilute players? Therefore,it's better to matchmake by win rate,and give players who suffer continuous losses(6 rounds or more)some comfort(such as +30% exp or + 10000 credits next round,no matter win or lose)