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Found 6 results

  1. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    Help with Gameplay styles

    Hey all, so basically I’ll tell y’all about myself I’ve played wows for a little over a year and I love it however I am horrendous at map placement and planning im pretty bad to sum it up and I would like some tips so my first line I started was the IJN line, and I enjoyed the flamethrowing style, but I’ve hit the mogami and it’s just not fun anymore the Kagero is rlly hard to play, it’s just me, not the ship however I love the amagi, it’s a lot of fun i have 10 point captains for all of my IJN ships also I just bought the space commander 11010111101001 (lol it’s a 11/10 name ik) and I’m thinking to hold o to the captain until I am ready to grind the gunboat line 🙂 also I am at t7 for the RU navy ships, shchors and Minsk shchors is not bad, but gets clapped and eats HE like a bitch minsk... it’s fun with AFT and cooking ships at 14.6 km range, and on a dd is insane i have a few premiums, tirpitz (which I need help with playstyle as well) atlanta is just stupid but fun and a few more but this is getting ridiculously long thanks in advance for any help have a great day everyone
  2. Hai , I was wondering how do you get special captains ? When is next yamamoto Isoroku mission starting ? Any hopes in 2018 thanks
  3. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/ver-07_4-patchnotes/ the link were i got it from :) i dont know how get quote code from if anyone help me out i need quote it Content Changes and Additions Sale of Special Ships and Commander Dismissal In response to your numerous requests, we've added an option to dismiss nearly all Commanders and sell all ships available in the Game. If you are no more happy with Commanders helming the Dragon, ARP and HSF fleets, or if you have duplicates, you are now free to dismiss any of them. Unique Commanders Jean-Jacques Honoré or Jack Dunkirk—obtained for completing campaigns, can be "sent ashore", too. However, please note that once these Commanders have been dismissed, you won't be able to get them back to your account any more. So make a wise decision. The only Commander that can’t be dismissed is Yamamoto Isoroku as we want to prevent players from wasting the efforts they made to get him due to a sad mistake. Besides the Commander dismissal option, we've made it possible to sell ARP ships for credits right in the game client. The selling price of ships will be as follows: ARP Kongo, ARP Kirishima, ARP Haruna, ARP Hiei: 1,125,000 credits; ARP Myoko, ARP Ashigara, ARP Haguro, ARP Nachi: 2,625,000 credits; APR Takao: 3,375,000 credits. the commanders 5 mins dismiss is too short what happens if the user didn't even relies they dismissed it by mistake and the conform box is really easy to sell or dismissed right now it has "yes and no" button theirs no fail safe right now what this about the manual padlock (by turning it on it will gray out the sell or dismiss) on commanders and ships to avoid mistakenly selling the ship or dismissal of the commander OR have system for way like world of tanks that you have type in how much before you sell the ship or word ("dismiss" for the commanders) this way i lot of users will not lose the ships special or prem ships or special commanders im not too happy with this so i posted this up this one of my ideas i hope this help :) i know they lot of users hated the anime ships but however there some users love it like me i don't want end up losing them and there's no way get them back!!!!!!!! or special commanders
  4. with the massive discount on commander re-spec I have decided to take advantage and re-spec and retrain some of my commanders. While the retraining still costs that's not a great problem with premium ships, elite captain xp etc. I have had a look and the commanders i have in reserve and on premiums and found that I have a large excess of comanders in particular for the IJN line. I have been avoiding adding new commanders for some time its just that the ships I have remaining to unlock are all high Tier ships that typically take months to get to unlock. ( i don't grind very much). The commanders by nation are outlined below. Nations with no excess these are all nations with only premiums and the Pan Asia has a line coming so no problem yet 1 commander in each nation for each of the premium ships. Poland Pan Asia Comonwealth Italy Nations that have commanders in premium ships and/or reserve France 1 commander in the Dunkerque, 4 tech tree ships to unlock Germany: 5 in premiums 2 in reserve 7 ships to unlock UK 3 in premiums , 2 in reserve, 8 to unlock inc Nelson USSR 8 in premiums, 2 in reserve, 5 to unlock USA 8 in premiums 3 in reserve 4 to unlock IJN 16 on premiums/ARP, 20 in reserve, 7 to unlock. So what to to do with the excess? I was thinking of using some of them as alternative builds for certain classes. Some of the commanders on premiums are relatively high level being 10 to 16 pointers.
  5. So umm this new event for WGs 18th anniversary where they released Iona and Kirishima commanders for free I really was wanting this to happen. However I noticed that Iona has a tag on her saying "Specialization XI ARP I-401 Submarine" and as much as it may make me look stupid its worth asking is this a hint that Submarines are going to be released in the future? And if so would that mean considering a tier XI line up of ships for all nations? Say for example how we have the German battleships coming soon most of which are just renderings of documents found in historical evidence, so if tier XI ships were released would that mean WG would have to consider ships like submarines and the Design A 150 Super Yamato battleship? It sounds like way too much to even be making this post but its a true question is the specialization tag that was given to commander Iona a hint to what might be coming out in the future? PS. sorry if my grammar and spelling is bad.
  6. Issue: Reserve commander slots only 3 out 4 can be used Screenshots: Not neededShip: allMap: allOccurrences: How often does this occur? always!Tested: no need to reproduce, it does it itself.Severity: How much impact does this have on your game play? Is it an annoyance? Yes Does it stop you playing? NODetails: I can not use the full 4 slots available, I have japan reserve and 2 american and that's all i can use. Very annoying.