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Found 2 results

  1. I have to say I am really enjoying the T7 Ranked Sprint events. Did the domination stage in Myoko, but with the epicenter stage, I decided to up the difficulty level and bring Sims. I see Ranked Sprint as a kind of counterprogramming to randoms, for people who want something more competitive without having to endure the frankly rather boring gameplay of T10. Keeping it CV-free means you can spec your ships out of AA, and allows the game to be played around concealment. All domination / epicenter keeps the games short and sharp, but I also like the idea of keeping the event to a single mode as it means you can stay focused. T7 has a good mix of fun ships to play and play against. A bit of radar, but not much, and premium ships are good but not dominating. Two complaints: Sinop is OP. The last time there was a BB this OP in game it was called Orion. Sinop isn't quite at Orion levels, but it needs to lose maybe 2 knots of top speed, and have its penetration numbers de-tuned slightly. Guys, stop reporting your DD just because he/she has a bad game ok? I went to rank 1 in Myoko with no karma loss, at this rate a similar set of results in Sims will see my karma go negative despite, to speak honestly, me carrying the team more often. "Report the DD" should not be the reflex reaction on every loss.
  2. Rina_Pon

    Potato famine?

    Potatoes are becoming thin on the ground. Even in T3-5, depending on the time of day, the random battle rosters are stacked with players who I'd consider, ahem, overqualified. In T5-7 about half typically have significant clan/ranked tags, or the T8-10 flash by their username. Weekends are still more casual I guess, but most weeknights it's pretty difficult for someone like me to find any space to sealclub in tranquility. Chances are now I'm going to be facing at least 2-3 ships on the enemy team who are significantly better than me irrespective of tier. This isn't a complaint, just an observation that the idea of tier being a measure of difficulty level is not really valid anymore. The challenge is constant, only the boats change. The only downside I can see (outside of not being able to stat-pad anymore) is there is no longer the same buffer area for new players there once was at intermediate tiers. Things get really hard almost immediately.