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Found 4 results

  1. i hope im not alone to say that ramming mechanics from very long ago still bad in this game. theres a difference between actual ramming and barely touching while barely touching enemy ships do ridiculous damage. i never saw any two ships touching each other and immidietely blow up in real life. neither i saw two tanks touch and blow up in world of tanks. WoT is following a fair mechanic, why not bring change in Warships already? i hate seeing khaba getting a die hard achievement against a kurfurst. Ship ramming is very barely fair. but i think ship touching in 6-7 kts should not cause a very insta damage even against a BB vs DD. in example a dd should just slide away with a huge sparkles and taking light damage. just like happened in harukaze vs musashi training in HSF anime you collaborated with. or bow on BB VS BB both bb just take like 25% hp loss and thrown away in both sides with flood because "physics". i hope youll redesign the ramming again :)
  2. Can some one please explain to me why I lose more credits and xp when someone runs into me (than the person responsible) simply because they cannot be bothered to look where they are going??? I understand that in the heat of battle you don't always have the time to look but I am talking at the start, when there is NO battle going on. Obviously international shipping rules do not apply in this game. Why is there no distinction of blame in a collision? I am tired of being penalized because I get run into by some idiot who starts their ship moving then goes to binocular view and stays there like they are the only one on the ocean. Is this ever going to be fixed or is it to be left in the "too hard" basket?
  3. Can someone please explain how the compensation calculations work. It seams really unfair, marine navigation does not seem to come into the calculation. I recently was rammed on my portside. The cost for me was 14,393 credits and 57 exp. Whilst the other ship was clearly in the wrong, their cost was only 71 credits. Its happened numerous occassions where the other ship is clearly in the wrong but the majority of the cost was borne by me.
  4. CromwellCruiser

    Collision Mechanics Big Race

    On the map 'Big Race', in the square G4, there is a small outcrop that beaches ships by rendering the water too shallow to move off. Unfortunately it can be moved onto by amassing enough speed, and once beached one finds that one cannot unbeach oneself. I invite the developers of the game to remove such geographical features. Although it contributes to the overall beauty and authenticity of the map it serves no practical use. The usual collisions with rocky faces are good enough.