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Found 3 results

  1. Amulet_Spade


    I find that Colbert is a turly noob ship. When Colbert shoot 1000 shells and get 200 hit and 2 fire(usually be fixed), I find I cause 10000 damage while Venice achieve that in just one volley. And things going worse when I fight against an enemy Venice. First, it is sad that I can't hit Venice in 10 km because she is 40 knots. Second, her SAP can hit me even Im 40 knots. Finally, her SAP always caused damage. Colbert has a huge superstructure like the Palace Museum, Squared and grandiose. I remember I was hit by Venice, and lose 20000 hp in one volley, while my Bow Pointed Straight at her. I thought that colbert is a not powerful but interesting ship when I do not faced Venice and Stalingrad, if I faced, it is a weak noob ship. And now there is a 16*14050 ship, even can hit colbert's citadel. Cause 224800 damage in one volley, can kill a colbert for six times.
  2. So, Research Bureau is with us, and after a long dark 5 minutes of soul searching, I did a thing. Burn me at the stake if you will... I'd still prefer they had designed it differently for the wider player base, but for me, my thoughts go like this: 1. I have 15 T10 ships. Some of them I go weeks or months without playing. I can live without 1 or 2 for a while. 2. I want the Colbert and Ohio 3. I have 1.2 million Free XP stockpiled 4. I like mid tier gameplay and have kept some mid tier ships with perma camo and dedicated captains for jus this reason. So, I decided I'd like to revisit some mid tier IJN torpedo boat play, and also get back the Kitakaze for Ranked. I have perma camos for Fubuki (T6), Kagero (T8), Kitakaze (T9), Shimakaze (T10), and 2 x 19 point captains , a 16 point captain and a 12 point captain, all specced for IJN torp / gun boats, 12 million credits and a fair stockpile of flags. So I hit "RESET" for the IJN gunboat line for x2 points, and the IJN torp boat line. I used FXP to skip T1-5, (a nice 2 for 1 FXP skip on T1-4) did a single co-co in the Hastuharu, then FXP 'd it as well. I also FXP'd the Fubiki A hull and torp upgrade, because 6km torps on a torp boat is just miserable. 1.5 days later I've used a bunch of flags to grind the Shiratsuyu (lots of fun, even with just a 12 point captain... I'd forgotten how scary a no-smoke torp-boat is without RPF as an early warning). Then I FXP's past Akizuki with a single co-op game, and now I'm grinding Kitazake in ranked with a perma camo and 19 point captain. With Fubuki I'm using her old 16 point captain and perma camo, and just chipping away 1 daily win at a a time. I'll FXP past Akatsuki when I get there (just a co-op game for the RB points again) because its a miserable boat with bad concealment and bad guns. I plan to grind the rest of the line in game, as Kagero and Yugumo are both fun with torp-reload booster. Situation report: 5 days in: I've burned about 250k FXP, with only one big FXP skip left to pay for. I've thrashed my stockpile of economic flags, but still have some left for a further surge after ranked. I've got 18500 RB points. Kitakaze has all modules unlocked and 45K / 223K ship XP earned. Fubuki I've spent no flags or camos on, she has all modules unlocked and 24K / 63K ship XP earned. By the time 3 months have passed I'll easily finish re-grinding both lines, will have 40K RB points and will be ready for a final push up a 3rd line for 20K RB points to get the reward ship. Thoughts: Spending some FXP is a good idea. FXP'ing the whole thing is only for CC's with 100 million credits and 10 million FXP in the bank. Regrind something you enjoy. Regrinding 2 lines which split below T6 saves you a bit of FXP skipping the low tiers only once. Permacamos can save you a lot. The biggest XP cost, and the fastest XP earning is at T9. Choose a line with a playable and enjoyable T9, and plan to grind all of the T9 ship XP in game. You will also spend about 15 million credits regrinding a line, so try to have a head-start in the bank there too. Other lines I'd consider (based on the fun factor of the T9 ship ahead of the other considerations): USN DD's Pan Asian DD's (but the captains get messy across T6-8) French BB's UK DD's Russian DD's (Ognevoi branch, maybe both?) maybe USN CA's maybe IJN CA's maybe Russian BB's
  3. It's like Henri (Speed, Maneuverability) that can juke your shots very easily, also it has that black hole mechanic on Henri + Worcester (Firing speed/DPM) raining he shells on your ship constantly with that much turrets. I shot a Colbert in 6-7 km range hoping to get a citadel and only got overpen, with a musashi. The Colbert and Henri is just overpowered, If I compare these ship to normal tech tree ship (excluding Henri), even Azuma/Yoshino they are all nothing compared to Colbert and Henri IV. Please Wargaming nerf these ships.