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Found 10 results

  1. G'day Folks, Colorado review is live... Sooooooo she's slow, but do her guns make up for it? I answer that question in the video. I didn't mind playing her too much but BBs are BBs... As usual reddit/youtube loves are appreciated and happy to discuss anything in the review on any platform... If you think I'm wrong, tell me - I'm happy for different opinions! Next up is North Carolina, we know she plays differently to Colorado and we know she was good at one point, but what about now with all the premiums... ... Has she been eclipsed?
  2. waichung1823

    Colorado : Not a bad ship eh.

    Just got Colorado. I enjoyed it very much like the New Mexico. Those big 16 inch guns, pens everything even the angled ships. It also has superior torpedo protection and Decent AA. I have not regret my decision for getting Colorado instead of KGV. The only problem i faced is the speed, its very hard for me to reposition myself, especially going back to defend the base. Everything needs preplanning. But yeah i pretty much enjoy this ship, hoping to get NC soon My best game with Colorado ( A lost game anyway) Ps : im a noob
  3. As the title suggests, my situation is that I've recently purchased the North Carolina and transferred my Colorado commander to the NC. Right now, Colorado has no commander so I'm thinking of selling it. However, after a few matches in the NC, I noticed that you can't really make a profit on it, even in good games you still lose credits (BTW I don't have premium in my account, and not planning to buy one). TBH, I'm still trying to get used to tier8 since it's my first time getting here as NC is my first tier8 ship. I still have 2 other tier7s, the Mahan and Pensacola (which are both good in my opinion), and tier6 ships as well (Cleveland, New Mex, Indipendence) to do a bit if credit grinding, but my real concern is if I can have fun playing in tier8 without worrying too much on repair costs. A little of topic here as well would be what premium ship would be good for grinding credits? I am planning on getting a high tier ship, tier7-8 maybe.
  4. TakemoriKohoto

    Colorado nerf ???

    So 41 battles in Colorado great do massive damage average is 36 K highest is 110 K upgrade to hull B average 23 maximum 43 K ??? also the myth that if you angle right the will be no worry there is nothing can pen colorado great news jump straight into battle get pen by Fuso at 21.1 KM -Check post 2015 ok check stats around that time maximum dispersion 211 m now 278 m ok that is not alot right. damn wrong is cant hit anything (at least it can pen right?) -Check other post so 15 km is best at pen great jump in to battle again over-pen over-pen except for board side cruiser (which will never happen) -Watch video on youtube about how to play colorado they all said is a beast at close range did everything exactly they said. Full hp vs scharnhorst in game (scharnhorst is 70 % and burning ) angle right aim SHOOT boom im dead great what happen scharnhorst pen yah -complete mental breakdown so advise to who play this crippled ship or as other said "great wall of money paying" no hull B will still not going to help you even with those hidden stat just dont upgrade the FCS the dispersion is even crippled more than before speed just upgrade it is going to help you have a less of a hard time when trying to runaway from cruiser who were burning you (I play both nagato and colorado so dont said i only play one ship and nagato is bad too ) advise 2 everyone told you that 10 km is best to shoot cruiser dont believe them i did try it out and get sink even faster than the whole like those dd (even with team that have dd smoke me to cover me all the time). the last thing here is YOU DEAD FROM BURN MORE THAN TORP . . . . crying now
  5. IJN_Katori

    BB-48 West Virginia

    A Colorado class refitted with more AA Guns and the second Battleship (the first was BB-44 California) that receives 5'38 Dual purpose Secondary Equipment, it also equip a Grumman F4F seaplane and an OS2U as a spotter This Battleship was equipped with Radar, allowing to detect ships in cyclones and smokescreens i'm suggesting this as a Premium Tier VII Entered Service : 1942 ( Pearl Harbor) 1945 (Serviced)
  6. Kleiss


    This thing is a monster in ranked. It craps on Nagatos (what is angling), Warspites, every single CA u come across, and bounces 356s like nothing. I've got very few battles in her, but i now love her more than the New Mexico or the Nagato. I'd like to share 1-2 things I did to improve my aim. Please correct me if it's just RNG or some other factor. 1) Camera group: I fire from the rear group instead of the front group. Front camera group seems to throw me off aim for some reason. 2) Work on my vertical aim. In the Colorado, it's not so much about the horizontal aim correction; it's pretty forgiving in that. The issue with the Colorado is that it is very demanding in the vertical aim department, unlike most ships. One slight mis-aim too high or low, and the shells will either disperse off the enemy superstructure or miss the target entirely. Therefore, I believe that mastering vertical lead is the key to dominating in the Colorado. You have to be on point in the vertical aim for your shots to devastate enemies. If you're on point, dispersion no longer plays a huge part. I am waiting for the warships.today to update the stats. I had much more than 13 battles in the Colorado and my average damage per match should be 50k. TL;DR; the Colorado isn't bad, it requires a different dimension of mastery. I have learnt a lot from playing the Colorado right from stock all the way to Hull C. Please share your thoughts!
  7. Just got my Colorado, was dreading it because I was reading all over the internet that this is the biggest PoS out of all BBs/USN ships. Even free exp'ed to the B hull to lessen the pain. However, in my first game ever in the Colorado I felt it plays just like a buffed New Mex. Managed to single handedly hold off 2 Nagatos and 2 Clevelands, hit 4 citadels, 120k damage, sank 2 ships and won the game. Previously I have also noticed that I was being citadelled a lot by Colorado, and that they take forever to sink. This leads me to conclude that the Colorado must have been buffed, does anyone have details on what exactly has changed/what made the Colorado so bad to begin with?
  8. yansuki

    Colorado sucks.

    i feel like this ship is not an upgrade of new mexico at all. -lower HP, from 53200 down to 50100 -slower rudder shift time. 16.6 s down to 19.4s -even less gun than new mexico -most of all at tier 7 its stock hull has no AA at all! you have to spend your time getting bomb freely by other cv till you manage to earn enough exp to upgrade your hull with a decent AA. compare to same tier 7 nagato: -Higher HP 6500 compare to 50100. -Longer guns range, i don't have to waste module slot to upgrade my gun range when i can use them for AA range, secondary gun range and accu. or even turret traverse speed module. -faster aiming speed of 47.4s compare to colorado 60s -faster cruising speed. -stock hull has AA and i don't have to spend my time getting freely bomb even my tier 4 carrier. -faster rudder shift 15s compare to 19.4s can't we just change her stock hull to 1942 fit instead of the old 1941 with a almost non-existing AA. even if its just a stock hull i find its just silly for a tier 7 ship to not have an AA at all, when we are getting match against tier 8 and 9 cv that can easily take us out without even putting a resistance because it simply don't have an AA to deal against them or even lower tier CV.
  9. Thats_afterimage

    Colorado is worst ship.

    That is it. You can not disagree with it. Colorado needs balance patch
  10. Commander_Dusty

    Colorado Modules

    Hey folks I'm near to unlocking the Colorado and was wondering what equipment modules best suit this ship? Back in CBT (this was as far as I got with USN BB's) I recall she was an average BB which had good AA but terrible dispersion and ok RoF so I'm currently thinking 1.Main battery mod 1 2.Not sure on this one, either increase max firing range or max AA range? 3.Propulsion or Rudder mod 1 (5% fire and 3% protection isn't really much) 4.Damage control 2 - faster recovery is a plus, could also go for rudder shift mod