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Found 4 results

  1. Rina_Pon

    Azz Battles Gen II

    WG has tweaked the MM to an "all or nothing" scheme where you'll either see a full team of high tier players, or it's full on coop mode. Sometimes I've seen one player on the high tier team, but never more than one unless it was a full team. Point is, very few players are choosing the high tier teams, and, like last time it's self-reinforcing: no one plays high tiers so no one wants to play high tiers so no one plays high tiers... Which is too bad because in full on PvP mode, asymmetric format is really good. All kinds of challenging matchups, swarms of low tier DDs, crazy fun.
  2. Rina_Pon

    Zao (mid 2020)

    1. Nerf CV AP bombs 2. Nerf Venezia
  3. Rina_Pon

    German CV event

    I'm going to keep a neutral tone here as much as possible. I'm not especially interested in the items being sold, I'm just reporting an observation - that WG is gradually changing the events to selling players less and charging them more. Specifically, players are being steered more and more into spending money on in-game consumables, like flags, camos, and premium time, by bundling up these items with a chance of getting missions for early access to tech tree ships, or some other lottery-like prize. Or, in the case where there is a permanent digital good, like a premium ship or a permacamo, players are paying more than the value of the ship or camo, an action justified by the inclusion of additional consumables in the package "deal". Case in point, the four German T10 permacamo available for free if you can collect 600 tokens. Except, as others have already pointed out, it is impossible to collect 600 tokens for free. Instead, you have to buy a 7500 doubloon package which gives you missions than on completion will drop the required 600 tokens. I remind you, fair reader, that the regular cost of a T10 permacamo is 5000 doubloons. There are a few special ones which are more expensive, like the space camo for Shimakaze, or the crazy Yamato one with the scorpion, but the German ones are really not so extraordinary, just a nice paint job. So you are paying 1.5x the cost of a regular permacamo, as well as being made to do the "work" as missions, for a very minimal cosmetic benefit. Yeah, I know, WG have done this since way back up to a point, selling new ship bundles which cost more than the ship by adding in a 10 point captain, doubloons, or other items. But it's definitely getting way worse. In fairness, the Dockyard event quite generously gave away a Graf Spee for free, without horrendous grind or demanding time gating. To all those aiming for Odin, though, I will simply quote Mr. T "I pity the fool..."
  4. Rina_Pon

    Ranked Sprint and Sinop

    So what is it with the BB heavy meta in Ranked Sprint, and Sinop especially? A typical round has 3 or 4 BBs per side, with at least one Sinop on each team. Some observations of mine, as a Myoko captain: 1. Sinop seems OP to me. With six forward-firing, bulls--- accurate 16" guns, speed, and plenty of front armor, she can simply drive up to shelter behind an island near a cap at the start of the game and easily deny the enemy team that cap for the rest of the match. As a Myoko I get overmatched by 16" shells, and those guns are fast and accurate enough to reliably hit me at anything closer than max range. Sinop is so much more dangerous than any other BB it's not even funny. 2. But someone has to do it. (Play non BB ships I mean.) In one really bad game (4BB, 2CA/CL) both me and our Fiji died in the first 5 minutes. The remaining 4 BBs just sat around complaining before being picked off one by one. Winning is extraordinarily reliant on your team's DD being better than the other team's, and the same can be said for the cruisers - though somewhat less extreme. Viewed that way it seems odd to me that so many people choose to play BBs and leave their fate in someone else's hands like that. 3. A lot of BBs are very reluctant to get their hands dirty for the first half of the battle, preferring to camp at the B line and push in later. Nelson players seem especially guilty of this, but considering they post very high damage numbers and can swing the game in the late phase I'm not going to complain about it so much as ask if it is really the best tactic? I tend to favor more aggressive opening moves, to grab an unguarded cap or quickly outflank and overwhelm an unprepared enemy. Not that that works all the time either, it just seems to me that it is better to cap and defend than face a point deficit and be forced to attack well-guarded caps later. 4. Rank 1-5 games seem to play out rather differently than Rank 6-10. More of the light cruiser players seem to know what they are doing, meaning Myoko has a harder time of things. Overall though T7 ranked sprint is a lot of fun. The 6v6 format keeps the games tight, and no CV means concealment, spotting, hydro, and early game positioning are back in play. T7 keeps the radar count manageable. The only complaint is that I'd prefer 0-2 BBs per team typically, not 2-4.