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Found 8 results

  1. Commander Skills are changing! Emergency takeoff is now permanent for CVs, rejoice! Catapult Fighter will be affected on all ships (Unlimited use). DCAA Unnerfs -20% Airspeed, and only the Catapult Fighters will be applied to this Spotting Aircraft is being changed into seaplane bombers, Bye-Bye 20% range buff and hello seaplane bombing. New Commander skill details: CV Compensation and Details!: (IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT SELL YOUR Kaga,GZ or Saipan!, Kaga will have the same planes on the Shoukaku with bonus additives while GZ will have Uptiered buff HP planes and Saipan will have a choice for Torpedo bombers and attackers!)
  2. IndominusWrath

    Remove IFHE from Commander skill

    I know some people might find this as a joke. but I think IFHE as a commander skill is bad. As it restricts us from only taking certain amount of commander skills instead of actually changing playstyle for myself. I dont know how others manage, but in Akizuki, Atlanta, who has some "JOKE" gun HE penetration cannot do anything on uptiered. And once I spend life on ifhe either i have to sacrifice something that I really shouldnt (i.e. Concealment or Radio location). I know developers will never read this but I still want to hear your opinions. Wouldnt it be better if IFHE was as part of a Module/Upgrade because it is a part of ship which has nothing to do with commander so I think IFHE in ship's upgrade slot is better. Like Shell Modification 1/ Ifhe = HE shells do more penetration. (and fire chance reduced by 40%) if youre wondering what to put as empty commander skill now, how about "advanced flooding resistant crew" or something like that, "-15% flooding damage per time"
  3. Big_Black_Hawk

    About evasive maneuver

    This skill works on"returning to carrier",does it mean the moment after press "F" with an airborne air group or only the moment when taking off and landing?
  4. LightDarkMaster

    Commander skill combo with caution

    Guess combo the commander skill takes more consideration from now on... But depending on how ppl want to play the game and what ship can be used.
  5. Well for the most part I do think wargaming did a good job so far in the new commander tree, but I would like to address these 3 skills Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft - I do think many contributors have said this but, this skill is just too useful for a 1 point skill. its a mini hydro that lasts practically almost forever. It would be great if this is to be moved to 2 point skill. Fire prevention - Let's be honest. this game is turning more and more to the direction of World of Battleships. It's a fine skill, but please move it to 4 point as it is too useful for a 3 pointer. Because no one really will use this skill except battleships (maybe also moskva) like survivability is for destroyers. I do think this skill is a battleship equivalent for survivability expert on destroyers. on the flip side, Manual AA could be downgraded to 3 point as no one will really take it because of the other skill at 4 point. heck, I'd choose AFT over this skill in almost every ship. Radio Position Finding - While it might be fine in random battles, this is very lethal for competitive play, particularly the ones with coordinated teams. because you only need a SINGLE skill in the whole team to know stuffs. Imagine a chapayev in a team battle in their usual radaring position with this skill around. not fun. Edit : I just found the public test feedback thread, so I'll just post there instead Duplicate post. Thread locked, no warning/sanction applied. ~amade
  6. Vio_Strygun

    Need opinion

    So I have Fubuki for quite long time, my current build is not good enough for ranked and to be honest, the Torpedo Acceleration tempted me. I have 15 point captains but knowing fully well that new Japanese DD would be released makes me reluctant to reset since I have no plan to keep Fubuki after she downgraded to tier 6. So I need opinion regarding these: 1. Should I reset my commander? 2. Where would this commander be in the future? The New Fubuki or Kagerou?
  7. so is it torret turn speed+expert marksman -15% or is it torret turn speed+expert marksman -15% of stock turn time (without commnder skill) ?
  8. basic explanation are 'An indicator is displayed when shells are fired at your ship that have a travel time greater than six seconds.' but how does it work actually? it look simple, but when I try to think about it.... it pretty complex I'll split into a few point that I wonder --assume all ship in my sample have this skill--- -1- does 'locking target' have anything to do with this skill? -2- If I fire upon unlocking target, will he receive this warning? or... -3- only if someone being locked and being fire upon can receive this warning? example, if two ship stay close together, and I fire a salvo while only locking one of them but surely both ship are in shell landing area, -4- will both ship receive this warning? or only ship that I locked? -5- if those shell are bad aim (like... it's gonna miss for sure mile away) will I still receive this warning? ------------------------- my theory 2 are If 'locking target' don't have anything to do with this skill..... it's mean only way system know that I being fire at is... when someone fire a shell, system will automatic calculate landing area of those shell, and system also calculate leading of my ship that where I am in next 6+ second if my leading are match with shell landing area, I will get warning, and everyone that have leading match those shell landing area too right? ----------------------------------------------- personally, this skill are pretty important when I play cruiser who tend to get snipe from Battleship, 6 second should be a nick of time for CA to dodge those shell. so I want to know how exactly it work.