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Found 7 results

  1. DECIPHERINGISFUN Picked up from WoWs NA forum, thanks to user MidnightPhoenix07. Code broken by /u/granzi and /u/reddithenry from this Reddit post. https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=DECIPHERINGISFUN https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=DECIPHERINGISFUN https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=DECIPHERINGISFUN Reward: "Thetis" expendable camouflage (x7)
  2. I know the items for the American Cruisers collection can only be obtained from either the "Go Navy" crates, or randomly by chance from the daily containers. Now my question is, does the drop for the collection items in daily containers have a limited time, similar to the High School Fleet collection? if so, how long will the event last?
  3. Hi all I'm after a consensus please. I bought a "Return of the Collection Bundle", primarily because I wanted the two permanent camos it says it includes. The specific wording of it (which you can see in the premium shop yourselves in the special offers) is "Earn two permanent camos with a Big Collection Container...". I spent my money, and received a bunch of random flags and a couple of temporary camos. No permanent camos. So I logged a ticket. The first response I got was that I can't trade what I receive in random packages. Since they had clearly missed the point, I responded saying I didn't want to trade, I just wanted what I had paid for. Their latest (and, most likely, final) response was "The Return of the Collection bundle is consists of 5 Bismarck boxes. It does not include 2 permanent camos as you claimed. It says "Earn two permanent camos with a Big Collection Container.." As description indicated, you may earn two permanent camos from those containers. It does not indicate that the bundle includes two permanent camos." So..... Am I completely off base here? I would like to think I have a pretty good grasp of the english language - when a description says "Earn" something, I expect to get it. And their final response reinforces that - saying that "earning" something means that you "MAY earn something" completely contradicts itself. In my view, "earning" something DOES indicate that it includes something. Begin...
  4. Just completed Viva la France collection Mission - collected all 25 containers but was not able to complete 18 items or collectibles Got 13/18 with 12 duplicates (3 duplicates = 1 item) that still would leave me 1 short if i exchange my duplicates which i obviously wont do at the moment i wanted to know if there is any update regarding future "Return of Collection France" in same way as "Hunt of Bismarck Collection" ? i know there is an option to buy containers or buy aigle and get containers daily - but i wont be doing it - simply because of prize is not tempting enough (captain + flag) i will get the Aigle if i deserve it (via marathon) But then the collection will remain incomplete - should i keep the duplicates, wait patiently or just exchange it for camouflages, they are offering for sub collection ?
  5. I seem to recall reading somewhere (can't remember where) that you could set it so you have a chance to get items for the new french collection from normal daily containers as well (after you earn/buy your first one) ... did they forget to implement this? or does it come at a later date? because I'm not seeing that option anywhere right now, even after buying one from the shop and earing 3 more.
  6. BunnyDragon

    Yamato Collection Question

    I am free to play and I am working on the Yamato Campaign right now. I've completed the final mission on mission 1 for the Campaign. My understanding is that the collections will start to drop in containers that you earn. Just when does this happen? I've not gotten a single collection item dropped. I've tried getting xp with only T8 and no luck there as well. Or do I only have to complete the final mission of the campaign or buy a container?
  7. BunnyDragon

    Collection Suggestion

    I have a suggestion for the collections to be implemented in the future. This would only happen after say the 5th or 6th collection would be to have the option of taking duplicate badges and buy past badges from past collections. People who do this to complete the collections would not get the reward for completing the collection on time. I think that this would make collecting collections a lot nicer as many of us have jobs and lives outside of wows.